TechyHint Gaming The ULTIMATE Ship Guide of ARCANE ODYSSEY + ALL Locations

The ULTIMATE Ship Guide of ARCANE ODYSSEY + ALL Locations


The ULTIMATE Ship Guide of ARCANE ODYSSEY + ALL Locations


It is the ultimate ship guide of Arcane Odyssey that will provide you with all the locations, and the best upgrades for SHIPS! ROBLOX’.

General information about Ships

You can apply a whole lantern slot and armour slot to the rowboat. There is no need to use sailboats in the future as it’s just ineffective. You must use Caribou to farm bronze chests from sinking ships and it has a ram slot. It also has one quartermaster slot but has less durability and speed compared to the Catch. The Catch is better for fast travelling and you can put on more cargo on it. You can have Edward Kenton and Enizor, the main quartermaster that you need to use on your ship.


The ship upgrades are arranged from common to uncommon. There are some ammunition upgrades and some upgrades arrive from level.

Best Hull armour

The best whole armour is the bronze framing; because it’s faster for farming.

Available Quartermasters

Enizor and Edward Canton are the only quartmasters that you can get.

Available Crew

The Redwake Warriors, Sailors, and the Ravenna deserters are three crews in the game. It is recommended to use the Ravenna deserters most of the time.

Best Cannons

The Lesser cannons are probably the best cannons; you can enchant them with swift to sail faster. It might be different for you depending on your magic.

Best Ram

Lesser rams are the rarest Rams. Do not get confused by the name if you have any magic named after real material.

Sail Material

The sail material is an important aspect of the ships. The Hemp Sailcloth is the best option to pick. There is no need to go for Flax Sailcloth or the Cotton Sailcloth.

How to farm upgrades for your ship

You need to pick the catch until you get a proper Ram. If you have it already, then equip the caravel, put the stuff on that and then dock your Caravel for farming.

Once on your caravel, you have to press ‘F‘ for ramming speed and then charge at the ship to deal damage.

Just kill all of them and you will get bronze-sealed chests. Open the chests and you will get blueprints to build these ship upgrades.

After that, drive back to one of the Havens and trade them at the shipwright. Go there and hold ‘Q‘ to sell them. You will get blueprints for that.

Head to a builder with a blue icon, talk to him and then let the NPC build the stuff. It will cost a lot of money for the whole framing/

Tricks for Quartermaster

You can acquire both quartermasters early in the game. You can do them in the late-game while grinding for ship equipment.

How to get the first Quartermaster

You need to go to RedWake and the first quartermaster will be on Elm Island.

You have to accept his quest on that island, as he will ask you to catch 20 fish with a fishing rod. Talk to Edward Kenton and accept the quest, complete it and then you can see him unlocked as a Quartermaster.

You can upgrade him by doing a quest. Once you put him on your ship, you will get him the next time you re-dock your ship.

How to get the second Quartermaster

Afterwards, go to the next Island, Frostmill to get this second quartermaster Erizon. Talk to him and he will give you a quest to gather pine cones.

Gather them, and then give them to Erizon.

He will give you another quest to gather clamps, so make your way to the next Island to get those clamps.

After that, go back to Enizor and give these clamps to him to finish the quest. He will ask you to pick up some melons from another island, so go there and steal that guy’s melons and then head back to Erizon.

Talk to him and then you will recruit him as your second quartermaster.

Enizor’s purpose on your ship

Enizor is also just like a regular Alchemist.

How to upgrade Edward Kenton

You can upgrade Edward Kenton as he will ask you to go to Silverhold to get back his gear.

You just have to run through, and defeat three Navy guards.

Then go on the ship, and take command of the ship to finish the quest. Talk to him again and you will have the upgraded version of Edward Kenton.


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