Winter Resort Simulator 2 – Controls Guide


Winter Resort Simulator 2 - Controls Guide

Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 is the sequel to the best-selling simulation game in Russia. The game has been completely reworked, with new features such as brand new vehicles, and a whole new technical side. It offers a complete and realistic simulation of a ski resort. It will be your destiny to build up and maintain an exciting ski resort with all its technical facilities and vehicles.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Winter Resort Simulator 2.

Increase Terrain BrushR / VPress R / V to Increase Terrain Brush
Reduce Terrain BrushC / FPress C / F to Reduce Terrain Brush
Decrease Editor Fly SpeedPage DownPress Page Down to Decrease Editor Fly Speed
Delete ObjectDel / BackspacePress Del / Backspace to Delete Object
Freely Place an ObjectBPress B to Freely Place an Object
Gizmo: Move1Press 1 to Gizmo: Move
Gizmo: Rotate2Press 2 to Gizmo: Rotate
Gizmo: Scale3Press 3 to Gizmo: Scale
Gizmo: Move and Rotate4Press 4 to Gizmo: Move and Rotate
Increase Editor FlyPage UpPress Page Up to Increase Editor Fly
Duplicate ObjectTabPress Tab to Duplicate Object
Duplicate Object in PlaceLeft Ctrl + TabPress Left Ctrl + Tab to Duplicate Object in Place
Activate Camera RotationSpacebar / Left AltPress Spacebar / Left Alt to Activate Camera Rotation
Place a Subsequent WaypointXPress X to Place a Subsequent Waypoint
Place a Subsequent Waypoint as a New BranchLeft Ctrl + XPress Left Ctrl + X to Place a Subsequent Waypoint as a New Branch
Place a Previous WaypointYPress Y to Place a Previous Waypoint
Place a Previous Waypoint as a New BranchLeft Ctrl + YPress Left Ctrl + Y to Place a Previous Waypoint as a New Branch
Place New ObjectLeft Ctrl + NPress Left Ctrl + N to Place New Object
Turn Object LeftFPress F to Turn Object Left
Turn Object RightLeft MouRPress R to Turn Object Right
Terrain Tool 2Middle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Use Terrain Tool 2
Terrain Tool 3Right Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Terrain Tool 3


Interior View1Press 1 to Interior View
Exterior View2Press 2 to Exterior View
Exterior Camera 13Press 3 to Exterior Camera 1
Exterior Camera 24Press 4 to Exterior Camera 2
Enter / Leave / Sit DownEPress E to Enter / Leave / Sit Down
Mode Selection MenuBackspacePress Backspace to Use Mode Selection
Overview MenuEscPress Esc to Use Overview Menu
MinimapF2Press F2 to Use Minimap
Refresh MenuF5Press F5 to Refresh Menu
InteractionQPress Q to Interact
JumpSpacePress Space to Jump
Look DownDown ArrowPress Down Arrow to Look Down
Look LeftLeft ArrowPress Left Arrow to Look Left
Look RightRight ArrowPress Right Arrow to Look Right
Look UpUp ArrowPress Up Arrow to Look Up
Zoom OnPage UpPress Page Up to Zoom in
Zoom OutPage DownPress Page Down to Zoom Out
Flash LampLPress L to Flash Lamp
Time Scale: FasterNumpad +Press Numpad + to Time Scale: Faster
Time Scale: SlowerNumpadPress Numpad to Time Scale: Slower
Spectator: FasterLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Spectator: Faster
Spectator: SlowerLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Spectator: Slower
SprintLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Sprint
take a ScreenshotPrint ScreenPress Print Screen to take a Screenshot
Throw a SnowballZPress Z to Throw a Snowball
Scroll DownPage DownPress Page Down to Scroll Down
Scroll UpPage UpPress Page Up to Scroll Up
Walk backwardSPress S to Walk backward
Walk ForwardWPress W to Walk Forward
Move DownEPress E to Move Down
Walk LeftAPress A to Walk Left
Walk RightDPress D to Walk Right
Move UpQPress Q to Move Up


Open / Close BarNPress N to Open / Close Bar
Open / Close BubbleMPress M to Open / Close Bubble
Pull CarrierFPress F to Pull the Carrier
Push CarriereRPress R to Push Carriere
Remote: BackwardFPress F to Remote: Backward
Remote: Emergency StopGPress G to Remote: Emergency Stop
Remote: FasterWPress W to Remote: Faster
Remote: ForwardRPress R to Remote: Forward
Remote: ResetJPress J to Remote: Reset
Remote: SlowerSPress S to Remote: Slower
Remote: StartKPress K to Remote: Start
Remote: StopHPress H to Remote: Stop
Stop CarrierGPress G to Stop Carrier


Skiing: Push (1)QPress Q to Skiing: Push (1)
Skiing: Push (2)EPress E to Skiing: Push (2)
Skiing: Turn LeftAPress A to Skiing: Turn Left
Skiing: Turn RightDPress D to Skiing: Turn Right
Skiing: BrakeSPress S to Skiing: Brake

Vehicle Control

Rotate Snow Cannon DownFPress F to Rotate Snow Cannon Down
Rotate Snow Cannon LeftCPress C to Rotate Snow Cannon Left
Rotate Snow Cannon RightVPress V to Rotate Snow Cannon Right
Rotate Snow Cannon UpRPress R to Rotate Snow Cannon Up
Snow Cannon On/OffBPress B to Snow Cannon On/Off
Indicator LeftNumpad 1Press Numpad 1 to Indicator Left
Hazard LightsNumpad 2Press Numpad 2 to Hazard Lights
Indicator RightNumpad 3Press Numpad 3 to Indicator Right
Snow Cat: Left FlapYPress Y to Snow Cat: Left Flap
Snow Cat: Lock TrailCPress C to Snow Cat: Lock Trail
Snow Cat: Lower GroomerVPress V to Snow Cat: Lower Groomer
Snow Cat: Right FlapXPress X to Snow Cat: Right Flap
Snow Cat: Tension Winch RopePPress P to Snow Cat: Tension Winch Rope
Snow Cat: Translation Groomer LeftHPress H to Snow Cat: Translation Groomer Left
Snow Cat: Translation Groomer RightJPress J to Snow Cat: Translation Groomer Right
Snow Cat: Move Winch LeftNPress N to Snow Cat: Move Winch Left
Snow Cat: Move Winch RightMPress M to Snow Cat: Move Winch Right
AccelerateWPress W to Accelerate
AttackQPress Q to Attack
Beacon LightsHomePress Home to Use Beacon Lights
BrakeSPress S to Use Brake
Enable Cruse ControlOPress O to Enable Cruise Control
Change Driving DirectionLeft Shift / Middle Mouse ButtonPress Left Shift / Middle Mouse Button to Change Driving Direction
Low BeamLPress L to Low Beam
Parking BrakeBPress B to Parking Brake
Refull FuelUPress U to Refill Fuel
Start EngineNumpad EnterPress Numpad Enter to Start Engine
Steer LeftAPress A to Steer Left
Steer RightDPress D to Steer Right
Jump Into VehicleTabPress Tab to Jump Into Vehicle
Jump Into Vehicle (Backwards)Left Ctrl + TabPress Left Ctrl + Tab to Jump Into Vehicle (Backwards)
Warning SoundSpacebarPress Spacebar to Use Warning Sound
Worklight 1Numpad 4Press Numpad 4 to Use Worklight 1
Worklight 2Numpad 5Press Numpad 5 to Use Worklight 2
Worklight 3Numpad 6Press Numpad 6 to Use Worklight 3

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