Tips to Get Better items, loot, money, and survive the Modern Warfare DMZ mode


Tips to Get Better items, loot, money, and survive the Modern Warfare DMZ mode

This guide will provide you with tips to get better items, loot, money, and many more tips for survival for a longer time in the DMZ mode in Modern warfare.

The first tip is that you should not pick everything from the ground. You have limited space in your inventory so make sure that you pick everything sensibly and carefully. There are two types of items.

Items that are going to be used but don’t have a price value.

Then there are other items that you can sell.

You will be wasting time and your inventory space if you are going to get every single. It is recommended that you get the items whose worth is more than $500.

A throwing knife is a very useful weapon. Only a few people use it. A throwing knife is an amazing weapon to kill the bots.

Instead of loading your guns, you can throw a knife and take out the bots. If you are in close range you can throw the knife quickly. Good thing is that if you throw your knife, once you walk over it you are going to pick it back. Some players die to bots because of reloading their weapons.

You can also spawn in with the ammo box field upgrade, in that way you have two throwing knives.

Another good thing is that, if you have the throwing knife in your inventory and you use it while punching, then you just need to hit only two punches to knock the enemy. But if you don’t have a throwing knife while punching, it will take more punches to knock down the enemy.

Some players hesitate to use the insured weapon because they think that they will lose it. When you lose your insured weapon, you will get it again in two hours. The quicker you lose it, the quicker you will earn it back.

Once you lose the Contraband weapons, they will be gone forever.

The AK platforms of weapons are the best weapons in DMZ. You can use Vaznev-9k and RPK, both of them use different kinds of ammo, so there is no issue of overlapping.

RPK is an amazing weapon and the only drawback it has is that you cannot run quickly while carrying it.

Whenever you want to run fast, it is suggested to carry Vazven-9k.

And if you are fighting with many enemies, then you should use Rpk.

It is suggested to play with a squad of three. Your friends are going to help you in many ways, you can give cover to each other and can achieve milestones in the game. You can also revive each other. If you don’t have friends, then you need to find friends who play the DMZ.

It would be great if you find the core community of three people who are playing the same missions. By this, you can complete the missions at the same time and the progression is going to be for everyone. If your teammate dies and you complete the quest or another teammate completes the quest, the progression is going to be the same for everyone.

The most useful event in the DMZ is at the Al Bagra Tower.

If you go to this place, you will find the terminal and you can only interact for 20 seconds with it. It will be helpful for you because it will activate the UAV and then you can see where the bots and the real players are.

UAV is not active forever, but it is activated for a good time. You can easily see where the bots are and where the real players are. You will find the circle which is not completely filled, it means that it is a bot

And if you find the square box completely filled red, then it’s the sign of a real player.

Everybody knows about the exfil method in DMZ, you have to go to the exfil icon and call the helicopter.

But there is also another exfil method but it is hidden. To find out this one, you need to look on the map for the hostage rescue mission.

Once you reach this mission, you need to be quick and alert. There, you will find the countdown. You may find some hostiles and you have to eliminate them, so make sure that you are with the team. After eliminating, you need to rescue the hostage.

If you don’t have the pistol in your inventory, then you cannot shoot while holding the hostage. You can’t enter the vehicle, you just have to walk to the helicopter.

After dropping the hostage in the helicopter, the good thing is that you can take exfil from this chopper. You don’t have to rely on the blue little marks. In this way, you can exfil from different locations on the map but you need to find out the hostage rescue mission near you.

You will find that the supply crates spawn in multiple areas on the map. Whenever you open it, it takes some time but the rewards are the best. All the items have great worth.

Let’s say that you are playing with a brand new account and you have not unlocked any weapon. Your friend will drop the weapon and mark it for you.

You can pick that weapon, even if you are not on level 44. You can also pick it up from the ground loot. Once you have it in your inventory, you have to go to the exfil location, get in the helicopter and leave DMZ, it will unlock this weapon. You can do this at any level. You can also use it in a warzone.

