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Fall Guys is celebrating “Falloween”, bringing several in-game items and events themed around the Halloween season. As a part of this, Fall Guys is hosting the Treat Thieves limited-time event, making various in-game challenges available to players in exchange for different spooky rewards.

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In addition to this, this event will mark the debut of a new Fall Guys Show and Round: Treat Thieves. We’ve put together everything you need to know to take advantage of this limited-time event, taking place until November 1, including details regarding the event show, challenges and rewards.

Event Show: Treat Thieves

The challenges for this event require you to perform various tasks in the event playlist: Treat Thieves. This is a one-round show, taking place in the brand-new Round called Treat Thieves, a Halloween-themed variation of the previously introduced round, Sweet Thieves.


This round will divide players into two teams, the Trickers and the Treaters, each possessing their own unique objective in order to emerge victorious. These roles mimic the Thief and Guardian roles in Sweet Thieves, with Treaters playing the role of the Guardians and Trickers playing the role of the Thieves.

Although this new round is different in name and visually, it plays and functions just like Sweet Thieves. Getting familiar with Treat Thieves should pose little-to-no challenge to those that have played Sweet Thieves in the past.

Event Challenges

There are ten event challenges available for this event, each requiring you to complete tasks while competing in the Treat Thieves Show.

The completion of each of these challenges will earn you 100 event currency, used to redeem the various rewards offered for this event. Each of these challenges are provided below with details regarding their specific requirements.

Certain challenges will be locked until you complete others first.

These prerequisites are listed below with the challenges that they apply to.

Challenge NumberTaskUnlock Requirement(s)
1Check out Treat Thieves by playing as a Treater.None
2Check out Treat Thieves by playing as a Tricker.None
3Protect the candy by grabbing Trickers as a Treater 35 times.Complete challenges one and two.
4Start earning points by carrying Candy as a Tricker 80 times.Complete challenges one and two.
5Show your skillz and grab five Trickers in one match as a Treater.Complete challenges one and two.
6Press buttons as a Tricker 20 times.Complete challenges one and two.
7Follow Trickers through wormholes as a Treater 40 times.Complete challenges one and two.
8Outplay Treaters by jumping through wormholes as a Tricker 40 times.Complete challenges one and two.
9Win Treat Thieves five times.None
10Win Treat Thieves 10 times.None

Event Rewards

There are five rewards that you can earn from this event, obtained through the completion of the event challenges.

Each of these Halloween-themed rewards require you to accumulate a set amount of the event currency, requiring you to complete all ten challenges in order to secure yourself all available event rewards.

Each of these event rewards are provided below with the amount of event currency needed to redeem them.

You do not need to spend the event currency to obtain the different event rewards.

You will keep the same total, even after redeeming various event rewards.

Event RewardEvent Currency Required
Treat Thief Nickname200
200 Kudos300
Haunted Nameplate500
Pumpkin Patches Pattern800
Jack-o’-Loafers Costume (Lower)1,000

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