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Where To Find All Ghosts In White Day: A Labyrinth Named School


Featured Ghost Location guide for White Day: A Labyrinth Named School


There are many ghosts in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, creeping throughout the Yeondu High school. Some are relics of the past, clinging to the world of living, while others are tethered to the mortal realm, unable to escape due to the dark fate that befell them.

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But, while some ghosts are actively seeking the player, some can be rather difficult to find, requiring specific conditions to be met. To ease your ghost hunting marathon, we have made a detailed guide on how to encounter each ghost.

A hefty chunk of ghosts can be found only while playing on hard mode or higher. Look for the bold text under the specific image to find out if the spirit can be discovered on certain difficulties.

The Housemistress

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

The spirit of the Housemistress is a teacher that used to work at Yeondu High School and was known for her harsh punishments.


To find her, look into the second mirror of the Girls’ Bathroom on the third floor (Main Building 2). You also need to have a pack of cigarettes on your person, which can be found on top of the cubicle’s door frame in the first floor’s Boy’s Bathroom (Main Building 1).

Upon exiting the bathroom, the ghost will charge you and deal damage. This is going to be a common occurrence if you plan to find all of them.

Fox Spirit

The Fox Spirit is a ghost that can be encountered in the passageway between Main Building 2 and New Building.

To find her, you simply have to go back from the New Building to the Main Building without having the Spirit Bell in your inventory.

The Lying Female Student

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

The Lying Female Student is the ghost of a girl that died at the hands of Myeong-ho, who went berserk.

She can be found in the Night Duty Room (Main Building 2), lying on the floor. If you interact with her, she will reappear in Classrooms 3-3 and 3-9 (New Building). Upon interacting with her for the third time, prepare for a jump scare.

Woman In The Locker

Can be found on normal mode or higher.

This ghost of a woman that tragically died in the locked cabinet nowadays haunts the lockers of the Yeondu High School.

To find her, simply wander around different classrooms and open the lockers at random until you encounter the ghost.

The Tree Ghost

The Demon Tree is the first boss you will encounter in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

You will find the ghost as you are progressing through main story. To pass this stage of the game, you will need Insect Repellent and Chemical Solvent. Find and destroy all the strange eggs around the Main Building with the solvent, and finally use repellent to kill the weakened tree.

This is a timed event, meaning you have a limited amount of time to complete it. Be careful at the end: using the repellent on the Tree Ghost will trigger a quick time event.

The Baby’s Soul

You will encounter the ghost of a child the first time you enter Main Building 2. This is the second boss of the game, so be prepared for the timed events.

To complete this timed event, you will need to follow the instructions for making a Clay Doll in an Art Mid-Term Exam Guide, found in the Art Room (Main Building 2). The Doll can be found in the Lost & Found room at the start of the timed event.

At one point you will also find the Ownerless Diary, which is worth mentioning if you want to know what triggered the child to remain on the mortal plane.

The Girl Outside the Window

Can be found on hard mode or higher

To find the ghost of the girl that tragically died in the school pond, you will need to acquire a love letter. It can be found at the top of the stairs near the Main Office (Main Building 1). After that, interact with the hand prints on the hallway’s window near the Gym Storage Room (Main Building 1)

The Starved Ghost

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

You can encounter this ghost by placing a lunchbox in the metal food tray in the School Store (New Building). By placing another lunchbox, you will see a different scene, and she will attack you.

If you cannot trigger the ghost, check if the lights are on.

The Girl With A Hidden Face

This one acts as a sort of mini-boss and can be encountered on every difficulty setting. You will find her in the Music Appreciation Room (New Building). If you interact with her, the game of Hide-and-Seek starts.

You have to find her sitting on one of the chairs in the room and use the light emanating from the Yin-Yang token to scare her off. Do that a couple of times, and you will be free to go.

Don’t interact with her without the token and don’t turn on the lighter if you did.

The Library Ghost

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

To find the ghost of a girl that died at Yeondu High, you need to interact with the book on the table in the Reading room (New Building). To trigger her appearance, you will also need to obtain A Report Card, which can be found in one of the lockers in Classroom 2-5 (Main Building 1).

The Kid Solving A Problem

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

You can encounter Na-hye in Classroom 2-7 (Main Building 1) after obtaining chalk, found on the Blackboard in Classroom 2-8, and a bloody workbook, found on the floor at the Recording Room Booth (both items are located in Main Building 1).

Haunted Head Ghost

Can be found on normal mode or higher.

Also known as the Head Ghost, she’s a spirit of a woman that died in a construction accident at the school. She will randomly spawn at Main Buildings 1 and 2 and chase the player.

Don’t worry about finding her, she will make herself known.

The Attendance Ghost

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

The Attendance Ghost will charge you upon looking at the attendance book in Classroom 2-11 (Main Building 1). To trigger her, a Gym’s Teachers Cap is required, which can be found in the cabinet in the Gym Storage Room.

The Me In The Mirror

The Me In The Mirror, also known as the Doppelganger is a ghost you will inevitably encounter in the Dance Studio (New Building). To defeat the ghost, place the speakers symmetrically with their positions in the mirror.

Spider Ghost

The Spider Ghost is another ghost you will find as you progress through the main story. You can disable her spawn by entering the classes mentioned in the document called New Building’s Notice, which can be found in the Faculty Lounge (New Building).

Face Filled With Hatred

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

This ghost is one of the easiest ones to find because all you need to do is to hide in the last cubicle at any Main Building 1’s bathroom and wait for her.

The Woman Who Hanged Herself

She is one of the most important ghosts with ties to the main story and different endings. You can encounter her multiple times:

  • In the cutscene where Sung-A rushes off, scared by some noise, choose the option “Go where the sound is coming from”.
  • You will trigger another cutscene upon approaching a large window at the end of the corridor near the Gym Storage Room (Main Building 1).
  • If you walk a few steps away and immediately turn, you will see her for the last time.

The Mannequin

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

A Living Mannequin can be found standing in one of the corners at the Biology Lab (Main Building 2). You need to light the alcohol lamp on one of the tables and drain your stamina by running. After your vision gets dizzy from lack of breath, the mannequin will start walking toward you. To stop him, turn the lamp off.

The Mermaid

The Mermaid is a ghost found in the pool on the rooftop near the end of the game. She will swim in the water and drag you down with her, should you fall in the pool. You need to cross the invisible maze using the L-Rods in the locked cabinet at the Occult Clubroom (New Building).

To unlock the cabinet, go to the Earth Science Lab and read the World Time Zones note. After that, find the other clocks with the photos of different capitals near them, and set them to their appropriate time zones. You should set them according to the Greenwich (London) timezone (GMT).

After you successfully navigated the maze, turn the nearest valve to drain the pool, and acquire the water token to progress.

The Grandmother Ghost

Can be found on hard mode or higher.

The last ghost on our list, the Grandmother, can be found at the indoor bridge on the 3rd floor of the New Building. When you pass the bridge, there’s a chance you will freeze right in the middle. Look around for a short amount of time, and she will jump scare you.

The appearance of the ghost is random, meaning it can take multiple trips through the bridge to trigger her.

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