XEMU Setup Guide


XEMU Setup Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up Xemu.

Xemu Setup

1- First, click on the following link https://xemu.app/ as it will take you to the download page of Xemu. Once you are on the page, click on the download button, and it will grab you what you need, which is a release version. It is all that you get when downloading from the official Xemu site.

2- Now, set up Xemu now when you first open the setup file, click on the Run anyway button. It’s going to pop up a new Window. Then click on settings and select the mcpx boot Ram, then go into the Xemu folder and go into the System folder. There, you will get one boot ROM file and one bio file, select the mcpx file first and then select the complex file.

3- After this, click on the following link https://github.com/xemu-project/xemu-… as it will download the hard disk file. Then click on the Hard disk button and select the hard disk file you downloaded. For Eep ROM do not touch this, it automatically generates.

4- Then select the General tab, and you will get automatic updates cache shaders to disk. You can skip the startup animation and set a screenshot output directory.

5- Your input will automatically be handled and auto-bind. You can bind controllers manually, but if not so, you should be able to in the Controller section.

6- Go to the display tab, as this will handle your resolution. As for internal resolution, the higher this goes, the better the game will look. Set the full-screen on Startup the size of your window if you wanted it to be 1440p, select 1440p but just leave it at 1440p. Turning Vsync on or off doesn’t work for all game interfaces is pretty self-explanatory. There are animations and set a display mode on the scale.

7- Leave the Audio settings to default and then go to the system tab, as it allows you to set HD resolutions. So just keep that now you can pin this to your taskbar so now that you are done setting up the Xemu. Then close it.

8- After that, open this backup and go to Settings. If you want your game to be in HD, then go into the video and turn on the 720p resolution. Go into the Vidoe mod, and set it to widescreen. Press the Backspace button to go back.

Converting HDD Dumps To ISO

1- First, click on the following link https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/modules.php?name=Xbox_Homebrew&op=view&gid=304 to download the Qwix tool. Once it is downloaded, open the tool and click on the create ISO button.

2- You are going to select your local folder, so you can have this on your desktop side, and you have to use NightFire. The folder you want to turn into a disk will have the xbe in it. Then click on the create ISO button, and you can save this according to your desired location.

3- You can do this again and again for all of your dumps from your hard drive on your original Xbox, or if you got them from the archive.org, you’ll find the whole list of HDD dumps on Xbox on archive.org.

Redump Repair

4- A re-dump is a one-to-one copy of the disk that you put in to do a copy of it. You will end up getting a DVD-sized image which is 7.6 gigs or sometimes larger, you need to run a certain command to be able to convert this to make this work. To use that command, you need a program called DD. Click on the following link to download it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1A2CCKGjG1XEeQYtMpqU2T_QiCz01kadl

5- Once the download is completed, open the Windows Powershell and then enter the following command:

Redump From unplayable to Playable> -/dd

6- After that, rename your game to a smaller name and enter the command:

Redump From unplayable to Playable> ./dd if=game-(name of the game).iso of=name of the game.Xiso skip=387 bs=1M. 

It should only take a couple of minutes at most or less all it has to do is change a certain amount of bytes.

7- Once it is done, open Xemu and go to load the disk, then it should be able to head into here and select the game. Click on the machine button from the top and then select reset it from the drop-down menu. The game should just boot up and work.

Graphics Setup

1- First, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. Then expand the Display Adaptors, and you will find your graphics card.

2- To update NVidia drivers, click on the following link https://www.nvidia.com/download/index... After reaching this page, select your product type, and select your product series. Last, select your operating system, and click on Search.

3- It will take you to a new page, and you need to click on the download button. Once the download completes, run the setup, agree to the agreement, and click on Next, and it will start installing.

4- It is for AMD processer users, go to the start menu, search for system information and open it. After that, find the processor, and you will find the number of your graphics card there.

5- After finding this, click on the following link https://www.amd.com/en/support, as it will take you to the AMD website. You will find various options there, select the graphics, and then find your graphics card. After that, select the version and then click on the submit button.

Select your operating system for download, expand that operating system, and then click on Download.

6- Then right-click on the desktop and open the NVidia control panel.

7- On the top left side, click on the “Adjust image settings with preview”, use the advanced 3D image settings selected, and click on Apply. After that, launch the game and see if this fixes your problem.

8- Now head to Manage 3D settings, then go to the second option, which is program settings. Select the game and a program to customize, then scroll all the way down to Power management mod and set it to maximum performance.

9- It will raise your idle clock slightly and help solve the stuttering issues inside the game. Set the Open Render GPU to your GPU and set the preferred refresh rate to the highest.

10- After that, scroll down to anisotropic optimization and enable this. You must allow Negative lod Bois and set the texture filtering quality to high performance. Try linear optimization to threaded optimization and then click on Apply.

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