Which Animals Should I Have Graze On My Farm?


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The Somniel acts as your headquarters in Fire Emblem Engage. With it comes a number of side activities, one of the more curious additions is the farm. Yes, you get your own little farm this time around. But that begs the question: what is it good for? Well, the answer may surprise you, as getting started on the farm as quickly as possible will be the difference between you being able to upgrade many of your character’s weapons, or only being able to upgrade a few.

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That’s right, this is a surefire way to get precious ingots early in the game. But more than that, it is also a source of valuable ingredients that you will use to cook meals for your party members and increase their stats before battle. So, then, it goes without saying that this is an important mechanic, and the sooner you get tending to your farm the better!


So How Do You Get Animals?

At the end of any given battle, you will have a chance to explore the battlefield. Nearly every location will feature animals for you to adopt during this exploration phase. The one exception being the capital cities (as well as some of the paralogue locations).

So, any location that doesn’t have skirmishes, and instead has training battles, will not give you the ability to adopt animals. This includes everything from Brodia Castle to Solm Palace. This does mean that if you are playing on classic, you are going to need to put your soldiers’ lives on the line if you want to acquire new pets. Of course, you will acquire a healthy supply of animals as you complete the mainline missions.

What Requirements Do I Need To Meet Before I Can Adopt An Animal?

Fire Emble Engage, The Donation Board

If you encounter an enemy in the wild, you may find that they are unavailable to adopt. In order to adopt the exclusive animals tied to certain regions, you will need to donate 5,000 gold to their kingdom. Once you have done this, all animals in that region will be adoptable. There are higher donation tiers, but the only one that matters, when it comes to animal adoption, is the very first tier.

If you are trying to collect every animal, you should donate that 5000 Gold to each country the first chance you get, which will always be after you have completed the first mission set in that country.

What Are Animals Good For?

Fire Emblem Engage, A Bunch Of Cats And Their Rewards

Whenever you complete a battle, upon returning to The Somniel, there will be an item waiting for you for every animal you have on the farm. The items will be lying on the ground, next to each animal, on your farm. You can only have five animals active at a time.

While you can only have five animals at a time, there is no requirement for them to all be unique animals. Your farm can be filled with five of the same animal type, if you like.

How Do I Find Specific Animals?

Fire Emblem Engage, Where To Find Animals

Well, the majority of animals will appear in all four of the countries. We promise you, you’ll not struggle to find an Elyosian Dog. However, every country does have some exclusive animals, and these can be a little harder to come by. Thankfully, every location on the map will tell you what animals appear there. So, you will know which animals are available before you ever set foot in battle.

Which Animals Are Best?

Firene Hound Dog Beagle Sitting In Farmyard

Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. There are animals like the Elyosian Pigeon that will always give you nuts, or the Elyosian Sheep which will always give you milk. These aren’t super high-value items (though the milk is rarer). The Marmot, Deer, and Flamingo all provide rare food items (Rare Fruit, Rare Vegetables, and Rare Fish, in that order). Cats will bring you plenty of fish, which can be difficult to come by in the early stretches of the game. The Aura Eagle will provide you with a variety of meats, and the Panna Camel will get you a number of different vegetables. It’s all good stuff! Especially if you are looking to engage with the cafeteria.

But the real answer is that your yard should be filled with dogs. They bring you ingots. And not just iron ingots, either. You can, and will, get silver ore from them on occasion. When it comes to the animals that provide the most value, the answer is most certainly the dogs.

We have run a number of different tests. Anecdotally, we can’t say we have found that one type of dog performs better than any other at finding valuable ore.

Complete List Of Animals And The Items The Provide

Common AnimalsFire Emblem Engage, An Adorable Rabbit

These animals can be gotten without paying a penny. They are common, and can be found in a variety of locations across the world.

Elyosian Sheep


Eastern Freecat

Various Fish

Northern Freecat

Various Fish

Elyosian Pigeon


Black Elyosian Dog

Iron, Steel, or Silver Ingot

White Hop Rabbit


Western Freecat

Various Fish

Elyosian Seagull


White Elyosian Dog

Iron, Steel, or Silver Ingot

Hop Rabbit


Southern Freecat

Various Fish

Elyosian Dog

Iron, Steel, or Silver Ingot

Exclusive Animals

Fire Emble Engage, The Glorious Camel

These animals are a little more on the elusive side. They are only found in a select few locations, and they aren’t available until you donate the first 5000 Gold to their respective countries.

Firenese Cat

Various FIsh

Firene:Tea-Field Village

Calisson Chicken


Firene: Florra Mill Town, Tea-Field Village

Mere Donkey

Rare Vegetable

Firene: Florra Mill Town, Crossroads Of Fate

Brodian Cat

Various Fish

Brodia: Fort Of Hope, The Grand Crossing

Aura Eagle

Beef, Chicken, Mutton, or Pork,

Brodia: Fort Of Hope, The Grand Crossing

Rutile Marmot

Rare Fruit

Brodia: Fort On The Border, Fort Of Hope

Iris Owl


Elusia: Shadowy Moor

Vervarian Deer

Rare Vegetable

Elusia: Shadowy Moor

Solmic Cat

Various Fish

Solm: Azure Coast, Northern Fortress

Panna Camel

Beans, Rice, or Spices

Solm: Oasis Village, Tullah Dessert

Tartu Flamingo

Rare Fish

Solm: Oasis Village

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