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Where To Find Every Collectible In The Seventh Level Of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil


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At last. The final “vision” in Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil. So how does the game decide to conclude? Well, the only way it could. By pairing another board riding level with an intense puzzle-platforming stage. While the board stage is suitably exciting, it is also pretty short. The Kingdom of Sorrow, which is your final platforming stage, on the other hand, is most certainly not short. The last two stages certainly give off very different vibes in that regard.

Related: Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil – Every Vision 6 CollectibleAnd, of course, with these final stages, you are going to have to work for those Momett Doll Bells and Ngapoko Eggs. Worry not, we will guide you to each and every last one. And yes, we have all the hints you masochists need to collect all those Dream Stones as well.


7-1: Kingdom Of Sorrow

This is it. This is your final platforming stage and, unsurprisingly, it gets pretty spicy. Get ready to encounter a lot of familiar faces alongside a number of returning obstacles. Lunatea’s Veil isn’t going to go soft on you now. Quite to the contrary, it is going to throw everything at you!

7-1: Where To Find All The Momett Doll Bells

Once you enter into the second area, you will see a Ngapoko Egg in the background. Just taunting you. But it is trickier to get than you may think. You need to travel over to the right and get to the topmost platform. Then, drop down, and as you fall, grab the bird. Now you can jump over to the first disappearing platform and quickly toss the bird at the egg in the background, then hop away before the ground disappears from under your feet. As a reward, you will gain your first Momett Doll Bell (1/6).

Once you have finished with the section where you are being chased by the giant moos, you will find yourself in a room with giant spiked balls. Grab the nearby kiton and fly up and around the spiked balls. There is a platform above them that holds a Momett Doll Bell (2/6). You have to go this way, so it is pretty hard to miss. In the next area, right after dodging the giant spiked balls, you will see a Momett Doll Bell (3/6) hovering above three platforms. Dance between the platforms until the bird flies low enough for you to grab it. The second you have the bird, perform a boosted jump to get up to the bell. Getting this bell is all about timing.

After you work through the section of the stage where you are breaking through those crystal barricades, you will be back outside, holding onto a red balloon for dear life as it ferries you across a ginormous chasm. At one point there will be a Momett Doll Bell (4/6) sitting on a platform. Jump onto said platform, grab the bell, and grab the helicopter-like teton and use it to get back to the grappling point. Getting the timing wrong here will ensure instant death.

Once you have crossed that giant chasm, you will turn a corner that has a round roofless building. Bobbing up and down inside of this structure is a Ngapoko Egg. Continue forward a little and you will be confronted by a boomerang throwing slazza. Hop over their boomerang, grab them, and throw them at the egg. This will earn you your fifth Momett Doll Bell (5/6).

In the area that follows the second Mirror Spirit section, you will find the final Momett Doll Bell (6/6) sitting in a crevice that is being circled by three giant spiked balls. Just use the nearby kiton and follow the spiked balls without touching them, and drop down onto the platform holding the bell.

7-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first Ngapoko Egg holds a Momett Doll Bell and is found at the beginning of the second area. It is sitting right there in the background. You need to throw the nearby bird at it. In the section after you fly up and around the giant spiked balls, there is a Ngapoko Egg in the background. Toss an enemy at it to get a heart refill. The next Ngapoko Egg contains another bell. It is in the structure that follows the giant chasm section of the stage.

7-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

You will encounter the Mirror Spirit while fleeing the two giant moos. But there are no dream stones. So what gives? Well, you need to wait for the giant moos to catch up, then toss birds at them (while hopping between the two tornado launch pads). Once you have their armor off, deliver the killing blow and then activate the Mirror Spirit. This one isn’t too tricky once you know what you are supposed to do.

The second Mirror Spirit section, and the last one in the game, is far tougher. Here you are going to want to jump from the balloon, grab the bird, and perform a boosted jump above the shellie, killing it with the bird. Then, drop down, free the Mirror Spirit, jump on the balloon, grab the bird again, perform a super jump up to the tornado launch pad, grab all the Dream Stones in the line, and hustle to the right so that you can grab the final gem sitting on another launch pad. There is just enough time to get all the Dream Stones.

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7-2: The Forgotten Path

This is your final boarding section as well as being the final standard stage in the game. While the path is pretty consistently narrow, and you are traveling at a decent clip, it actually doesn’t feel quite as difficult as some of the board riding sections that came before it. The Momett Doll Bells, in particular, are pretty easy to obtain for the most part. However, we will take you through everything regardless. This stage still has a few tricks up its sleeve!

7-2: Where To Find All The Momett Doll Bells

The first Momett Doll Bell (1/6) is just sitting to your right near the beginning of the stage. The second Momett Doll Bell (2/6) is sitting directly above the main path. You will need to grab the bird and jump up to it in order to obtain it.

The third and fourth Momett Doll Bells (3/6 and 4/6) are found in the tunnel section. While you could foreseeably miss them, there isn’t really a trick to getting them. Just slow down and aim for them. They are still on the main path. The fifth Momett Doll Bell (5/6) is also on the main path, but it is off to the right. So, make sure to keep an eye out for it, as you don’t want to whiz right past it.

The final Momett Doll Bell is the only one that is properly hidden. After you grab the fifth bell, there will be a section following a wall of fire where the path forks. To the left is a bumper, to the right is the main path. Hit that bumper! You will use a series of bumpers to get up to the cannon on top. After taking the cannon, there will be two more bumpers in a row. The first of these two will pop you up to the final Momett Doll Bell (6/6). That’s it! You did it! That should be every last Momett Doll Bell in the game!

7-2: Are There Any Ngapoko Eggs

And, with our final boarding section, we have the final stage that neglects the Ngapoko Eggs. Once again, there are no Ngapoko Eggs. You will have to do without!

7-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

When it comes to the Forgotten Path, the biggest obstacle is quite simply the momentum carrying you past the dreams stones. Like in the previous boarding levels, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to cut your momentum whenever you can. We wouldn’t say there are any particularly difficult sections, but the whole stage makes it very easy to miss Dream Stones.

There aren’t any Mirror Spirit sections, but there are two moments where you need to chase down a line of flying Dream Stones. You will encounter these in the area after you get your first Momett Doll Bell and in the side area that leads to the final Momett Doll Bell. One thing that is interesting to note is that if you miss any of the Dream Stones on the alternate route (not counting the flying ones), you can loop around and attempt it again. Which is atypically merciful for this type of stage.

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