TechyHint How To What Is SAP On TV? How To Turn It On And Off? All Details

What Is SAP On TV? How To Turn It On And Off? All Details


What Is SAP On TV? How To Turn It On And Off? All Details

Today we will discuss the details of what is SAP On TV, and how to turn it ON and OFF. So, read this article and know the brief details related to this. 

What Is SAP On TV?

Secondary audio programming is known as SAP. It is used as an alternative to conventional audio programming to enable the broadcast of a signal in a different language or, occasionally, an audio broadcast unrelated to what is seen on television.

People with vision impairments use SAP services. An explanation of the graphics on the screen is delivered over the alternate soundtrack. It also serves as a translation tool. 

SAP allows users to listen to shows that are generally broadcast in English Spanish or other languages. SAP programming is occasionally used to transmit weather reports or breaking news.

How To Turn ON and Off SAP on TV?

Steps to Turn Off SAP on TV

The following instructions will show you how to turn on or off the SAP feature on LG smart TVs:

Step 1:

The SAP feature on your LG smart TV remote must first be located.

Step 2:

If your LG smart TV has an “SAP” button, all you have to do is push it to start using the device.

Step 3:

On the other side, you must manually access the UI and activate the SAP if your smart TV remote does not contain the SAP button.

Step 4:

Look around for the “Sound” settings in your LG smart’s “Settings” menu.

Step 5:

Afterward, browse around for the “Language” settings.

Step 6:

The toggle button and the “SAP” feature should be visible there.

Steps to Turn Off SAP on DTA Box

Only DTA box users who want to modify the SAP (second audio programming) option should follow these instructions.

Step 1:

Connect your DTA box and TV.

Step 2:

On the remote control, press the Menu button.

Step 3:

On the TV screen, locate and pick the Language option.

Step 4:

Find the Audio language option by scrolling down and selecting it.

Step 5:

To disable SAP on the DTA box, choose the Primary option from the two options you’ll see in the settings.

Steps to Turn On SAP on DTA Box

Step 1:

Activate your TV and Set-top box.

Step 2:

After that, need to click on the Menu button on the remote to access the settings.

Step 3:

Select the Language menu item.

Step 4:

Then, using the remote control, look for the Audio Language option on the TV screen and choose it.

Step 5:

Now is the time to activate SAP on DTA; simply select the Alternate (SAP) option.


Q:- Is SAP Feature Available on TV?

Ans:- Yes, a feature on the TV is present.

Q:- Does the TV have an SAP Button?

Ans:- The SAP button is present on some TVs, yes. Not all LG smart TVs include an integrated SAP button.

Q:- How Do We Disable the TVs’ SAP Function?

Ans:- The SAP feature on the TV can easily be disabled. You can disable the SAP feature on the TV by following the detailed step-by-step instructions we have just given you.


It can be difficult to locate the SAP feature on TV. As a result, we have put together all the procedures necessary for turning on and off the SAP feature on the TV in this comprehensive step-by-step guide. Using the offered guide, you can easily turn on and off the SAP feature on LG smart TVs.

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