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The Cutest Fortnite Skins, Ranked


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One of the main appeals of the battle royale game Fortnite is the amazing assortment of cosmetics. Players regularly pay up to $20 to get a skin they like from the item shop, and even more if it’s a bundle of multiple skins. There are skins for everything you can imagine, and there are, without a doubt, many cute skins.

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Whether cute means fuzzy, jovial, or just plain adorable, there are always new cute skins available every season. While some straddle the line between the uncanny valley and cute, others are very clear-cut in their saccharine-sweet aesthetics.

Updatedon August 15, 2022 byMichaelCaruso:Fortnite’s unique selection of skins, among other cosmetics, is one of its shining qualities. There are skins for every player, regardless of what you like. There are skins that feature strange creatures, characters from popular franchises, and even cute skins that’ll warm your heart. Many of the adorable skins in Fortnite have different reasons for being so cute, but regardless, there are a few more you should know about if you want to collect all of the most adorable skins in Fortnite.


25 Babbit

Rabbits are generally known as one of the cutest animals in existence, so it’s no surprise that adding a rabbit face and ears to a hoodie makes the wearer look adorable. The Babbit skin has this exact concept, with a blue and orange color scheme that pops out in Fortnite’s colorful world.

Hoodies are a great accessory by themselves, but when it has cute features, it’s an even better article of clothing — and it fits Fortnite’s overall graphical style quite nicely. If you like rabbits, then you should consider the Babbit skin for all your bunny and hoodie needs.

24 Cozy Chomps

Sharks aren’t typically known as the cutest animal around, however, a costume themed around them has the potential to bring out a shark’s cuddly side. Cozy Chomps is a skin that has a woman wearing a shark costume, and although the costume isn’t shaped exactly like a real shark, the theme is unmistakable.

There are dozens of skins in Fortnite that feature clothing based on animals, but Cozy Chomps takes the cake since it’s one of the cutest outfits available if you like this variety of skin. Additionally, the Cozy Chomps outfit looks incredibly comfortable!

23 P-1000

Peely is famous for being an adorable banana, but it’s even more unique when its face is inside a smoothie, which then operates a robotic suit. The Peely smoothie is cute since it features a smiling face and yellow color, but put it inside a robot, and it’s an absolute blast to wear as a skin on the battlefield. P-1000 comes equipped with a metal exterior, so it’s ready for combat.

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If you like Peely and think it’s the cutest skin ever, then P-1000 might just be to your liking. There’s nothing cuter than a banana smoothie operating a robot, and the concept is really fun too.

22 Slushy Soldier

Despite being cold to the touch, snowmen are one of the most heartwarming images imaginable. Not only are snowmen adorable, but they also bring back happy memories for lots of people around the world. That’s why a snowman wearing a sweater is easily one of the cutest Fortnite skins you didn’t know you needed.

Slushy Soldier is a snowman who wears a black hat and a winter sweater, so that he doesn’t get any colder than he already is. Snowmen are great for many reasons, so the Slushy Soldier is one of the cutest skins you can wear during the holiday season to add some excitement to the winter.

21 All-Hallows Steve

All-Hallows Steve is a Halloween-themed skin that features an adorable pair of pajamas and cat face, which is the cutest of its selectable masks. The silly default face that you get with All-Hallows Steve will fill you with joy whenever you see it, and it has a uniqueness that fans have come to expect from Fortnite’s extensive collection of skins.

Although All-Hallows Steve isn’t the fanciest of skins, the pajama style combined with its colorful appearance make for a wonderful look, and the mask is the cherry on top. If you like skins that feature pajamas or cats, then All-Hallows Steve may be your dream outfit.

20 Callisto

If you like pink hair or colorful outfits, then the Callisto skin is a dream come true. This outfit features a woman with an adorable purple and black outfit. She even has an awesome pair of headphones to top it all off.

Callisto has pink hair and wears glasses. Many skins in Fortnite incorporate lots of colors, but few are as cute as Callisto because she wears such a lovely outfit. It’s worth adding this skin to your collection simply for its beautiful use of colors.

19 Mecha Morty

Morty is a popular character from the hit TV show Rick And Morty. If you’re a fan of this franchise, then there’s no doubt you’ll understand why the Morty skin is so iconic. Morty is one of the only skins in Fortnite that can be cool while also being adorable because although he’s just a mad scientist’s assistant on the surface, Morty is always making hilariously adorable faces and impressing fans with his insightful yet existential insights.

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If you like Morty for any of the above reasons or otherwise, then it’s worth collecting the Mecha Morty skin. If you’re still not won over by Morty himself, then consider that he also comes with a mech.

18 Dozer

If you like pajamas or Halloween costumes, then you’ll quickly fall in love with the Dozer outfit because he’s wearing clothes that could pass as either. Dozer wears a one-piece outfit with a hood that has wings sticking out of it.

The cartoon feeling you get from looking at this outfit makes Dozer adorable, and it’s hard not to equip his silly outfit. The googly eyes at the top of the hood are what really seal the deal, even if you don’t like the clothing itself.

17 Fable

Skins that could double as Halloween outfits are common in Fortnite, and the Fable skin is the perfect example. Fable features Red Riding Hood, the popular fairy tale character. The outfit itself is red, while her hairstyle is a braided style.

Even if you don’t like Red Riding Hood, you can appreciate how popular this character is and why having a Fortnite skin equivalent is an adorable treat for all Fairy Tale fans. You could only unlock the Fable skin in Season Six’s battle pass.

