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Warhammer 40k Tacticus: Ranked Character Tier List


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These are the characters you should focus on leveling in Warhammer 40k Tacticus.

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If you like a good turn-based squad-level strategy game, Warhammer 40K: Tacticus is likely right up your bombed-out street. This sci-fi setting has been a staple for tabletop and computer gamers for years, pitching Marines versus Orks and Xenos in a never-ending battle for survival. Put together a squad of around five units, and let battle commence.

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Below you’ll find our 20 favourite Warhammer 40k: Tacticus characters ranked by tier. But for now, these are the characters we suggest you concentrate your efforts on ranking and levelling up. If you follow this guide, these characters won’t disappoint.

This list will likely change a lot in the coming months as new content is added and balance changes are implemented.

‘S’ Tier Characters

Isabella (Adepta Sororitas) Currently the strongest healer in Warhammer 40k: Tacticus, and easily assessable, so sure to be a favourite. But she is elevated to guaranteed ‘S’ tier thanks to her ability to resurrect an ally with her Rites of Restoration ability – a great way to help ensure three medals in Campaign levels.
Castellan Creed (Astra Militarum): Summoning is a very powerful ability, which makes Castellan Creed doubly powerful. He can summon up to two Cadian Guardsmen in free adjacent hexes with Supreme Commander.

His passive Sword Protector ability also sees him summon Colour Sergeant Kell the first time he is attacked in battle. Kell will take damage for him, too, as long as they’re adjacent.

Commissar Yarrik (Astra Militarum): Yarrik can summon four Cadian Guardsmen, who automatically attack the same round. The fact they don’t have placement restrictions makes this a very powerful ability. He also has a single self-resurrect, as long as he isn’t overkilled.
Archimatos (Black Legion): The summon ability of Archimatos is particularly useful versus bosses, as it can trigger up to three times in succession as long as the target enemy isn’t defeated.

However, against multiple weaker enemies, its Possession ability is equally useful – spawning a Bloodletter in place of any enemy it defeats.

Typhus (Death Guard): Typhus earns his place in the ‘S’ Tier due to his range of abilities rather than any outstanding one. His psychic attacks damage multiple enemies, his Aura reduces armour in an increasing diameter as the battle goes on, and he gets an auto resurrection the first time he is defeated.
Aleph-Null (Necrons): Where to begin? Aleph-Null can summon two swarms; automatically heals an adjacent mechanical unit – or can heal one as its action; regenerates health each turn; can fly – and to cap the performance, explodes for decent damage if destroyed.

‘A’ Tier Warhammer 40k Tacticus Units

Morvenn Vahl (Adepta Sororitas): She does massive AoE damage to groups of mobs, including swarms and teams. She is a mech unit, so she can be repaired – and explodes if defeated.
Celestine (Adepta Sororitas): Can move to any hex for a melee attack once per battle, which is surprisingly useful. Also has a twice-per-battle passive single unit summon.
Vindicta (Adepta Sororitas): Her strong flamethrower attacks leave hexes on fire and can do splash damage. She also gets a more powerful crit chance and damage as units on both sides fall.
Nauseous Rotbone (Death Guard): The number two healer in the game, who also has a 75 percent chance to auto-res neighbouring Chaos units (who aren’t overkilled).
Anuphet (Necrons): Summons a Warrior in an adjacent hex for each battle round played once. On each round, it also deals damage to a random adjacent enemy and regenerates health.
Gibbascrapz (Orks): Another summoner, whose single Grot tank is more powerful the later you summon it. Can also heal mechanical units and gives adjacent units extra armour.
Bellator (Ultramarines): Yet another summoner, who also tanks well and can fly. He summons one unit per round played, the same as Anuphet (above), but around the enemy he targets that round.

‘B’ Tier Squad Members

Calandis (Areldari): A great sniper who can retreat after making a ranged attack once per battle. Gets a free attack each round on the first melee enemy that targets her before they strike.
Thaddeus Noble (Astra Militarum): His attacks are indirect, so he can attack over obstacles, and they also suppress units hit, decreasing movement. His special can target any hex on the board.
Abaddon the Despoiler (Black Legion): His special hits eight times for devastating damage, but his health is drastically reduced. Generally big on the attack, but a bit squishy.
Snotflogga (Orks): A third-tier summoner, as his Grots don’t pack much of a punch, and triggering them can be hard to pull off. They only appear in spaces adjacent to both him and an enemy unit.
Tanksmasha (Orks): A fun mounted unit that’s special sees it crash through six hexes, damaging and moving everything in its path (allies only get moved).
Marneus Calgar (Ultramarines): A strong tank unit whose special does good damage to all units adjacent to him. Friendly adjacent units also deal bonus damage.
Varro Tigurius (Ultramarines): A good if an unremarkable mix of psychic damage and defence of allies in adjacent hexes, with a one-off attack that hits multiple adjacent units.

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