Venture Tale Codes For November 2022


Venture Tales Bridge And Codes Reward NPC

Get the newest Venture Tales codes here, a brand-new Roblox adventure game and dungeon-runner. Redeem for free Ayagems and other boosts.

Get the newest Venture Tale codes, a brand-new Roblox adventure and combat game that has just released out of its beta stage. This game is all about clearing dungeons with a bunch of different classes and abilities, from your classic Sword & Shield to a powerful mage class. What sort of build will you try?

As you play and complete quests, you unlock Ayagems (or you can use these codes to get free gems!) that can be used to upgrade your character and unlock new areas. We check our codes every day!

We added new codes on October 30. A bunch of cards were expired, make sure to scroll down our list!

All Venture Tale Codes

All working codes for Venture Tale in November 2022.

feastonpumpkinsGems, chunks, and more!Active (NEW CODE)
guildgirlbestgirl3 Chunks and 100 GemsActive (NEW CODE)
savethegoblingsAyagems and Eterna ChunksExpired
katanareleaseGet your hands on some Eterna Chunks and Scrolls of the ScholarExpired
10mvisitsFree boost, scrolls, chunksActive
enchanted100 Ayagems, Eterna ChunksExpired
20fivethousand100 Ayagems and Scrolls, Eterna ChunksActive
vibin2022Free Rewards, Student Scrolls, FragmentsActive
gobbylord100 free Ayagems and 3 x Scroll of The ScholarExpired
releasedEterna & other rewardsExpired
9kamazing100 Ayagems, Scroll of Scholar, ChunksActive
sixthousandlikes100 AyagemsExpired

If you were a part of the beta, make sure to redeem your free beta rewards.


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How To Redeem Codes

Here’s how to get your free rewards.

  • Load up the game
  • Check out the Codes & Reward NPC
  • Redeem your codes there

If the code doesn’t work, make sure that you have entered it correctly by copy and pasting directly from our list. Otherwise, the code might be expired, and you’ll need to check back here for newer codes.

How To Get More Venture Tale Codes

You can always find new codes right here. We keep this page updated! If you do want to find out more about codes, info, updates, etc, here’s a link to the game’s various social channels and ways to find extra codes/communicate with other players and the developers.

What Is Venture Tale?

Venture Tales is an adventure and dungeon-crawling Roblox game with loads of different classes (Archer, Mage, Spear, Axe, Dagger, Hammer, etc) that have unique abilities and unlocks. These different playstyles synergize with other players as you complete dungeons together. You can unlock new classes, upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith, unlock in-game currency (Ayagems), to expand your classes and playstyle. It’s definitely going to be one of the most popular Roblox games of the year.

Latest Update

The game has undergone some pretty big tweaks and changes in its first few weeks. Some recent highlights include:

  • Loads of tweaks to various spells, including Ice Spells, Backstab, Expose Weakness, etc
  • All Raid HP enemies increased across the board
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • New content includes a brand-new Item Slot for a total of four item slots, only items no spells, though
  • Twin Strike new skill, Seeking Arrows new skill, and Earth Magic

Check back for new updates and codes.

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