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The DioField Chronicle‘s penultimate chapter is one that is filled with drama, strife, conflict, and—of course—plenty of battles. At this point in the game you will have gained access to a diverse cast of “heroes”. Moreover, you will have access to all their skills. Some of your units may even have endgame gear equipped.

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That is to say, there is no tool you will not have access to at this point in The DioField Chronicle. The battles you encounter in this chapter lean more heavily on using former bosses than ever before. You will also be snaking your way through some of the lengthier stages in the game. So, we’re going to make the most out of those tools and show you the best path forward in each mission.


To Name A Flower

Start this chapter by talking to Umarida, Tremina, and Shivat at your headquarters. Each event will garner you an additional 10,000 Gold (for a grand total of 30,000 gold).

There is also a mysterious man hanging around in the room in the south-east corner of the second floor. This is Chappelman, and he will give you the “Foreign Missionary” Side Mission. Complete that mission, and you will earn his services. Finally, talk to Lorraine. She will give you the mission “A Nameless Village”.

Once you have cleared out the headquarters, just head to the war room and start the mission.

Rescue The Princess

Recommended Level36
EnemiesPhase 12x Lv 35 Cavaliers, 2x Lv 33 Archers, 2x Lv 35 Knights, 2x Lv 36 Gigases, 1x Lv 35 Wyvern Rider
Phase 22x Lv 35 Archers, 2x Lv 35 Gigases, 1x Lv 40 Wyvern Rider
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission22800 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle3 SP
Complete mission in 6 minPlatinum Bar
Obtain Treasure ChestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

This biggest hurdle you will encounter in this stage is the time limit. The first half of the mission is clearly designed to run down the timer. So, Andrias is going to be pretty important here. Use him to finish off opponents when they are down to about a third of their health.

You will be faced with a winding path that leads through a series of units. Unfortunately, there is no real convenient way to kite most of these units. The first batch are Cavaliers, so trying to kite them will get you stabbed in the back. The next batch are Archers who will, similarly, just clip you as you try to lead them to your main force. However, you can lead the knights to the Wyvern Rider and Gigases at the end of the stage. So there is that!

Once you get to the Wyvern Rider, send a mounted unit to get the treasure and lead the Gigases to where you are fighting the Wyvern Rider and Knights. The Gigases are pretty slow, so by the time they arrive you will have likely killed the knights and maybe even the Wyvern Rider. Once you have bunched all the enemies together, you will be free to unleash AOE attacks. Naturally. You should be using Andrias’ Assassination attack to polish off enemies that are at about a third of their health.

Once you finish the first wave of enemies off, claim the tower and open the gate. Thankfully, the final group will all bunch quite nicely. So, run straight down the middle, and start by fighting the archers. Once all the enemies have clustered around you, hit them with your AOE attacks, including your summons. Andrias’ specials will, once again, be vital to killing enemies quick. So, if you run out of EP with him, just swap him out and place him as a secondary unit. You should be able to clear this second batch without too much trouble.

An Army Approaches

There isn’t a ton to do back at your base. Talk to Catharine and get another easy 10,000 gold. Then, talk to Hezeliah. She will now join your rag-tag group of mercenaries. This will also unlock the next story mission. When you are ready, head to the war room and start it.

Repel The Empire

Recommended Level37
EnemiesPhase 14x Lv 35 Gunmen, 1x Lv 36 Knight, 1x Lv 38 Gigas, 1x Lv 40 Wyvern Rider
Phase 22x Lv 38 Gigases
4x Lv 36 Gunmen, 1x Lv 38 Gigas, 2x Lv 40 Wyvern Riders
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission23520 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle3 SP
Complete mission in 6 minPlatinum Bar
Obtain Treasure ChestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)

This mission is pretty straightforward. Take your troops up the left side, clear out the enemies there, and then head straight for the Cannon Tower. Once you take it out, you will have a Gigas and a Wyvern Rider on your back. Use your Cavalier and Wyvern Rider skills to lump them together with the nearby Gunmen. Then, hit them all with AOE attacks. Once all the Gunmen are dead, focus on the Gigas, making sure to put Andrias’ skills to god use. Do the same for the Wyvern Rider.

The next phase will see two Gigases rush you, just hit them with your hardest-hitting attacks. If you are running low on EP, send a mounted unit to go out and grab pink shards. Once the Gigases are dead, you will be hit with another wave of Gigases, accompanied by four Gunmen, and a Wyvern Rider. We are going to use the skills of our mounted units to bunch all of these guys together. Now, unload your summons, and hit the Gigases and Wyvern knight with your beefiest attacks. It is all pretty straightforward.

Mockery Of An Alliance

Once you get back to the base, talk to Chappleman, Castevere, and Hezeliah for an easy 30k. Now, go talk to Zoruaq, this will unlock the “Old Wounds” Side Mission. After talking to Zoruaq, talk to Izelair, this will unlock the “A Proper Mercenary” quest. Now you can start the next mission.

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Secret Manoeuvres

Recommended Level37
EnemiesPhase 13x Lv 35 Wolves, 1x Lv 38 Fenrir
Phase 22x Lv 40 Chamelions
Phase 31x Lv 41 Coeurl,
Phase 41x Lv 45 Ouroboros
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission24240 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle3 SP
Complete mission in 6 minPlatinum Bar
Obtain Treasure ChestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)

This mission is a bit of a headscratcher. The enemies you fight are all in small groups, except for a couple of weak wolves at the beginning, that is. So, you are going to want to have all your heaviest hitting single attack moves on lock. From there, just throw all your troops at the enemies. It really is that simple.

