Toukiden Mononofu Guide for Beginners, Tips, Tricks, and Cheats


One of the most successful game franchises of Koei Tecmo is now available on mobile platforms, Toukiden Mononofu.

The game is launched last March 27 for Android and April 12, 2017, for all iOS platforms in Japan.

Toukiden Mononofu is a JRPG where a number of players are gathered to play in the Circle Hunting System. This system will allow users to fight Giant Onis (Demons) by swiping their screens and tapping them to attack. Various features are included in the game like character and weapon enhancement. The game also offers a Gacha System where users can pull the strongest weapons/armor available today.

Special thanks to ゲーム乱舞 GameRanbu for this guide!

Toukiden Mononofu Beginners Guide:

Customize your Character

Aside from the battle and gacha systems, the game also features character customization and name change. While customizing your character is needed before you dive into the game, you can still modify it later.

Access the page by going to the Home Screen > その他 (Others)ユーザー情報 (User Information) > 名前の変更 (Name Change). From there you can also access the Character Customization page (キャラクター作成画面).

Do this once you decided/pulled your rolled-out items from the Gacha Store. Make your character look cool and badass during battles!


Before learning the controls and story of the game further, we recommend pulling the best weapons early. Rerolling in Toukiden Mononofu is possible. It is important to get any of the strongest items early for you to advance in the game smoothly.

Toukiden Mononofu allows players to pull weapons and armor in the Gacha Store. The highest rarity is 5-Star and the lowest is 3-Star. Here is the complete rarity list below.

• 5-Star – 7%
• 4-Star – 33%
• 3-Star – 60%

Important Note: The 7% will be split into half for 5-Star Armors and Weapons. In other words, both will only have 3.5% per pull.

Equip your Weapons Right Away

After getting the weapons/armor you like, go ahead and gear up your character. Access its page by clicking the following:

装着 (Equipment) > 装備編成 (Organize Equipment)

Once you reached this page, you will see the screenshot below.

Notice the button on the lower left part of the screenshot. That button will help you decide on what items you need to equip to your character. In short, it will automatically equip the right items you need early. Let the system help you to progress in the game with ease.

The second screenshot (right) will allow you to pick/change items such as armor and weapons (first tab). In the second tab, you can supply special attributes/stats in your character. These are called Mitama.

For beginners, Mitamas are souls you can collect from demons you fight in the game. It includes special skills/abilities to make your character stronger. It might be in terms of HP, ATK boost, etc. Do not forget to supply your character with these available Mitamas. Make it as important as your armors to further advance in the game easily.

Level Up You Character / Increase Stamina

After equipping armors and Mitama, it is time for you to continuously increase the stats of your character. The best way to increase stats is by playing the Story Mode progressively. As you finish your quests, an amount of EXP will be collected. This increases your character’s overall stats as you progress in the game.

Aside from the Story Mode, you can also level up your character by playing other Game Modes. One is by playing the 即時討伐 (roughly translated as Immediate Subjugation).

This mode is recommended for players who does not have a lot of time to play the game. It is shorter and quicker than normal quests available. But remember, your stamina will be consumed as you play this feature. If you plan to collect additional stamina, you can gather it from the Story Mode of Mononofu.

Note: You will activate this mode once you clear quests/missions on S Rank.

Finish the Weapon Tutorial Mode

Accomplish every quest in the Weapon Tutorial Mode to obtain a bunch of gems/jewels. These shining stones will be in need for you to pull limited items later in the Gacha Store.

Enhance Your Weapon

Upgrading your armor/weapons are also important in the game. To do this, you will need various materials to raise those items’ status. Certain missions offer materials as a reward. If you want to collect specific material, you can check the list below.

• Monday – 地属性の強化素材 – Earth Materials
• Tuesday –
火属性の強化素材 – Fire Materials
• Wednesday –
水属性の強化素材 – Water Materials
• Thursday –
風属性の強化素材 – Air Materials
• Friday –
天属性の強化素材 – Heavenly/Holy Materials
• Saturday & Sunday –
ミタマの強化素材 – Mitami Materials


That’s it! Bookmark us for more mobile game-related content, tips, and tricks. We hope we helped you a bit with how to play the game. Have fun!

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