You can ask people to squad up by chatting with them in-game chat feature. Or you can tell them you will not fight with them, they can go the other way and you can carry on on your way.

You can use the in-game features and ask different players to join. If you want to use the ping feature, then you will have two options.

One is to invite nearby players.

The other one is to join the enemy’s squad.

All you need to do is to talk with them and coordinate with them. Then you are good to join.

You have to revive your teammate carefully and strategically. There is no time limit at any point if your teammate is fully bleeding at any point during the match. For example, you are fighting with a team of three and at some point, your both teammates are down. Now, this is a 1v3 scenario and most of the time the enemies are camping the bodies. You just need to flee and wait for the area to be clear and at any point, during the match, you can go and revive your teammates.

Unfortunately, the enemies might have looted your teammates’ good stuff. But once the area is clear, you can take the vehicle and go back to your teammates to revive them.

The best way to kill any boss enemy is to kill them with the vehicle. If you run over any enemy by car, he won’t survive. You can kill any boss like Juggernaut by running over the vehicle on them.

In every DMZ match, there are three exfil locations. These areas actually respawn. If you go there and you find there is another team coming, then it is better to sit and hide and wait for it to respawn. All you are going to do is call the helicopter at that exfil. This tip is very useful if you are alone and all your teammates are dead.

You can go to exfil point and call the helicopter again but not after the zone starts collapsing.

Hunt Squad Contracts are very useful in the DMZ. If you find any of this contract, you can use it. It is going to tell you where the enemy’s squad is. Once you activate it for the next 5 minutes, you will know the location of the enemies, whether they exfil or they are down by the other squad. And you will get 3500 extra points.

The key to staying alive for a long time is the armor plates. Make sure that you have your armor plate on you. If you want to get the new one, you can always get the new one at the buying station. You can buy a new armor plate for $250.

 You can carry 3 armor plates with you.

When you do exfil in the DMZ, you don’t get to keep any cash you have. So it is better to go to the buying station and get something for the kill streak like the air strike or advanced UAV. They are very helpful for the next game.

You will find the best loot in the DMZ on the train. In every DMZ game, the train is looping in a giant circle. You can get to it by vehicle, then jump on it and start looting.

Hop on the train carefully and you will see many boxes on it. From each box, you will get amazing loot.

Keep checking the mini-map, because you will get useful information from it. You can see the red briefcase, and it is a sign that there is an enemy at that spot.

The same thing happens if the enemy activates the UIV, you will see the red sign on the mini-map.

For example, if the enemy is at the stronghold point, you will find that the stronghold points turn red.

Before you load into the game, always activate and put on the three main things.

Make sure that you have Tactical, Lethal, and Field upgrades selected.

If you bleed out or die in the game, you have wasted something that you could have for free.

In the DMZ mode, you are going to find out the contract of a high-value target. The best thing is that you don’t need to activate the contract. With this contract, it is going to mark the target on your map and once you take them down, you will get the best loot and a lot of cash. You can easily target him because he is wearing a different jumpsuit. There is the design of lines of different neon colors on the suit. It could be yellow, blue, or red.

You don’t want to have money with you because two things can happen to that money, it turns into XP and it also lowers the cooldown on your insured weapon. There is also another way to do it. If you find the hidden drop container, you can put dead drop things in it. You can get XP and it’s also going to cool down the insured weapon more.

You cannot just only deposit items that are only able for you to sell, you can also deposit things like a munition box or frog grenade.

If you find or buy the backpack in the DMZ, then you can have access to the third weapon slot. You can carry a sniper or rocket launcher with other two weapons.

When you will exfil from this game, you will have three different weapons.

Using the suppressor in the DMZ is very helpful for you. When you are loud, you can alert all the enemies in the area but with the suppressor on sniper, it won’t happen. Enemies may call for reinforcement but you can stay in shadow with the suppressor on the sniper and do your job.

If you stay alive in a single match, then the zone will collapse eventually and all the exfil points will be over. After that, the new one will spawn. You can still go to the final exfil point and it is safe. It is safe for you because other players don’t come to that point because most of the players think that it is not safer.

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