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Top 5 Things to Unlock Early in Hunt Showdown


This guide will provide you with Hunt Showdown’s top five things to unlock early.

In Hunt Showdown 1.1, one major change is in how to unlock equipment. Some gears are simply unlocked when you hit a certain blood rank and most of it is only unlocked when you use another piece of gear for a certain amount of time or earn enough XP with that piece of gear. It somehow allows you to focus on what you want to unlock and upgrade first. So in this guide, you will go through the five most important early game unlocks to get some advantage.

The Vitality Shot

The number one is the Vitality Shot. The weak vitality shot is fine with certain health bar setups but being able to heal all of your health with one consumable is very nice indeed. In order to unlock the vitality shot, you will have to use the other weak vitality or stamina shots 30 times. Now you can only use healing items when injured. Therefore at the end of a match just before extracting, you have to ask your partner to shoot you once or twice so you can use up any remaining shots. But don’t forget to buy them back before the next round.

The Throwing Knife

The second recommendation would be the Throwing Knives unlocking, it requires 2500 XP earned with the regular knife. Remember that for XP to count towards gear unlocks, you have to earn the XP with that piece of gear directly. So killing dogs and countless grunts with a regular knife is the fastest way to do this. It’s essential to unlock the throwing knives because they allow you to kill hives reliably without being poisoned and they also allow you to quietly clear dog kennels, chicken coops, and horses. You can use them to remove a wandering grunt with slightly less noise. Also, the Melee attack might be helpful when sneaking and can be used to break the lanterns.

The Hellfire Bomb

The third recommendation is to unlock the Hellfire Bomb. You can not only use it to burn down hunters but also flush enemies who are hiding in cover and then finish off those that try to run and hide. To unlock it, you need to use any type of fire bomb 30 times, you can use them during your matches and throw them away before extracting.

The Weapons (Chain pistol)

The base versions of weapons are pretty good and usually, they are tied to blood rank; the caribana, spikes, mosin, crown, and King and label, all are unlocked from blood rank level but there are a few weapon variants that stand out as worth going for early. One of these is the Chain Pistol, it is a Caldwell version and has a huge amount of ammo and with fanning, it becomes absolutely devastating. It requires 1,000 XP and can be earned with any Caldwell pistol which is not too difficult because you can Melee things with the pistol to gain some of that XP. If you knife an armored with too heavy attacks and then one light swing and then switch to the pistol to finish it off. The other upside of this is that it progresses you towards the uppercut which is still a fan-favorite gun for many.

The Cross Bow

Number 5 is the Crossbow Shot Bolt the base hand crossbow unlocks at level 4 and although it will require a lot of X beam, the shot bolt is worth it. It gives you the functionality of a shotgun but with much greater reach and it becomes even better if you pick up the rather cheap bolt throw perk. The shot bolt is a one-shot kill machine as long as you are not hitting the legs and will be deadly if you learn to master its projectile drop. You will need to unlock three other crossbow types to get it this can be done quickly because base crossbows are powerful and silent allowing you to kill a huge amount of AI for the XP without interfering too much with your normal gameplay style if you like stealth.

So those are the pieces of gear that you should be aiming for to rise through the ranks.

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