TechyHint Gaming The Biggest Gaming News For July 21, 2022

The Biggest Gaming News For July 21, 2022


A Na'vi, Joel and Ellie, and Joker from Persona 5.


I wish I could say I’ve got an exciting roundup for you, but it’s bad news from pretty much top to bottom today. The Last of Us fans will be feeling particularly upset, as footage from The Last of Us Part 1 has leaked and seemingly confirmed the lack of gameplay improvements.

Other stories from today include the delay of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Atlus confirming that those who own Persona 5 Royal on PS4 will have to buy it again on PS5 if they want to upgrade. You’ll find details on these stories and more if you read on.

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Whether or not The Last of Us Part 1 will have any significant gameplay improvements is a question that’s been asked ever since it was revealed during Summer Game Fest. That question looks to have been answered thanks to a new leak, and the answer is a resounding no. A new clip featuring combat for the first time made the rounds on social media, confirming previous rumors that the game doesn’t have improved combat. It definitely looks pretty though, but it raises questions as to why this is a full price product.


Atlus Confirms That You’ll Need To Buy Persona 5 Again To Play It On PS5

You may recall that earlier this year, Atlus announced a PS5 version of Persona 5 Royal that would also come to both Xbox and Nintendo Switch for the first time. Since the game has been on PS4 for quite a while, owners of the game on that system have been wondering if Atlus plans on offering a free upgrade, as has been the standard for next-gen ports this generation. The answer is no, as Atlus has confirmed that those wanting the PS5 version will have to buy it all over again.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Delayed To 2023-24

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was originally set to launch at some point this year, but Ubisoft’s first quarter earnings report has revealed the game has been delayed into the next fiscal year. That means the earliest we’ll get the game is April 2023, and even then, it could be until 2024 until the game actually launches. The publisher doesn’t explain why the delay has happened, but does state that the Avatar brand is a “major multi-year opportunity for Ubisoft.”

Ghost Recon Frontline And Splinter Cell VR Have Been Canceled

And Ubisoft didn’t stop there with the bad news either. It also revealed that it has canceled several upcoming projects, including battle royale title Ghost Recon Frontline, Splinter Cell VR, and two unannounced projects. Reaction to Frontline was mixed when it was first revealed, but Splinter Cell fans have been crying out for a new game in the series, and this news will likely sting for them more than most. Just like with Avatar, Ubisoft has refrained from explaining why these projects have been canceled.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Gets First Official Trailer

We have some good news to round things out though, as the first official trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer explains that a group of thieves have stolen something very precious for someone evil, and the majority of the film will revolve around them fixing their mistake. The trailer includes a bunch of interesting things for D&D fans to get excited about, including iconic creatures like Owlbears, Mimics, and Dragons.

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