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Villagers We’d Want To Go Trick-Or-Treating With In Animal Crossing


Split image screenshots of Lucky, Pietro and Kiki from Animal Crossing.

During the month of October in Animal Crossing, you’re visited by the reigning czar of Halloween, Jack, who recruits you as his minion to perform tricks and treats on your villagers, and to supply him with coveted candy. Although Animal Crossing does feature these Halloween festivities, it isn’t quite realistic, as you can’t join forces with your villagers and team up with them.

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If you were able to pick a group of villagers to go trick-or-treating with, you’d have to consider multiple things, including how much they want candy, their willingness to get into the Halloween spirit, and their overall spooky factor.


10/10 Costume Ready: Alfonso

Alfonso is not only a Nintendo fan but the only villager in the series to dress up as their favorite character. Prior to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Alfonso wore the Big Bros Tee, which is red and features a white “M”, exactly like Mario’s hat.

Sadly, Alfonso’s clothing was changed in New Horizons; however, he still kept his catchphrase, “it’sa me”, showing his connection to the Super Mario series. Perhaps if you were to invite Alfonso to go trick-or-treating with you, he could dust off his old outfit and dress up as Mario. With the Super Mario items in the game, you could join him and dress as Luigi or Princess Peach.

9/10 The Dad Of The Group: Apollo

The father figure of any town or island, Apollo is the perfect choice for any trick-or-treating group. Despite him being more likely to stand in the back while you ring the doorbells in search of candy, he’ll protect you from any frights on a dark Halloween night.

He is a Cranky villager with a surprisingly soft side once you get to know him, meaning that it’s possible that he’d get in the Halloween spirit and dress up in a costume if you asked him nicely. He’d also slip you an extra bit of candy “just because” too.

8/10 Just Here For Candy: Bob

The first villager ever created, according to the series’ director Hisashi Nogami, Bob has become infamous because of his vibrant designs and facial expression that gives him a mischievous look. Bob is definitely a villager that knows how to have a good time, a quality that makes him a great option for any trick-or-treating group.

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As a Lazy villager, he has an appreciation for all things snacks, so he’d be down to gather some candy if you asked him to. Just make sure he doesn’t sneak some of your share, too.

7/10 Just Wants The Best For You: Cherry

The dog villager Cherry was first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and is the only Sisterly villager of her species. As a Sisterly villager, she’s always looking out for you and the other villagers on your island, providing advice and being supportive.

As the big sister of any friend group, Cherry would be a helpful trick-or-treat companion. You can imagine her keeping the group together and making sure no one gets lost, as well as helping them to perfect their Halloween costume of choice. With Cherry around, no Lazy or Smug villagers are going to steal your candy.

6/10 She’s Nice, Promise: Coco

Despite Coco’s sweet personality, she has an expressionless face that has been described as scary by some fans. In fact, Coco’s appearance is most likely based on Haniwa statues, clay figures that were used in funerary rituals in the Kofun period in Japan.

No horror or Halloween-themed island is complete without this cute-but-creepy rabbit, and the same can be said about your gang of trick-or-treaters. Coco is sure to gather lots of candy thanks to her effortlessly terrifying appearance; however, she’s kind enough to not keep the best candy for herself.

5/10 Can’t Have Halloween Without Her: Kiki

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a black cat or two, and Kiki is the perfect villager to fit the bill. Kiki has appeared in every game in the series so far and is the only fully black cat villager, making her a rarity.

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This black cat is anything but unlucky though, and her kind-hearted personality means she’s always willing to have fun with her friends. Kiki’s adorable design definitely puts the ‘treat’ in trick-or-treat – her black color scheme and big yellow eyes mean she’ll look the part in any Halloween costume she decides to wear. Perhaps Kiki could dress up as her namesake from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

4/10 He Woke Up Like This: Lucky

The Lazy villager Lucky’s design is made for Halloween, as he’s covered head to toe in bandages that make him resemble a mummy. His name is ironic, given the fact that his appearance is most likely the result of numerous injuries, and his catchphrase is “rrr-owch”.

Lucky’s single glowing yellow eye, as well as his house interior that resembles a graveyard in New Horizons, shows that he has a spooky side too. He doesn’t even need to dress up to go trick-or-treating – he can just come as his humble self.

3/10 Treats For Two: Mathilda

The Snooty kangaroo Mathilda is definitely a villager who looks as if she’d enjoy Halloween festivities, thanks to her black and purple color scheme that means she’d look excellent in any Halloween costume. If you took Mathilda trick-or-treating, it wouldn’t just be her you were spending time with, as like the other kangaroo villagers, she has a joey in her pouch.

Mathilda’s Japanese name, Azaraku, is also a reference to the Wiccan chant “Eko Eko Azarak” which is performed on Samhain, a harvest festival similar to Halloween, on October 31st.

2/10 Clowns Can Be Cute Too: Pietro

Pietro might have a less-than-positive reputation among those who aren’t a fan of his colorful clown appearance, but when it comes to Halloween, there’s no denying that Pietro is a sure winner for any best costume competition. He’s basically ready to go trick-or-treating any day of the year; however he might struggle to scare the other villagers on Halloween since he looks like a clown every day.

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The only thing you need to watch out for with Pietro is his Smug personality and class-clown tendencies, which mean he might pull a few tricks on you and your villagers.

1/10 Deer Devil: Shino

Introduced in the New Horizons 2.0 update, Shino is a Peppy deer villager whose design resembles an oni, a demonic yokai in Japanese folklore. As a villager, Shino’s devilish appearance and outgoing personality make her the perfect partner for any trick-or-treating venture – she can bring the frights while having lots of fun at the same time.

Shino’s birthday is also on October 31st, so she’s certain to be a fan of this spooky holiday. She could have a Halloween-themed birthday celebration, mixing these two events into one.

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