Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting White Day: A Labyrinth Named School


An In-Cutscene appearance of the Janitor in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, a positively received remake of the 2001 Korean cult-classic horror game, is teeming with content, be it different endings, unlockable outfits, or ghosts, all with different stories and conditions for finding them.

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But while there’s always something to find and explore, every so often, it can be difficult to get a full picture for your next course of action. Some game mechanics can be unclear at the beginning of your playthrough, which is why we’ve created this beginner-friendly guide to get you started more comfortably and certain in your choices while playing for the first time.


Always Read The Notes

If you’re playing on normal difficulty or above, the notes are going to be the only thing that will provide you with the necessary information, making them crucial for progressing through the game. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School presents the player with a lot of different puzzles, easy at first but steadily rising in difficulty each time you move to a new zone.

During your playthrough, you will also encounter Timed Events: limited time sequences in which the game expects you to solve a complicated puzzle with decisive actions and quick thinking. Without properly reading most of the pages scattered throughout the school, it can sometimes be downright impossible for the player to come to a reasonable course of action.

Most of the ghosts lurking in school buildings require certain conditions to be met, which can only be known from finding Ghost Stories – a group of notes dedicated entirely to rumors about the paranormal and how to encounter it.

Inspect The Items You Find

After a short amount of time, looking under every table in a classroom or opening every drawer and closet you come upon will become your second nature. But it’s also important not to forget to carefully examine the items you find during the game.

You can fully rotate every object in the game and find useful information or even other objects that way. Every time you pick something up, give it a good look: it might hide something of value on the other side.

Light Illuminates The Way

Light can be both your best ally and your worst enemy. It can ease the tension during a playthrough and provide a safe environment from some ghosts you can stumble upon. But be careful when switching the lights on: you’re not the only one who can see the soft, comfortable glow emanating through the windows of the various rooms.

It’s important to specify that some actions require some form of light and cannot be performed in complete darkness.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning how objects interact with light or its absence. In a brightly lit environment, objects will shine bright yellow, helping you locate them more easily.

Without light, it can be very difficult to find some of the objects that are needed for you to advance.

Early in the game, you will be provided with a lighter, a convenient way of creating a small amount of light should you need it. It brings less attention and can help you interact with objects without having to look for the light switch.

Puzzles also cannot be solved without some form of lightning, which can make for some tense situations, given the claustrophobic nature of the game. So if you feel like you caught a brief respite, don’t forget to turn the lights on and do a thorough search of the rooms with the help of the map.

Don’t Make A Sound

Lee Bong-gu is one of the janitors at Yeondu Highschool and is one of the antagonists of the game. Armed with a metal baseball bat and a flashlight, the janitor wanders the halls of the school at night, looking for intruders.

He walks with a slight limp, so you can outrun him and find a place to hide before he catches up to you. While he is nearby, an icon in the form of an eye will pop up at the top of the screen, signaling his approach. Upon spotting the player, the janitor will blow a whistle and begin chasing him, the eye icon will open wide until the end of the pursuit.

After Timed Events, the janitor will disappear, allowing you to scan the school for any of the items you missed.

The janitor will pay attention to any light source coming from the classrooms and offices, as well as any doors left open by the player.

He will also react to the sound of running, rushing to the source of the sound to investigate.

To properly avoid him, it is necessary to remove any traces of you visiting a room, because upon seeing something out of place, the janitor will enter the room and investigate it, pointing his flashlight all around the place.

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