TechyHint Gaming Veteran Tips And Tricks For Hell Let Loose

Veteran Tips And Tricks For Hell Let Loose


Hell Let Loose Soldier in Front of Burnt Out City

One of the most recent military simulation games, Hell Let Loose puts you in the fields of the European Theater of the Second World War with some pretty lifelike historical combat. With any military sim there is quite a bit to learn and even more to master, and it takes time to do so.

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Whether it be the effective use of the equipment at your disposal or just using each of their team members to their full potential, the learning curve of Hell Let Loose can be a steep one. Here are some of the more advanced things that you may not have considered or even knew you could do on the battlefields of the Second World War.


10 Prepare For An Assault

Hell Let Loose is not the game for hero tactics. Running into enemy held territory with just you and your rifle is a quick way to find yourself spawning in again seconds later.

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Taking an area for your team means working like a team. Make sure when you get close to your next objective, you gather up with some teammates and use each of your classes to their fullest. Lay down cover, ammo, suppressing fire liberally and don’t be afraid to heal if you find yourself a medic in a firefight. This is far from Call of Duty, and your tactics should change because of it.

9 Use The Environment

Paying attention to the map around you is vital in this game. Both the tactical map in the menu and what you see and hear around you can be used in conjunction to increase survivability. Know what cover is safe and what just turns to Swiss-cheese, peek corners, stop and watch for enemy movement from time to time, and absolutely listen for enemy footsteps or nearby gunfire.

It can be a lot to manage all at once, but in time, it should become second nature as you run across the battlefield. Tactics are vital here, so don’t be afraid to sit back and think.

8 Focus Fire On Tanks

Tanks are an ominous sight in Hell Let Loose. Their presence on the battlefield can instantly change the tide of the fight. It can be quite intimidating when you see rockets hitting them left and right and they just keep on coming. But, with a good rocket launcher or AT gun, you can make short work for them if you know what to do.

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A recent rework has each tank having three separate health pools. Turret, body, and tracks each take damage separately now. The best way to take them down is to gather up with the rest of your AT players and focus fire on one of these areas. Focusing fire on the rear is a great way to destroy even the heaviest tank.

7 Prepare For Death

Death can come for you in Hell Let Loose far faster than in most FPS games. Any stroll across a field can come to a sudden end at the hands of one well-placed shot from the enemy.

If you find yourself getting closer to where the action is happening, drop whatever supplies you can and make your squad aware of them in case you run into a machine-gunner. This way at least if you die sooner than you think at least your team will have some extra ammo or cover, thanks to your quick thinking.

6 Shoot The Mine

Just because the tank you were hoping to cripple didn’t get close enough to your mine to deploy it doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

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When all else fails, get a good aim at that mine and blow it yourself. It may not do as much damage as a vehicle rolling over it, but it’s better than a complete failure, and it may keep you alive a bit longer. Which in this game is all you can ask for.

5 Dismantle And Rebuild

Outposts (OPs) and garrisons are vital for your teammates to spawn closer to the battle and move effectively across the map. You have to keep the pressure on the enemy, and spawning halfway across the map just for a ten-minute run to get to the action isn’t helpful. This is a squad-based game, after all.

Knowing this, take down old OPs and garrisons and build them closer to where the fighting is. Not too close, mind you, you don’t want them destroyed or spawning friendlies to be easy targets. But, it does help for recently killed soldiers to be able to get back in the action fast. As an engineer, this is a vital strategy as you need to keep building where the fight is happening to support your team.

4 Play With Mouse And Game Settings

With any milsim, or even first-person shooter in general, you’ll want to mess around with the aiming sensitivity as well as any other random settings the game lets you alter. Hell Let Loose allows for some pretty good changes that should make movement and aiming a bit easier for you.

Also, you can add helpful markers on your HUD for nearby friendly players to avoid friendly fire and get a better sense of your team’s movements across the map. As long as you aren’t looking for more realism, this can be a great advantage.

3 Load Up On Grenades

Grenades in this game are otherworldly.

A well-placed grenade can wipe a squad and damage anything they were building in the process. Why not prepare to throw as many as you can then? Once you find a heavily occupied territory, get as many players to throw down ammo boxes as you can and let those grenades fly. Not only will it thin the herd, but the survivors will be pretty stunned at that point which should mount to some easy kills. This goes double for close-quarters spaces.

2 Hold Your Fire

In so many other games, it is tempting to shoot at anything that moves.

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In Hell Let Loose, that can be a little different. A missed shot may not only mean an enemy is still alive somewhere nearby, but in this game where sound is so important, it also means that everyone nearby knows where you are. With no enemy radar or tags for enemies, keeping quiet and hidden is a real benefit. So only take the shot if you’re sure it’s worthwhile.

1 Spawn Hunting

If you find yourself being harassed at a certain spot on the map every time you get close, it may be time to change tactics. It isn’t always about taking the objectives marked on your map, sometimes hunting down enemy garrisons and OPs is just as important.

Grab a handful of your squad mates and find out where the enemies in your area are coming from. The rest of your unit will thank you.

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