TechyHint Gaming The Biggest Gaming News For September 8, 2022

The Biggest Gaming News For September 8, 2022


Adam Jensen from Deus Ex, A PS5, and Geralt of Rivia

It’s been a bit of a mad one today for very obvious reasons, but I’m here with the gaming news roundup to make everything seem normal again. Our first story today concerns Embracer, who recently announced that Deus Ex and Tomb Raider will now be controlled by Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics respectively.

A former Sony manager also revealed that the PS5 was built with zero crunch after criticism over its latest system update and The Witcher 3’s current-gen version is still on track for a release later this year. You can find more details down below.

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Tomb Raider And Deus Ex Are Now Officially Owned By Crystal Dynamics And Eidos Montreal

You may recall that Embracer Group recently purchased Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, and a series of iconic IP from Square Enix for a snip earlier this year. Today, Embracer has announced that the Deus Ex and Thief franchises are now controlled by Eidos Montreal and that the Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain franchises are now controlled by Crystal Dynamics. It’s unlikely these developers will be given free rein with these properties, but it’s nice to see them back in the hands of the creators instead of in Square Enix’s grubby mitts.


Former Sony Manager Claims PS5 Launched Without Crunch

PlayStation was recently criticised by Kotaku over its latest PS5 update, claiming newly added features should’ve launched with the system back in 2020. Well, former Sony product manager Steven Trombetta took issue with that viewpoint, claiming that “some things had to go” while building the console in order to keep the team from crunching during a global pandemic. Trombetta claims that “employee health was the priority” which it always should be.

CD Projekt Confirms The Witcher 3 Current-Gen Upgrade Still On Track For Later This Year

The Witcher 3 fans are patiently awaiting the game’s current-gen release on PS5 and Xbox Series X after several delays pushed the title further and further back. With still no word on when the version will release, fans have started to worry that another delay is on the way, but a new post on the CD Projekt Red website has revealed the title is still on track for Q4 2022. Good news for us, bad news for our backlogs.

Rumoured September Nintendo Direct May Have Been Delayed Due To The Queen’s Death

News of the Queen of England’s death quickly swept the globe as several companies have called off upcoming events as a mark of respect. One of those companies may be Nintendo, as the recently rumored Nintendo Direct that is allegedly scheduled to take place later this month may have been delayed due the Queen’s passing. This comes from the same industry insiders that leaked the Direct in the first place, Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti, who claim the Direct might be delayed, but are currently unsure on Nintendo’s decision.

Velma Doesn’t Call The Cops Anymore In MultiVersus

Finally, a bit more light-hearted news for you now, as MultiVersus fans have been celebrating the game’s new update and the addition of Gizmo to the roster. However, the main talking point of this new update that has fans hollering is a new change to Velma. Instead of calling the cops on opponents like a middle-class white woman, Velma will now call up the rest of the gang in the Mystery Machine to take people away, although what they do with them is a mystery we might not want to solve.

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