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Where To Find Every Collectible In The First Level Of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil


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Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil is the second Klonoa game, and part of the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series. In Lunatea’s Veil, there are a number of areas which we are going to refer to as “visions”. These visions contain two stages and a boss battle. Our primary focus in this guide is to lead you to each collectible found in the first vision.

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Lunatea’s Veil parts ways with Door To Phantomile’s Phantomilians, but in their place we now have the Momett Doll Bells. There are also the returning Dream Stones and Ngapoko Eggs. Though be warned, the Dream Stones can be a pretty gnarly collectible to chase. Getting all 150 is not for the faint of heart! But worry not, with our guidance, and a little elbow grease, we will help you obtain all the hidden objects scattered throughout the first two stages.


Vision 1-1: Sea Of Tears

The Sea of Tears is your introductory stage. However, despite it really laying out most of the basics for you, it does make sure to squirrel away a few of the collectibles in hidden areas. You won’t encounter anything too tough here, but this stage does act as a warning of sorts for those looking to gain all the Dream Stones in Lunatea’s Veil. This stage shows that it is going to be more of an ordeal than it was in Door To Phantomile.

Vision 1-1: Where To Find All The Momett Doll Bells

The first Momett Doll Bell (1/6) is immediately after you perform your first super jump. It is unmissable. The second Momett Doll Bell (2/6) requires that you take the alternate path in the second area. Continue along until you see two tornado launch pads. Just jump on one and grab the Bell floating above. The third Momett Doll Bell (3/6) is just on the main path. You would have to play this section of the stage blindfolded to miss it.

The next Momett Doll Bell (4/6) will be hidden in an invisible Ngapoko Egg in the section that immediately follows the on-rails segment of this level. In the cave section that follows, if you just keep heading to the right until you run headfirst into a Ngapoko Egg, you will encounter the egg that holds the next Momett Doll Bell (5/6).

Once you leave the cave, you will see a platform that has a few of those tornado launch pads hovering around it. Grab the nearby moo and hop up to this platform. There is another Ngapoko egg up here and it contains the final Momett Doll Bell (6/6).

Vision 1-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first egg is to your right and contains a heart refill. In the alternate pathway in the second area, right under a Momett Doll Bell, there is a Ngapoko Egg hidden in the background, wedged in the giant coral reef: it contains a heart refill. The area after the on-rails section features two Ngapoko Eggs.

One is visible and contains a heart refill; the other is invisible and contains a Momett Doll Bell.The next area contains another Ngapoko Egg holding a bell. It is on the main path and hard to miss. Another Ngapoko Egg holding another Momett Doll Bell is in the final area as well. The egg is just sitting on top of a platform next to a couple of tornado launch pads. Grab an enemy and hop up to claim it.

Vision 1-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

In order to acquire all the Dream Stones, make sure to take out the giant moo. These give Dream Stones the first time you destroy them. This stage has one on-rails section. Unfortunately, the controls are a little slippery and you can’t repeat it without restarting the stage (or intentionally dying). Just do your best, but prepare to have to retry. There is a Mirror Spirt section after that on-rails segment. This one isn’t too tough, just make sure to grab the moo at the end of the run and use them to boost jump up to the final three Dream Stones.

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Vision 1-2: Sacred Grounds

Thankfully, the Sacred Grounds goes easy on you with the on-rail sections, so the 150 Dream Stones goal is easier to achieve here. The Momett Doll Bells aren’t terribly difficult to obtain here, they just involve a smidge of puzzle-platforming. Worry not, we will give you all the info you need to collect everything in this stage!

Vision 1-2: Where To Find All The Momett Doll Bells

You will come to a section where a room filled with goodies is below you, but has a block impeding your way. Just grab a nearby enemy and do a boosted jump overtop the block to break it. Now, down below you will see a ring of Dream Stones with a suspicious space in between them. There is an invisible Ngapoko Egg here. Break it to obtain your first Momett Doll Bell (1/6). Once you enter the cave, you will see a platform with a bird flying nearby. Grab a nearby moo, then jump onto this platform. From here, grab the bird and jump to the next highest platform. Finally, just shoot the bell in the foreground with your Wind Bullet (your standard attack) to obtain the Momett Doll Bell (2/6).

There is a lot of stage between the second and third bell. However, eventually you will enter into a cave and encounter a Mirror Spirit section. The line of Dream Stones ends with your third Momett Doll Bell (3/6). Just a little to the left of that bell, in the same area, you will see a room that holds a springy enemy. Use the jump pad below you to hop up, grab the enemy, and then use the enemy to jump up and grab the Momett Doll Bell (4/6).

Once you hit the section with the pendulum, there will be another Momett Doll Bell (5/6) hovering above, what appears to be, a giant pit. Thankfully, the wind currents will hold you up. Just grab a moo, ride the wind over to it, and break that baby open. Now, in the room with the pendulum, use it to knock over the conspicuous pillar. Jump onto that platform, crack open the Ngapoko Egg, and claim the final Momett Doll Bell (6/6)

Vision 1-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

At the very beginning of the stage, there is a Ngapoko Egg bobbing in the background. Throw an enemy at it and claim the heart refill. There is an invisible Ngapoko Egg hidden in the room that is obstructed by a block. Just boost jump over the block while holding an enemy to get to it.

Just beyond that section, you will enter a cave and find an egg sitting just above a platform (this is the same section as the second Momett Bell). Just jump up to the opposite platform, grab the bird, and toss it at this egg. There are Dream Stones inside. Just past the first cave monster, there is another Ngapoko Egg. Feed the monster one of the moos, then grab the other and run across to break the egg. You will be rewarded with a heart refill.

The final Ngapoko egg is in the section with the pendulum. Just use the pendulum to knock over the pillar, and you will be able to hop up on the platform where the pillar previously stood and claim your egg. It is invisible, so you will have to jump around a little to reveal it. It contains the final bell.

Vision 1-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

The 150 Dream Stones are pretty achievable in this stage, as there are no on-rails sections. Just make sure that when you hit the mirror spirit segment you grab the moo before you jump down, as you will need them for making the jump to the last few Dream Stones.

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