Things Everyone Does While Playing Fire Emblem Engage


Fire Emblem Engage - Alear in combat (Left), Lapis promoting (Middle), and Alear in the the farm (Right).

Fire Emblem Engage is being enjoyed by fans and newcomers to the series alike, with plenty of returning and new features to get stuck into. Fire Emblem continues adapting its mechanics, leading to similar experiences throughout the series.

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Some classic grievances will always irk you and rear their ugly heads, but this is part of what makes the game so enjoyable. Whether it’s being taken out by a one percent chance critical hit or you like to ship characters together, Fire Emblem is a wild ride, and we’re all guilty of doing some of these.


10 Never Trusting The Hit Percent Chance

We’ve all been there. You see an enemy with one HP left, and you have a unit ready to take them out with a comfortable 99 percent chance to hit… well, they go ahead and miss. The game makes sure to rub this into your face by having the enemy land their counterattack with a measly 31 percent chance to hit.

It’s an insult you can’t abide by. You now must rewind your turn and try again with someone else. It’s a meme in Xcom and painful in Final Fantasy Tactics to the point it feels like the enemy is using a weighted die for their rolls.

9 Laughing At The Polishing Rings Mini-Game

Fire Emblem Engage Ring Chamber - Alear polishes Marth's Emblem Ring in odd minigame

The Emblem Ring polishing mini-game is wild. We’ll keep doing it so long as the Emblems continue staring directly at Alear as they polish, saying uncomfortable and downright strange things while they do this task. It is unsettling, to say the least, and one of the weirder mini-games in Fire Emblem history.

Spending any amount of time in the Emblem Room on Somniel is unnerving full stop, with the plinths more or less resembling tombs and giving you the feeling of being cursed instead of blessed by the help you get from the Emblem Lords. This is the price you pay for their assistance.

8 Save The Game Before Using A Seal To See The Unit’s Outfit

Fire Emblem Engage Lapis Base Outfit

This has been the case in so many Fire Emblem games, and it’s one we all do. It’s only natural to be curious to see what the advanced class outfits look like and if it’s any better than the base ones. With no way to see this without spending a seal, you have to get creative and save before using any of them.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses managed to break the mould, probably due to Koei Techmo’s influence in developing the game, where it let you preview the outfit of the class you wanted to promote into. This feature is gone in Engage, which is a shame.

Fire Emblem Engage - inventory screen

Maybe you’ve previewed the Advance Class outfit and re-loaded your save because you didn’t like how it looks. It’s a tale as old as time in Fire Emblem and one we will always recite in each iteration. It’s all about fashion, after all.

This was the case in Fates, where Selena’s Hero outfit looked significantly worse than her Mercenary attire. There are only a couple of ways to solve this dilemma. The first is to keep the unit in their base class forever, while the second option is to promote them when they hit level 20. It’s always a tough choice.

Fire Emblem Engage - using the cross button to read more info about weapons

In Fire Emblem Engage, the Cross button is your best friend. This lets you see more information about weapons, classes, units, skills, stats, and so on. It’s one of the best features in strategy RPG games because it lets you plan.

You should always take time going through each enemy’s weapons to see if they’ve got a Killer weapon up their sleeves or a nasty spell you’ve not encountered yet. With that said, the number of times we’ve subsequently forgotten all the information we’ve gathered about the enemy is always an issue.

5 Deciding Who To Use Stat-Increasing Items On

Fire Emblem Engage - class promotion screen with Alear

There are three types of people when it comes to using the stat-increasing items; one of you will pump them all into Alear, the other will effectively waste them by giving them to characters they want to be better but are always underperform. And the third person can never choose who to give them to and end up hoarding them.

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Whichever one of these types you are, know you’re not alone. Stat-increasing items are rare and powerful in Fire Emblem, so you should always try to think things through. Using them on the MC, however, is never a waste.

4 Shipping Other Characters

Fire Emblem Engage support convo between Diamant and Jade

Intelligent Systems can’t give us all of these wonderful characters and expect us not to ship them together. It’s part and parcel of any Fire Emblem game, having the chance to play a game of medieval matchmaker as you try and find a unit’s best match.

Sadly, romantic supports aren’t in Engage in the same way Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fates had them. In those 3DS-era games, you could have two random characters marry and have children by building their support. It might not be in Engage officially, but it’s still fun to ship.

3 Restarting A Mission If Someone Dies And You Have No More Charges To Rewind

Fire Emblem Engage - Lapis targetted by enemy on the map

Sometimes in Engage, you’ll have used all the Divine Time Crystal’s uses, which spells life or death for one of your characters if something goes wrong. Then, of course, the worst thing happens. One of your favourite units gets caught out and killed. What do you do? Keep going with them dead forever, or restart the whole mission to try again better?

There is sometimes a rare occurrence where you’ll not want to do this. It only happens if you’re really into the game and you have a character who has died doing something heroic. If you rewind and save them, it diminishes the awesomeness of what they did.

2 Adopt All The Pets

Fire Emblem Engage adopted pets on the farm

One of the additions to Engage is the option to adopt animals as you complete maps. You can explore areas after finishing a mission, and you better believe it’s necessary to pick up any animal you can and take them back to its forever home in Somniel.

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Back in Somniel, they can be placed on the farm, where they’ll be a constant source of joy and a hefty distraction when you pass by them. You can’t just ignore them they’re doing their best to give you items.

1 The Shock When You Get Critical Hit By An Enemy With A One Percent Chance

Fire Emblem Engage Alcryst scores a critical hit

This feeling will reverberate through all of you who’ve played any Fire Emblem game. We all know the AI cheats, but we can’t prove it, which is why it’s always so frustrating – albeit, slightly hilarious — when an enemy rocks up to you with a one percent chance to crit, and only goes and pulls it off.

If you’re lucky, you’ll survive. But nine times out of ten, you’ll be dead and be forced to rewind your turn to throw the order off and stay away from that bad, bad person with the lucky crit.

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