TechyHint Gaming xQc Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Felix Lengyel?

xQc Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Felix Lengyel?


Felix Lengyel wealth


Online figure xQcOW, simply referred to as xQc, is a retired esports professional who is now a full-time Twitch streamer. He was a part of Team Canada for the multiplayer shooter game Overwatch but later quit after finding success as an internet personality. As of 2022, xQc has a net worth of $9 million.


He was born on November 12, 1995, in Quebec, Canada. He grew up in the city of Laval, north of Montreal. His real name is Felix Lengyel and is of French descent.

Felix actually started streaming before he joined the esports world. At 19 years old, he was active on Twitch, playing League of Legends under the name xQcLoL.

His pseudonym is a combination of the last character of his first name, x, and the acronym for his native province of Quebec, QC. When Overwatch was released, he played more of it on stream. The OW in his current alias, xQcOW, is from the initials of Overwatch.

Esports Career

Lengyel started his Overwatch esports journey as a tank player for small teams like DatZit Gaming in minor online competitions. Then, Denial Esports, a multi-game esports group, signed him in 2016.

In the Overwatch World Cup of 2017, Felix was a member of Team Canada. He and his team advanced to the tournament finals before losing to South Korea. Despite being defeated in the finals, he was recognized as the most valuable player of the tournament.

Later on, he joined the Overwatch League (OWL) with Dallas Fuel. However, he got multiple suspensions before and during his first season. In the years that followed, he joined many Overwatch teams and was unsure if he wanted to continue.

Streaming Career

While playing professionally, he streamed on occasion. But after Dallas Fuel let him go in 2018, he focused on his Twitch career more. Sentinels, an esports company, hired him as a content creator in 2019.

He played his usual games, but in 2020, he tried chess. Chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura mentored him. He participated in the tournament, PogChamps, but suffered an iconic defeat in six moves against Cr1TiKaL.

Despite this and his several bans on the platform, he gained a considerable following. He topped all streamers in viewership halfway through 2021, with 163 million hours viewed. The xQcOW channel now has 10.4 million followers and 2.01 million subscribers on YouTube.

Net Worth and Earnings

The income of some of Twitch’s most popular streamers was disclosed following a data breach in October 2021. This revealed that xQc was the second highest-earning on the platform, with a total payout of $8,454,427.

He makes money from followers, donations, sponsorships, and advertisements. Apart from Twitch, he profits from uploading on his YouTube channel. He also sells merch to his viewers. This is how Felix holds a fortune of $9 million.

Personal Life

xQc was once in a long-term relationship with fellow streamer Adept. They made their breakup public, but it is rumored that they are getting back together. Though it’s not confirmed, they are flirting openly on social media.


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