The Hardest Video Game Mini Bosses


The Headless, Lynel, and the Marauder

Beat the bad guys, head down the critical path, and face down the big bad boss. That’s the name of the game, right? Not always. Sometimes, video games throw curveballs into the mix. It’s the only real way to keep you on your toes.

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Mini bosses make excellent curveballs. In fact, some of the best adventure, shooter, and RPG games out on the market employ the use of mini bosses to rain on your parade. Sometimes, mini bosses are optional. Other times, they take you by surprise to shake things up. Naturally, it would seem that any enemy designation with the prefix “mini” would mean that it’s inferior to the real deal. But that’s not always the case. Some mini bosses are tough as nails.


8 Red Wolf Of Radagon – Elden Ring

Fans of Developer FromSoftware‘s rigorous virtual gauntlets are keenly aware of the difficulty level within their games. While boss characters often get the spotlight in games like Elden Ring, it’s easy to mistake the hostile world and its denizens for being the real thorn in your side.

Enter the Red Wolf of Radagon. This puppy is typically surrounded by lesser wolves who ensure that you’re constantly dodging, defending, or parrying. What makes the Red Wolf so absolutely feisty is its speed and predictability. While it utilizes a handful of specific maneuvers, there’s often no real method to the madness, making this canine one to avoid if possible.

7 The Headless – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Headless in Sekiro

As far as mini bosses are concerned, the Headless in Sekiro are absolutely terrifying. Not only are these monstrous blade-wielding giants missing everything above their shoulders, but they also cause actual terror build-up with every strike. Forget your health — if the terror meter fills to the top, death is instant.

What’s worse is that you can’t expect to defeat the Headless with just solid parrying maneuvers and strikes alone. Divine Confetti is the only item that will allow your blade to harm the horrific phantom. There’s a handful of Headless throughout the game, and they’re all ridiculously tough.

6 Marauder – Doom Eternal

The Marauder emerging from a portal in Doom Eternal

Technically, the Marauder first enters the scene in Doom Eternal as a level-ending boss battle. He’s a tough armor-bearing, shotgun-wielding demon who can move at lightning-fast speeds. Other Marauders later enter the picture as mini boss battles throughout the remainder of the game.

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Actually damaging him outright as he zips around is nearly impossible. He also summons hellhounds who charge you during the chaos. The surefire way to do some good damage is to nail him with a blast from one of your weapons, preferably your own shotgun during the small window when his eyes glow green right before striking you. It takes some practice.

5 Various Oath Guards – God Of War: Ragnarök

Kratos fighting Egil the Oath Guard in God of War Ragnarok

There’s a handful of these optional mini boss fights throughout God of War: Ragnarök. These giant soldiers who are considered Oath Guards are damage sponges who rarely flinch. Similar versions of these enemy types also existed as mini bosses in the 2018 game.

Because of their heavy swings, Kratos will have to do more dodging than defending or parrying. These mini bosses force you to be on your toes and look for every opening to whittle away at their health.

4 Jenny O’ The Woods – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt fighting a nightwraith in The Witcher 3

As the contracts are largely optional in The Witcher 3, they are akin to mini bosses in Geralt’s world. Jenny o’ the Woods is a malicious specter that can only be drawn out during the night as she is a nightwraith, so you better have a good strategy.

To defeat her, you must utilize the Yrden sign to enable Geralt to actually do striking damage to her. Otherwise, every sword swing will just go through her ghostly form. The trick, however, is when she emerges as three copies of herself. During this time, she is regaining health fast. So, Geralt must take down all three copies quickly to halt her healing. Considering the game suggests you be level ten for this quest, it’s rather difficult for that level.

3 Dukino’s Mom – Borderlands 2

Dukino's Mom in Borderlands 2

Little Dukino is a skag pup that you come across during your travels in Borderlands 2. You can opt to complete side quests where you care for the little fella. Ultimately, they lead to you finding Dukino’s mom who is a massive, towering skag that obliterates all the bandits that tried to have a go at her.

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As a mini boss fight, she is rather tough. She utilizes lunging, jumping, and projectile attacks to keep you light on your feet. It also takes firepower from vault hunters who are several levels above her to do any substantial damage. Otherwise, you’ll be chipping away bit by bit at a massive life bar.

2 Rabid Jotaz – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Cal battling a Rabid Jotaz in Jed Fallen Order

There are a few exotic beasts in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that you can track down if you’re feeling comfortable in your Jedi poncho. While these beasts might look like others of their kind you see regularly (special color scheme aside), don’t assume they’ll be an easy kill.

The Rabid Jotaz is one such beast that puts you through the ringer. Unlike regular versions of the Jotaz, this one has a wider swiping radius and swings at Cal much more frequently making defense extremely difficult. All it takes is a few swipes and Cal will be stunned. Furthermore, dodging away from the monster proves tough simply because of its long reach. You might have to climb to the second level in its little area where it can’t get you for a breather.

1 Lynel – The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Link fighting Lynel in Breath of the Wild

These mystical creatures are few and far between. But make no mistake, they’re far more challenging than the game’s primary boss battles. When you attack, you better be ready. The Lynel use a combination of charging attacks, arrow strikes, and devastating magic to inflict punishment on Link.

Comparably, the Lynel are about as “Soulsborne” as Breath of the Wild gets with its difficulty setting. It forces you to move fast and to come prepared backing food and elixirs for healing. Don’t approach these bad boys unless you’re completely confident in your abilities. Or do, and just respawn having learned a painful lesson.

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