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Tips On Playing The RX-78-2 Suit In Gundam Evolution


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Grandpa’s back to show the kids he means business.

With its signature Beam Rifle and Shield, Gundam Evolution’s rendition of the classic RX-78-2 Gundam is a well-rounded mobile suit that excels at attacking foes from medium range. Its kit is far from the most complex and it’s far from the most difficult Mobile Suit to use. However, you’ll still need good aim and patience to do well as its pilot.

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The RX-78-2 Gundam may seem simple on the surface, but there are many nuances to understand before you can master it. If you’ve been struggling to make the most of the Earth Federation’s first successful Mobile Suit, this is the guide for you.

RX-78-2 Gundam Overview

Though Gundam Evolution doesn’t let you get your hands on the Beam Sabers or the Hyper Bazooka from the anime, the RX-78-2’s loadout is more than enough to hold its own against opposing Mobile Suits.

  • The Gundam’s primary weapon is the Beam Rifle, a precise semi-automatic weapon that rewards carefully-aimed shots at medium range.
  • The Hyper Hammer stuns victims and strips their shields when possible, immobilizing nimble opponents and removing defensive options from hardier ones.
  • The Gundam Shield lets you soak up damage, letting you approach safely or beat a hasty retreat.

The RX-78-2 Gundam is held back by its lack of splash damage, though its G-Maneuver, Super Napalm, lets you burn your enemies away in a large area.

Action Type Name Description Cooldown
Main Weapon Beam Rifle A hard-hitting low-recoil weapon that is highly inaccurate unless the Sub Action to steady it is used. It has a small magazine of 7 shots and a slow rate of fire.
Active Skill 01 Gundam Shield Use the Gundam Shield to take cover from your enemies until it is destroyed, times out, or is canceled. It has a durability of 1,000. You cannot shoot or use your thrusters while using it though you can still dash and hover. 10s
Active Skill 02 Hyper Hammer Fling the Hyper Hammer off its chain to damage enemies while stunning and knocking them back. If the enemy is shielded, their shields will be disabled. Despite its appearance, the Hyper Hammer is a ranged weapon that travels in an arc. It’s more challenging to hit targets beyond point-blank range, though it becomes more difficult the further away they are. The Hyper Hammer has a small amount of splash damage should it hit the surrounding terrain. It will still stun and knock back foes but will not disable shields. 9s
G-Maneuver Super Napalm Throw a Super Napalm canister, setting the surrounding area alight, and deal heavy damage over time to any enemies caught in the blast. The effect is short-lasting.

RX-78-2 Gundam Tactics

When taking the RX-78-2 into a match, it’s important to keep your distance. The Beam Rifle’s tiny magazine and limited rate of fire do not even come close to matching up to a Sazabi’s Beam Shot Rifle or a Ranged Zaku II’s Machine Gun. Instead, stick with your team and shoot at targets of opportunity while letting your teammates keep the enemy occupied. The Beam Rifle comfortably outranges many of its faster-firing contemporaries, letting you engage Mobile Suits from relative safety.

The Beam Rifle’s pinpoint accuracy makes it easier to land Critical Hits relative to most Mobile Suits. Taking the extra time to line up such a shot is more rewarding than pelting opponents with regular shots.

Keeping your distance gives you time to respond to shielded enemies charging at you or your allies. There are few things as satisfying as shutting down a Sazabi’s charge by chucking a Hyper Hammer at it, disabling its shield, and leaving it vulnerable to a very annoyed group of former targets.

If you’re brave enough, you can try the same on smaller targets like marauding Barbatos or Exia. Their smaller health pools will make the consequences of a successful hit especially catastrophic though actually landing the hit is another question entirely.

The Hyper Hammer’s splash damage makes it a useful weapon against a clumped-up team in a pinch. However, it’s far from the best tool for the job, and you need to hit the terrain and not a Mobile Suit for it to trigger.

Enemies getting too close can be kept at bay using the Gundam Shield. Unlike the GM, it’s not possible to fire while holding the Shield up, meaning that you won’t be dealing any damage when it’s in use. It’s worth remembering that the Shield will go on cooldown when put away, making it a much more limited resource than other Shields. It’s best to use it for a single, urgent use than relying on it to get into position.

The Gundam Shield won’t stop you from using your two dashes, letting you rapidly cross a short distance. It’s perfect for diving into cover or toward a health pickup while under fire.

The RX-78-2 Gundam’s G-Maneuver, Super Napalm, may appear like an effective AoE weapon, but it doesn’t last nearly long enough to serve in that role. Instead, it’s best used to damage groups of enemies when they can’t escape. Waiting for them to stack up on the point before throwing the Super Napalm at them can make the team panic in the few seconds before the explosion. The Super Napalm grenade has massive warning signs marking its blast radius, making it impossible to ignore. Though the advance warning may allow some enemies to escape, getting out before it explodes isn’t easy. Whoever’s left will either die outright or become easy pickings. Either way, a good Super Napalm can turn the tide when capturing the objective.

You are vulnerable when using the G-Maneuver. If you die before throwing the grenade, the attack is canceled, and the G-Maneuver is consumed.

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