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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed: Tips, Tricks & Cheats Guide

Dynasty warrior unleashed is somewhat different from other Nixon titles for android primarily due to its graphics and characters. The game is just like the traditional “beat them up” games of the ancient Chinese dynasty. We will be telling you some tips, tricks, and cheats in order to ease your way up to the dynasty warriors unleashed!

Gather the shiny items

It’s really hard to keep your eyes on something when you are involved in a fierce battle with your opponents. But one thing you must do is to keep a check on the shiny objects that come your way. On attacking these glittering objects you can get certain items in the reward that will guide you through your way in the game. Since these objects only work for a limited time, it’s better to save them for facing tough bosses.

Call upon your friends into the fight

Dynasty warriors unleashed allows you to play with your buddies. Most of the time you won’t need the support of your companions in the battle but do seek it whenever it is required as it will prove really handy. It’s better if you spare them for your hard bosses and for the time when you are running short of human resources.

Update your character

Dynasty warriors unleashed is a game that revolves around transforming your character. You will have to play these missions numerous times before you can level up your officers and gather the maximum items that are required to add up attributes to your character. So it’s grinding that matters the most! It loads and tons of fun for many but some find it too time-consuming.

You may also use an auto-combat to wipe off your enemies! It is a good way to combat your enemies but isn’t so much fun as playing the game manually by yourself. It will prove quite handy when you have got little time to play. The best way is to simply start a mission, hit the auto button, sit back and relax and let the action begin. Artificial intelligence (AI) will do a very decent job for you.

Make use of the daily chests to perfectly equip your soldiers

It will not be possible for the army to march without having all the required equipment. You must open all the daily chests to find everything that you can get to help you with your armor, weapons, and supplies.

Use the affinity triangle

Making use of the right affinity triangle will give you domination over your enemy. It is strongly recommended that you check your affinity before fighting a battle.

Upgrade your existing officers and items

All the officers and objects in the game must be upgraded after regular intervals. You might find it hard in the beginning but gradually you will develop a clear understanding of things and that will be high time when you start upgrading all your existing officers, weapons, and equipment. This will enable you to get victory over the tougher opponents.

Take part in special events

Dynasty warriors unleashed has a plethora of special events that will help you maximize the gaming experience. These special events are subject to changes but many of these events will enable you to win free officers or help you unlock additional officers.

Complete the daily quest

Sometimes, using too many cheats mitigate the charm of the game. You have to go on completing your daily quests in order to win new rewards. Also, this will enable you to get some high-star heroes for your team and make rapid progress throughout the game. Accomplishing daily missions will earn you many different kinds of rewards. So it’s advisable that you log in daily in order to get the maximum number of rewards!

Remember the items in your inventory!

Don’t forget to keep a check on your inventory. You have got all the valuable items there from Baozi, XP pouches, gem bags, and more! Use them depending on your need.

Become a member of an active gild!

Join a guild whenever you are in the condition of doing so. In this way, you will become an active member of the guild that will unlock various rewards for you. You can use the donations from the guild to buy useful weapons, armor, and even 1-3 star officers!

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