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Tips And Tricks For Beginners In Video Horror Society


VHS Teen Monster

For all the horror asymmetrical game lovers out there, Video Horror Society is a one-vs-four game where four Teens have to coordinate together if they want to survive against a Monster who is out for their blood! As a Monster, your only job is to find and defeat all the Teens.

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The game can be particularly disorienting to play both as a Teen and the Monster when you get into it for the first time as there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to, and making mistakes can easily get you eliminated from the game. At the same time, it provides an amazing experience that will make you shiver. That’s why we have gathered a few tips that will help you in your first hours.


Audio Is Your Best Friend

No matter which role you’re playing, audio is an extremely important aspect of VHS (Video Horror Society). In fact, it can be the deciding factor in the game plenty of times. Unlike many other similar titles in the genre, the sound of everything is amplified in this one.

For example, when you run around as a Teen, you will be able to hear your footsteps very loudly; this also means that the Monster can hear them if it gets anywhere near you. Similarly, as a Monster, Teens will be able to determine exactly where you’re coming from very easily because of the loud thuds.

When playing as a Teen, you need to make minimal noises when you know the Monster is near you. If you have a weapon to attack the Monster, your element of surprise can be ruined when making any noise, and the enemy can easily disable your weapon.

As a Monster, your job is to listen carefully for any sounds of footsteps that can direct you toward the Teens. Usually, you can tell that they have a weapon if they’re running directly toward you. In these scenarios, it is best to use your abilities and disable their power to attack you.

Keep An Eye On Objectives As Monster

Whenever you spawn as a Monster on the map, you will be able to see all the places where Teens can create weapons to defeat you. There are four types of weapons, and you need to be attacked once with each to be defeated.

Once you’re successfully banished with a certain type of weapon, the icon of that objective will be grayed out, and you don’t need to check those areas anymore. Other than that, make sure you patrol these objectives if you can’t locate a Teen – they will surely be on one of these.

If a Teen misses a skill check on any of the objectives, you will be notified of it and the respective objective will turn red for a bit. Make sure you head over there and interrupt them from making weapons.

Don’t Sit Idle When You’re Downed As Teen

If you’re fully healed, the Monster needs to hit you twice to down you. In this state, you can crawl towards your teammates for their help, or you can release your Spectral. In the Spectral state, you will be able to move around the map as a small figure, and you can collect certain glowing items to instantly heal you for a small amount.

After collecting around six of these, your bar will be 99 percent and your teammate will just need to touch you for a moment to put you back in the Injured state. The only thing you don’t want to do is sit idle when you’re downed.

When the Monster isn’t feeding on you, you’re only hampering your screen by sitting idle. Instead of waiting for your teammates to make your way to you, you should be going toward them.

Once you’re in the injured state, try to get yourself healed fully as fast as possible from a teammate. If you’re not getting any help, you can find a med-kit on a wall and heal yourself there as well.

Surprise Attacks Are Vital

The game has an imposter among us vibe as you start the match as a Teen first. You can transform into a Monster at any point you wish to during the initial moments, but you will be transformed automatically after a while. As long as you’re a Teen, try to find another Teen and follow them so whenever you transform, you have a head start.

After you get attacked by a certain weapon for the first time, you will be banished and enter a shadow realm where you won’t be able to hear any Teens. During this time, it’s best to get to an objective where you are most likely to find Teens and camp there.

Once you spawn back, the enemy will not have a lot of time to react to it, and you will get a free hit more often than not.

Perks Are Costly

The progression system in Video Horror Society is robust just because the developers accept that some perks are stronger than others. Hence, other than giving everyone a total of five perk slots, they’ve also introduced a mechanic including Perk Points.

Every perk comes at a cost of a certain amount of Perk Points that determines its power. You get more Perk Points as you level through your skill tree on a character. When you’re making a build, you need to take these points into account as well.

Hence, you can’t put the strongest perks in the game together, and the developers get a chance to release more strong perks as they can limit a player with this system.

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