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Tips And Tricks For Splat Zones Anarchy Battles In Splatoon 3


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There are various different game modes to splat your way through in Splatoon 3. One of its competitive modes, only available in Anarchy Battles, is Splat Zones. In this mode, teams will attempt to control a designated area of the map for the longest.

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Splat Zones is essentially a competitive version of the regular mode, Turf War. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this competitive mode, including some tips and tricks for succeeding.

Basics Of Splat Zones

In Splatzones, two teams of four will battle to control a designated area of the map. When a team has covered most of the designated area, their counter will begin counting down from 100. When a team’s counter reaches zero, that team will win. Alternatively, whichever team has a lower count when the match ends will win by default, with matches lasting five minutes.


If the team that is currently controlling the area loses control, and the enemy team gains control, they will receive a penalty, increasing their timer by a varying amount. Then, when the team with the penalty regains control of the area, their counter will need to count through the penalty first. The amount of penalty counter a team receives increases the lower the normal counter is.

If the losing team is currently in control when the match timer ends, the game will enter overtime. As long as the losing team (the team with a higher counter) maintains control of the designated area, the match will remain in overtime until they either lose control or their counter becomes lower than the other team’s, in which case they will win.

Tips For Splat Zones

As a competitive mode, getting into Splat Zones can be difficult. Some things you will eventually get the hang of as you play more, but we can offer you a few tips for getting started.

Cover Your Surroundings

After gaining control of the contested area and dealing with any attackers, be sure to cover nearby ground to increase your movable area. Inking paths towards the enemy’s side of the map will slow them down, while inking paths towards your side of the map will give you more ground in case you need to retreat.

Additionally, painting the ground will fill your special gauge, allowing you to unleash a well-timed special during a heated battle and turn the tides in your favor.

Splatting The Enemy

With all players fighting over a small area of the map, you will need to focus more on splatting the enemy team to retain control of the area. However, this can be done in more ways than just shooting directly at the enemy.

For example, painting areas around enemy chokepoints or behind advancing enemies will allow you to cut off their points of retreat, letting your teammates more easily splat them. Work with your team to gain control of the contested area and splat attacking enemies.

Choosing The Right Weapon

Similar to Turf War, weapons that are able to cover lots of ground will excel in Splat Zones, but you will do the best with your favorite weapon. Test a few different weapons at Ammo Knights and find one that best fits your playstyle.

Additionally, the weapon you’re using will also dictate your role in the team. If you’re using a support weapon, you’ll want to aid your team by helping them secure splats and covering ground. If you’re using an offensive weapon, you’ll want to capitalize on your teammate’s support efforts and splat enemies as much as possible.

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