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Tips For Navigating The Train Yard


Tips For Navigating The Train Yard

The Train Yard is one of the larger Monuments in Rust. It has a consistent level of moderate radiation throughout, with radiation spikes in the Puzzle Rooms located at the Monument. There’s a bunch of loot here (military, medical and other crates), as well as some key utilities, like a Recycler and Repair Bench.

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There are two Puzzle Rooms with loot at the Train Yard, with some specific requirements. We’ll cover what you need to complete the puzzles, what sort of gear is recommended for taking on the Train Yard, and where to find the best loot.

Updated September 6, 2022, by Rosa Baumgartl, Rust’s Train Yard is a honeypot full of bees and sweet, sweet loot. With the addition of violent NPCs to the Monument, it’s now an even more enticing spot to visit. Players attempting to raid this area will need to come prepared with specialist equipment and a strategy for surviving radiation, intelligent AI, and other people desperate for the honey within. When a Chinook Helicopter does a fly-by the stakes are even higher, meaning you’ll need a keen mind if you want to pick up some of the rarest items in the game.


Roving Scientists

If the Train Yard wasn’t dangerous enough with high levels of Radiation and the chance of bumping into another player, four hostile non-player characters have been added to the area. Scientists in blue Hazmat Suits patrol three areas of the Monument, shooting players on sight. They’re pretty good shots, though not very bright, and won’t follow if you leave their ‘territory’ or hide somewhere inaccessible for a while.

Places to take care of include the tower next to the Oil Refinery sheds and the main building in the room that houses the Fusebox, while two Scientists roam around the Recycler building. They can be killed, with good tactics being a long-range shot to the head or sneaking up from behind. Scientists are alerted to noise, and will even open closed doors if they need to.

Collecting Locked Crate Loot

On most maps a Chinook Helicopter can occasionally be seen or heard flying in the distance. If you follow it, or keep an eye on the map, you can be the first to open the locked crates that parachute down. A common spot for the crates to end up is the middle of the Train Yard, between the train tracks. It requires fifteen real-time minutes to hack the computer that allows access, and in that time other players are likely to swarm.

Timing is key, as you’ll want to be the one to open the CH47 Crate when the timer reaches zero — but you don’t need to be the one to start it. Set up somewhere with a clear view of the crate, but hidden from people with the same idea, and defend the prize as players come to steal the rare loot. Be sure not to shoot the crate, as that resets the timer and will probably alert enemies to your position.

The Train Yard Is Covered In Radiation

The Train Yard Monument is covered in moderate radiation, from the outside all the way into some of its warehouses and towers. To survive, you’re going to need items of clothing that protect you with at least 25 percent radiation coverage.

Generally, a Hazmat suit is recommended for an area with this amount of radiation. There can be radiation spikes throughout the Train Yard as well: it’s a good idea to have that extra layer of protection.

  • Hazmat suit for the Puzzle Rooms – The Puzzle Rooms have a big spike in radiation, so if you intend on getting the best loot, you need a Hazmat suit.
  • Worried? – You can always carry other armor with you if you’re worried about bumping into other players.

Check out our tips on how to deal with radiation in Rust if you really want to make sure you’re prepared.

There Is Loot All Over The Place

There are 20-plus crates dotted around the Train Yard. Most of these are low-tier crates with ordinary loot inside, although there are some military crates thrown in as well. There’s one on top of the exterior tower, one in the main building, and various other crates dotted around in quite obvious locations. This includes a bunch of barrels and food crates.

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The only crates you might miss on your first run-through are located:

  • In the underground tunnel entrance, the area with the water grate
  • On top of the pipes in the corner of the Train Yard area
  • In two underground tunnels at the Train Yard, which have a chance to spawn a loot crate

Overall, this amount of loot makes the Train Yard a favorable farming spot, although that means you’re more likely to encounter other players. You also need to have decent radiation gear, so not ideal for fresh spawns. We also wouldn’t recommend this Monument for solo players, unless, you’ve already read our solo tips (but still, be careful).

The Train Yard Is Dangerous

Not only is the place stacked with radiation, but the large amount of loot located in its Puzzle Rooms also makes it a hot target for players on loot runs. You should approach with caution. Bring some friends, equip decent gear, and come prepared for a fight.

  • You can use the underground tunnels to your advantage, they’re long, sprawling, and dark
  • The sightlines provided by the large water tower and concrete tower are good spots for a player to keep watch
  • There used to be a fun exploit where you could use the Helicopter to land on the roof of the Blue Card room, but that has since been patched out

How To Complete The Puzzle Rooms At The Train Yard

Here are the items required to complete the Puzzle at the Train Yard:

  • Green Card
  • Blue Card
  • Electrical Fuse

To complete the main Puzzle you need a Blue Card. Locate the red-corrugated building on the edge of the Train Yard and activate the switch inside. This begins the puzzle. There’s a crate in that room, too.

Next up, head to the large concrete tower and flip the switch on the top floor balcony overlooking the Train Yard.

Head to the large, central building and walk up the outsides stairs to access the Electric Fusebox. Place the Electrical Fuse inside the box.

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Now you can head up the same outside stairs and either enter the optional Green Card room or head up another floor to access the higher-tier Blue Card room.

In terms of loot, the Blue room is obviously more worthwhile, with a bunch of different crates inside. If you do happen to have a Green Card handy though, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check inside. Some players will wait until they have both Key Cards to complete the Train Yard.

How Do You Get A Blue Card For The Train Yard?

There are two ways to get Blue Cards in Rust: either buy them for 100 Scrap at the Outpost or complete Green Puzzles at various Monument locations.

Green Puzzles can be found at these Monuments:

  • Power Plant
  • Airfield
  • Train Yard
  • Water Treatment Plant

There is a tier system within Rust for the different cards: Green, Blue, and Red. By completing the Blue Puzzle room at the Train Yard, not only will you get plenty of loot, but you’ll also get your hands on a Red Card.

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