16 Cluck

Chickens are adorable animals, especially when they’re young, so the Cluck skin manages to capture the attention of every cute skin collector. Cluck may be adorable, but he also doubles as a battle-hardened warrior, which is clear because of the dog tags seen around his neck.

Additionally, Cluck wears Easter Eggs on his body, shoulders, and head, which is what sets him apart from most skins – outside of the fact he’s a chicken. Whether it’s Easter or not, you can always find Cluck on the battlefield.

15 Peely

Peely is a fan favorite skin introduced with the season eight battle pass. He’s modeled after a banana, with the key difference being that he has a face and limbs. Peely has gotten new skins modeled after him after his initial release, but none are quite as cute as Peely himself.

With his adorable face and fruity appearance, who wouldn’t love being able to wear this cute fruit? Unfortunately, if you didn’t get Peely in season eight, you probably won’t get another chance; however, you can always pick up one of his new skins when they release in the future.

14 Tinseltoes

Tinseltoes wears an elf costume and initially appeared in the item shop during Christmas 2017. This is one of the cuter Christmas skins, and it’s easy to see why that is with her adorable elf costume.

Tinsletoes is a skin that everyone wants to pick up when she comes back around Christmas time, and because of her unique item shop schedule, many fans consider it somewhat of a rarity.

13 Giddy Up

Epic Games introduced the Giddy Up skin to the Battle Pass in Season Six in September 2018. The cheeky skin resembles popular Halloween costumes of the time that featured inflatable elements to make it look like a person was riding an animal.

It might be a simplistic concept, but the skin has lasted the test of time, with fans still using it when they need a quick pick-me-up. It also comes with a built-in emote called “Glitter Up.”

12 Lil Whip

Lil Whip, who is an ice cream cone, is a cutie with a swirl of ice cream on his head. He’s an item shop skin, and he has his own popsicle pickaxe and ice cream sandwich glider. Lil Whip is famous throughout the Fortnite community for being one of the cutest food-based skins around.

Lil Whip is a fan favorite in the Fortnite community due to his unique appearance and adorable ice cream swirl. He even has sprinkles to sweeten the deal, so fans that like cute skins need to pick him up asap. Is there anyone who wouldn’t want this skin, who doesn’t love ice cream?

11 Vendetta Stage 1

Vendetta is the tier 100 skin for Season Nine. Although his later stages aren’t quite as cute, his first stage is an absolute dream for fans of cute skins. He has gray, tussled hair and a hoodie that wraps around his hands. He even has enchanting green eyes. There isn’t much about this skin that isn’t either cute or just downright cool.

Vendetta is one of the most customizable skins in the game and his final stage is so cool that it makes it appear as though he’s about to win the match with a single weapon. With so many options it’s hard to choose how to customize this skin, but his first stage is adorable. If you’re looking for a cute skin that’s not too intimidating in appearance, then Vendetta stage one has your back.

10 Onesie

Onesie is absolutely adorable, and you can immediately see why. She wears a onesie pajama suit with googly eyes, and she even has a second stage that’s blue that you could obtain through completing the Overtime challenges in Season Seven.

Perhaps in the future, fans will see a new Onesie skin, possibly a male counterpart to the already released female one. Regardless, fans will be rocking this adorable skin for a long time.

9 Bush Ranger

A kind of spiritual predecessor to a skin that appears later in this list, Bush Ranger was released in November of 2019 for the price of 1,200 V-Bucks in the Fortnite Battle Royale store. With his little pine cone grenades and precious hedgehog-like face, fans fell in love with him quickly.

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With eight occurrences in the shop since his debut, Bush Ranger does carry a bit of a bad reputation, unfortunately. Some have called it a “pay to win” skin due to the fact that the leaves of the skin can blend in with the terrain of the map. The “Blooming” skin variant features more color and flowers.

8 Monks

Monks is a giant sock monkey skin, and who doesn’t love a cuddly sock monkey? Its hands are more like mittens and it has stitching all over its suit. This skin shows up in the item shop from time to time, and any collector of cute skins would absolutely eat this one up.

Stuffed animal-based skins are some of the cutest themed skins in the entirety of Fortnite. There aren’t many skins that top Monks in cuteness, which is why it deserves a high spot on this list. Everyone loves sock monkeys; would anybody not want to defeat their enemies using this skin?

7 Wooly Warrior

The Wooly Warrior was a skin given away for free during the Christmas event of 2019. The counterpart to this skin is a man in a Christmas tree suit, and Wooly was definitely the more adorable of the two. This skin has a Wooly mammoth theme, but, in actuality, it’s just a woman wearing a stuffed animal suit. Perhaps it will return, so people who didn’t get an opportunity to collect this skin can have their chance.

The Wooly Warrior was one of the first skins given away for free in Fortnite, and it’s also one of the cutest. With its cute tusks and fuzzy feel, this skin has become a fan-favorite to wear while traversing the landscape in Fortnite.

6 Ikonic

The Ikonic skin has the real-life basis of a K-Pop band member, making it every K-Pop fan’s ultimate dream skin. Very few Fortnite fans had the opportunity to obtain this skin because you could only unlock it by buying the Galaxy S10 phone. The phone also came with a K-Pop dance cosmetic.

This skin isn’t the first time that fans have seen a musician in the form of a skin. Marshmallow the Dj got his very own skin just months before Ikonic was released. But this is the first time fans have gotten such an adorable band member as a skin. With a cute hoodie and that adorable tuft of hair, this is definitely one of the cutest Skins in Fortnite.


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