You are going to fight the Fenrir first, but they are old news at this point, then two Chameleons, and, after them, a Coeurl. None of these monsters are new to you, and they come packing single health bars. They are all a high-ish level, but if you hit them with your hardest attacks, their health bars will melt.

Finally, once you reach the end, you will fight an Ouroboros. The Ouroboros has three health bars, but between hitting them with Andrias’ Assassination-based attacks, and Donovar’s axe attacks, while debuffing it with whatever skill we had on hand, it went down pretty quickly. This is just a very straightforward mission.

Irreconcilable Differences

Once you get back to the base, you are going to go collect a ton of Side Mission. Talk to Catharine, she will give you “The Value Of Life” Side mission. Talk to Estalt and get “The Fire Spreads” Side Mission. Talk to Fredret to get the “Unforgivable Acts” Side Mission. Finally, talk to Umarida to get the “Assassins Approach” Side Mission.

So yeah, if you are looking for some side content, you should be pretty damn satisfied. Once you are ready to push forward, head to the war room and start your never main mission.

Port Assault

Recommended Level37
EnemiesPhase 12x Lv 37 Soldiers, 5x Lv 37 Gunmen, 1x Lv 39 Gigas (Crossbow)
Phase 21x Lv 38 Soldiers, 5x Lv 38 Gunmen, 1x Lv 42 Gigas (Crossbow)
Phase 32x Lv 38 Soldiers, 5x Lv 38 Gunmen, x Lv 42 Gigases (Shield), 1x Lv 40 Wyvern Rider
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission24960 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle3 SP
Complete mission in 8 minPlatinum Bar
Obtain Treasure ChestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

The first group is pretty resilient, and they have Cannon Towers backing them up. So, what we are going to do is start by pushing the Soldiers in front back with a Mounted Charge. This will group all your enemies together. Now all you need to do is pelt them with some potent AOE attacks. The Cannon Towers will fall quickly, as will the Gunmen. Clean up the Gigas and Soldiers with Andrias’ and Donovar’s heavy-hitting attacks.

Once you take them out, swing around and kill the Gunmen to your left. Now, claim the tower, and then take the other tower near the bridge. Once you cross the bridge, take a left and fight the Gunmen and Soldier. Also, get one of your mounted units to swing around and get the attention of the nearby enemies. These are most pretty fragile Gunmen, so it won’t take too much to remove them. Once, you kill all the enemy troops, take the tower, and head down toward the Gigas.

This Gigas is backed up by Cannon Towers. Make sure to take those out first, then have your group focus directly on the Gigas. Once you defeat him, you will just need to take out the Gunmen on the left and take control of the tower. Now you are onto the final stretch. Once you cross this next bridge, you will encounter a group of Solders and Gunmen, then, just a little past them, there is another group that has Gigases, a Wyvern Rider, and more troops. Worse yet, they are surrounded by Cannon Towers.

However, we aren’t going to deal with the Cannon Towers. Instead, we’re going to throw a Mounted unit at that second group while we fight the first one, then we are going to have that unit lead them back to the rest of our troops (the Wyvern Rider ability “Rush Flare” is extremely helpful here, as once you have the attention of the troops it will help your unit escape quickly and without taking any additional damage).

Once we have everyone gathered into one group, it is time to unload everything on them. You will have multiple summons ready. Use ’em. Use your best skills. Throw Cyclones at them, hit them with Meteors, and use your Lance Strike attack. You get the idea. You’ll have them down to the beefy units in short order. At that point, use Andrias’ Assassination skill to polish the Gigases off. Then, when it is four versus one, the Wyvern Rider will fall without having much to say about it.

As A King

Once you get back to your base, go talk to Tremina and Hezeliah. Each one will provide you with 10,000 gold. Now, track down Shivat, talk to him, and get “The Fruits Of Banditry” SIde Mission. Then, go talk to Chappelman and receive the “Of Swords And Faith” Side Mission. Once you are ready to begin the final mission, talk to Lorraine.

Free The South

Recommended Level41
EnemiesPhase 13x Lv 41 Cavaliers, 3x Lv 39 Gunmen
Phase 22x Lv 41 Cavaliers, 4x Lv 40 Gunmen
Phase 32x Lv 41 Cavaliers, 4x Lv 40 Gunmen
Phase 49x Lv 40 Gunmen, 1x Lv 45 Wyvern Rider
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission25680 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle3 SP
Complete mission in 8 minPlatinum Bar
Obtain Treasure ChestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)

If you approach this mission correctly, we assure you that it will finish it without breaking too much of a sweat. In every phase, there will be Gunmen. As you probably know, Gunmen are not particularly resilient. So, your goal, in literally every phase, is to rush the Gunmen. For team composition, having mounted units is a pretty big benefit. Your goal is going to be to bunch all the enemy troops together and hit them with AOE attacks. Thankfully, the other troops you will be fighting are Cavaliers, and they will make this easy to do, as they will charge directly at your force.

So, at the beginning of the stage, use a mounted united to push the Cavalry into the Gunmen with their Mounted Charge attack. Then bombard the group. In the second phase, rush toward the Gunmen on your left. Attack them until the cavaliers arrive, and then slam everyone with AOE attacks (you’re probably starting to pick up on the pattern right about now).

In the next phase, the Gunmen will be to your left again. Rush them, attack them, and once the Cavaliers arrive, bombard them with AOE attacks. The fourth and final phase will be a touch different from the rest. There will be a large group of Gunmen to your right, a smaller group in the center with a Wyvern Rider, and another group to your left. You are going to start by charging the group on the right. The Wyvern Rider will rush to your position.

At this point, unload your summons on this group and then your hardest-hitting AOE attacks. Once you finish them off, just track down the remaining Gunmen and batter them. As you will have realized at this point, they die pretty quickly.

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