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The Most Valuable Greninja Cards In The Pokemon TCG


Pokemon TCG Most Expensive Greninja Cards Feature


The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been around for decades, seeing thousands of cards printed of our favorite pocket monsters. As more collectors and players join in with catching all their favorite cards, the prices of these cards only rise. Some increase in value because of their playability, while others are sought after because of their art.

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One Pokemon rises above the rest in terms of sheer popularity, and that’s Greninja. The blue Ninja Pokemon has remained one of the most-liked Pokemon since its debut in Pokemon X and Y. However, with popularity comes a cost, and these Greninja cards are some of the most expensive according to

All prices are correct at the time of writing, but as with most commodities, are likely to change with time and demand.


10/10 Greninja GX

Starting off the Greninja list is Greninja GX, a special pokemon that requires a Stage 1 Frogadier to evolve from. Like other GX cards, Greninja GX boasts an impressively large amount of HP, as well as a special Shadowy Hunter GX attack which can target enemy Pokemon on the bench.

This Greninja GX from the Sun & Moon Forbidden Light expansion will cost you $9.57 for a copy of this card.

9/10 Greninja (40/122)

A reward for players who took fourth place at a tournament, this promo Greninja is a great way to show off how you’re pretty good at playing Pokemon. With two attacks, this Greninja can shut down abilities and follow up with some damage the turn after.

If you’re looking to pick up a couple of these promo Greninja cards, it’ll cost you $10.13 apiece.

8/10 Greninja (XY24)

A Dark-type version of Greninja, this promo card is part of the XY set and features a sneaky-looking Greninja ready to attack. With its Mist Concealment ability, Greninja prevents all damage done to it, as well as all effects of attacks the turn after it evolves.

If you’re looking to pick up this unique Greninja card, it’ll set you back $13.13.

7/10 Ash-Greninja EX (XY133)

Ash-Greninja EX is such a cool card representing the iconic union of Ash and Greninja from the Pokemon anime. This promo card from the XY set features a streak of red on Greninja’s head, as well as Ash’s spiky hair.

This cool promo card will set you back $13.97 if you want to add it to your collection.

6/10 Greninja GX (Full Art)

This GX card from the Sun & Moon Forbidden Light expansion features a sleek-looking Greninja blending into a soft blue background. As a holofoil card, Greninja GX looks pretty snazzy with the distinctive foiling process the Pokemon Trading Card Game uses.

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With a painful ability and two attacks, one being a GX attack, this Greninja will cost you $19.16 apiece.

5/10 Greninja & Zoroark GX (Secret)

A Secret Rainbow Rare from the Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds expansion, this GX card features the iconic rainbow foiling that makes your cards stand out from the rest. As a Tag Team card, this Greninja features a solid amount of HP at 250, and has an impressive GX attack, allowing you to bring GX and EX cards from the discard pile back into play.

Pokemon collectors seeking this GX Tag Team card will have to spend $21.54 for this card.

4/10 Greninja GX

Coming straight from the special set Hidden Fates: Shiny Vault, this Greninja GX features a shiny version of the Pokemon — adding to the cool and collector value of the card.

With fancy foiling, alternate black coloring, and rarity from being included in the Hidden Fates set, this Greninja GX will cost you $26.94 to add to your collection.

3/10 Greninja (40/122)

This Greninja card was a reward for players who took first place in tournaments. This Pokemon League promo card is great at locking opponents out of their turn, shutting off their abilities with Greninja’s Shadow Stitching attack. You can follow up with Greninja’s other attack, Moonlight Slash, to deal up to 80 damage just by returning a Water Energy back to your hand.

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If you’re looking to pick up this Greninja card it’ll set you back $29.29.

2/10 Greninja & Zoroark GX (201)

While not exclusively a Greninja card, Greninja & Zoroark GX prominently features a chillin’ Greninja — so it counts in our eyes. This Tag Team card is an Alternate Full Art version of the Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds GX card, and does some serious damage with its Dark Pulse attack. Follow that up with the Dark Union GX attack to bring back a bunch of Dark Pokemon and Energy from your discard pile.

Adding this GX card to your collection will cost you $36.36.

1/10 Greninja GX (Secret Rare)

This GX card from the Sun & Moon set Forbidden Light tops the Greninja charts for price. As a Secret Rainbow Rare, this Greninja GX is part of the rarest class of Pokemon cards players can collect. With a ton of abilities, Greninja GX is all about doing damage and coming back for more.

All this combined brings this fancy Greninja GX up to a pricey $42.06 for collectors looking to pick up this Rainbow Rare.

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