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Where To Find Cards In Paper Cut Mansion


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Cards represent equipment in Paper Cut Mansion. While it’s technically possible to complete the game without them, you’ll have a much easier time with even one card equipped. It takes several runs to amass a large collection, but your limited number of slots means you’ll have to choose your gear carefully before each run.

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Once a card is in your inventory, it can be equipped from the title screen before starting a new game. Read on to find all the ways to find new cards – the more you have, the greater your chances of surviving to the bottom floor!

What Do Cards Do?

Cards are divided into three categories, based on where their gear is worn; arms, body, and head. Toby can have one card of each type equipped. Once you’ve entered the Mansion, you can’t change your equipment unless you find a new card. If that happens, you’ll get one chance to swap your old card out for the new one. Cards can be taken on as many runs as you want – once you find them, they’re in your inventory for good.


Cards equipped to the arms typically represent weapons, and give you an additional attack. The power, area, and cooldown of the attack varies based on the card. These attacks can be made even if you aren’t in the Reptilian Complex, allowing you to break down some barriers without having to backtrack.

Body cards are the most varied. They are typically defensive in nature, giving you access to moves like dodge rolls, or they can allow you to place traps on the ground. Others provide efficient stat boosts.

Head cards tend to provide passive effects. This often takes the form of a drone or other companion that will attack enemies, or a stat boost.

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Where To Find Cards

There are a few ways to get more cards – always be on the lookout for opportunities while exploring the Mansion!

Once you’ve built up your collection, you may start to find cards in the Mansion that you already have. While this doesn’t expand your inventory, it does give you a chance to swap out your equipment mid-game.

The Lawyer

Occasionally you’ll run into an NPC called the Lawyer. For a fee, he’ll sell you a random card. Each time you buy a card from the Lawyer, his price increases by thirty coins.

Buying cards from the Lawyer early is a good way to jump-start your collection, but once his fee reaches several hundred coins you’re better off spending your cash elsewhere.

Treasure Chests

Chests usually contain coins, but sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a card instead. Most chests have a stat requirement to open – if your Wits score isn’t high enough, you won’t be able to get what’s inside. It’s useful to always take Wits Medals from early side-quests to make sure you can open as many chests as possible.


Very rarely, you’ll find cards while inspecting furniture in the Neocortex. This is the least reliable method of getting cards, but it’s nice when it happens.

Challenge Rooms

Each floor has one or more challenge rooms, denoted by a unique door. These rooms typically contain traps, mazes, or both, and completing them will reward you with cards. Once you’ve gotten all the cards available from a challenge, you’ll receive coins instead.

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