TechyHint Gaming Top Android Games To Tryout in August 2021

Top Android Games To Tryout in August 2021


Top Android Games To Tryout in August 2021


Thousands of games are released on the Google play store every month and they cover almost every genre. We have listed down all the best games released in July 2021 for android devices. Get your hands on the favourite game and kill the leisure time. Go through the list and pick the best game from racing, simulation strategy or other genres.

Ragdoll Marksman Rider

You’re the perfect horse rider with a bow and arrows. Ride a horse, shoot the targets to disrupt the opponent, and open the riding path.

SAI Warriors

Feel like the elite of the space fleet in a new sci-fi puzzle game. Go on your first mission, destroy enemies and expand your spaceship hangar.

General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz Application. Test your general knowledge. Our application is a simple general culture measurement application. There are various questions from every subject in our application that you will enjoy while playing and you will learn while enjoying.

Scout Shape Runner

This is a endless runner game in which there are three shapes (square, triangle & circle) you have to pass the object from obstacles to continue the game.

Chess Puzzle Quiz – Chess Puzzle for Beginners

If you would like to improve your chess game, then there is no better way to do it that solving chess puzzles. The Chess Puzzle Quiz app is a simple chess puzzle app for beginners that let’s you solve chess puzzles in form of quiz. Test your chess IQ with the Chess Puzzle Quiz app.

Lika Liku

Play and Enjoy this game now, and Good Luck

Smack Sack

Smack Sack is a trip to fantasy worlds, Sahara – Enchanted Temple – Bazaar In an Air based fight with cool pickaxes & strong shields. You start as Mansoor the main traveler & smack your way up levels Fight Ghosts, Evil, Ghosts & more!! in your thrilling path.

Giant Kong Run | Smash! – GFS

Epic Survival run! Racing adventure that will keep you your toes till the very end! Race, Smash & Win.

Crazy Capsules Jump

A cat in the lab threw the capsules at substance x These came to life and now they have fun playing different adventures with the cat. He plays jumping over obstacles and tests your agility reaching 100.

Cat Merge Cafe – Dessert Puzzle

Solve puzzles, discover desserts, decorate the cafe and even find the cat. Solve puzzles in a new style of merging game. Enjoy the fun Cat Medge Cafe now for free.

Pop’em All: Balloon Master 3D

Welcome to the Pop’em All: Balloon Master 3D! In this game, you will be popping balloon-stickmen that want your defeat! Don’t let them approach you, fight hordes of evil enemies and reach the end of the level!

Mafia War

Aim and shoot your enemies!

Supque Wheels

Each Game winning is totally Random and to make them more interesting we have added Guess options in game where user can guess either a Number or Number type before Spin and also mentioned the Winning Percentage for Each Game, So as less winning percentage are, big reward coins are offered for them.

coin 2048

Try to slide coins and combine them to get the 2048 coin.


Discover our amazing helicopter shooter game full of action! Fly in the sky with your favorite helicopter fighting for your survival against enemy air planes!

MMO Open World Sandbox Game (Early Access)

The first real MMO game on mobile. A large world for 1000+ people online on one server. Lots of ways to make money. Huge selection of vehicles. Build your business from scratch!

Pet Surfing

Surf the waves with a cute pet collecting coins and dodging obstacles! Spend your coins to unlock new Pets, Boards, and Accessories! Play in 4 different worlds each with unique enemies, backgrounds, and music!

Grandpa Jack

An experiment at the science facility goes south and all pets and zoo animals transform into monstrous mutants and it comes down to Grandpa Jack and his trusted grandson, Arthur to save the day!

GamesCenter – Play Online Games

All The Games Are Super Hyper And Casual Games. Just Click To plays Games, No Need To Download. Play The Best Free Games And Discover New Games, Every Day GameCenter Games Have Unique Graphics And Gameplay.

Sliding (Early Access)

The pieces are to be pushed around over the board until the picture is complete.

Defender – Castle defense Free

Here you play as the Defender of the ten Kingdoms. Your mission is simple – to protect them from all alien attacks. To do that – you have to destroy all invading forces. Different weapons are at your disposal – pistols, machine guns, mines, lasers. After each repelled attack – you can upgrade your abilities and weapons. nThe enemies walk to you in tower-defense style, but you have to actively shoot them.


Match the color of the ball with the next obstacle to keep on moving. Bouncing the wrong side of the ball off the opposite color tube will cause you lose your progress and need to start over. This game takes quick reactions and consistency – see how high of a score you can get!

Way Out Puzzle

Way Out is a fun and addictive puzzle board game. It’s more than just moving boxes, it’s fun thinking out of the box and finding the exit in a crowded place that will take you to another level.

MOD MASTER and MAP for Minecraft Free

MOD MASTER and MAP for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is a free utility launcher for MC PE where you will find all the latest maps, mods, skins and texture Pack. Collection of Maps, Mods, Skins and Texture Pack are update. Check for new update of of Maps, Mods, Skins and Texture Pack on this app. More than 250+ Mods and Maps available on this app.

Count stairs

Collect, multiply and make your path with the stairs you have.

Privileged (Spanish version)

Happy and Super Successful – that’s what your avatar would like to be in Privileged. Your goal is to create an astronaut, an Olympic champion, or a Nobel Prize winner scientist – someone H&SS.

Aliens Catapult

Aliens Catapult is an adventure,challenge and shooting game. Aliens Catapult contains several modes: Aliens mode, Zombie mode, Sniper mode and Demolition mode.

Tic Tac Toe

Play the classic Tic Tac Toe game on your Android phone with NO annoying ads or expensive in-app purchase requirements! This entertaining game allows you to play against another person or our unbeatable AI, artificial intelligence, bot.

Line Dodge

Simple addictive one-button game all about dodging spikes and collecting coins.

Bardi’s Incredible Adventures (Early Access)

The release of our first platform game, The Bardi’s Incredible Adventures, is ready. The release now contains a demo version in which we want to show you some levels, game logic and hope to get feedback. In the demo release, the sound is muted and only the first levels in each location work.


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