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Wild Rift Icons Schedule


Wild Rift Icons Schedule


Though very much in its beginning stages of development, the Wild Rift competitive scene is growing a committed community. With ambitious players, knowledgeable castors, and huge support from Riot Games, Wild Rift Esports continues ramping up into the year. With the biggest event in Wild Rift esports beginning very soon, players may be wondering about the Wild Rift Icons Schedule. Marketed as the mobile game’s version of Worlds with a total of 24 teams, here is the full Wild Rift Icons Schedule.

Wild Rift Icons Schedule

Play in Stage

Beginning on June 14, Wild Rift Icons initially begins with their Play In Stage. That’s from Tuesday to Saturday of that respective week. The Play In Stage lasts until June 18, so a solid five days of activity. With a total of 16 teams, split into 4 groups. Keep in mind, each region’s champions from their respective competitive leagues already sit at the Groups Stage.

The top two teams from each group of four makes it to the next stage. That makes for a total of eight eliminated teams from the first week. And since none of the same region’s teams will be placed into the same group throughout the tournament, the general idea of the strongest region for Wild Rift will begin to arise.

Group Stages

From June 21 to June 25, the Group Stages begin. That’s from Tuesday to Saturday of that respective week, and once again a five day period. Similar to the previous stage, there will be four groups of four. The top two of each group moves onto the final Knock Out Stages.

Knock Out Stages

Beginning on July 1 and ending on July 9, the Knock Out Stages is the final phase. This phase of the tournament is more largely resembles a conventional Budokai format bracket. That’s a Dragonball reference, for those unaware. The last eight teams then compete in a best of five format. Of course, the losers are eliminated, and the winners continue competing until only the decisive tournament winner is left.

Why is Wild Rift Icons a big deal?

The combined prize pool for the event is at around $2,000,000. This essentially allows Riot to invest into their competitive scene. And that’s huge deal. A big reason why the Wild Rift community has reached a bit of a stall in regards to growth is because a lot of companies feel there is too much risk in investing into the game. This rings especially true in the Western Market, where mobile gaming isn’t as prevalent.

Predicting Wild Rift’s trajectory is rather difficult. As League PC and Riot’s child, Wild Rift definitely has a lot of potential. But since it’s a very young esport, the risk to reward ratio is rather high for investments. Since Icons stands as a yearly tournament, it minimizes risk substantially. Since there’s more structure alongside consistency in money earnable, this increases incentive.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this Wild Rift Icons Schedule helped players understand the timing of the upcoming tournament. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Wild Rift Icons very much helps the games’ growth. So even if players aren’t that interested in the competitive esport, please try watching and supporting the scene. It’s truly an incredibly important event, that is sure to change the trajectory of the game’s future.

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