The Biggest Gaming News For July 18, 2022


Biggest Gaming News July 18 2022

Today was another big one in terms of gaming news. In case you’ve gotten behind, we’ve got this roundup at the ready to get you back up to speed. We found out today that a Destiny 2 streamer is being sued for threatening employees at Bungie, Charles Boyd has now left the team working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, and an artist at Ubisoft sparked a debate about entitled gamers. There’s more where this came from, so keep on reading.

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Fortnite Could Be Teasing A Transformers Crossover

Transformers might be coming to Fortnite at some point in the very near future if any of the rumors are to be believed. The news comes from the official Twitter account which recently teased “it’s Prime time.” The talk has also been substantiated by the notorious leaker known as InTheShade who noted that “a new mech-like vehicle is being worked on codenamed PlateHawk. Players should be able to enter its seats, fire, secondary fire, sprint, and emote from it. Imagine if this was for the Transformers collaboration?” Time will tell.


Return To Monkey Island’s Guybrush “Really Surprised” At Art Style Backlash

The artwork in the upcoming Return to Monkey Island has been met with a mixed reception since the game was announced. While some are just fine with the style, others have been quite taken aback. The actor behind Guybrush Threepwood clearly falls into the former category. “I was really surprised that there were folks who were not happy with it,” Dominic Armato remarked in a recent interview. “It just never occurred to me that would be the case. It’s very unique, distinctive, and stylised.” Armato acknowledged the differences of opinion, but noted that “obnoxious abuse is never okay under any circumstances. There’s a difference between making your point and moving on and trying to get your way by virtue of being as loud and obnoxious as possible.”

Ubisoft Artist Says Entitled Gamers Make Game Launches “A Horrid Experience”

While gamers are often vocal in their criticism, developers don’t often do much to defend themselves, remaining fairly quiet in the face of abuse. Well, someone finally spoke out on the matter, causing a flood of similar comments. “I’ve received death threats in the past over Division 2. It’s unacceptable,” Lead Prop Artist at Ubisoft Joe Hobbs remarked on Twitter. “The harassment that game developers receive is utterly disgusting and I see it in the comments of most developers who say pretty much anything.” Hobbs went on to describe how “the sad fact is that most game developers go on complete social media blackout for weeks following the launch of whatever they’ve worked on and I’d heavily advise it. Get some rest, recharge after the push to shipping the game. People will say toxic stuff no matter what you do.” This should be obvious, but we all need to remember that games are made by real people.

Destiny 2 Streamer Sued For Cheating And Threatening Bungie Employees

Luca Leone who frequently streams Destiny 2 content is being sued for repeatedly threatening employees at Bungie. The company is currently asking for an injunction against Leone for “harassing, stalking, or otherwise engaging in unwanted or unsolicited contact with Bungie, its employees, or Destiny 2 players.” The filing notes how the “combination of conduct makes Bungie’s decision to bring this lawsuit easy. As Bungie has demonstrated repeatedly, it will not allow its game, its community, or its employees to be abused, defrauded, or threatened. Leone has done all three and this action is the consequence.” At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this should be obvious, but we all need to remember that games are made by real people.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Creative Director Charles Boyd Leaves BioWare

Charles Boyd has worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic since the very beginning, but the former Creative Director is now moving on to greener pastures. “Even after almost sixteen years, I still can’t fully believe how lucky I’ve been to work on Star Wars: The Old Republic,” Boyd remarked. “The Star Wars galaxy has always been a huge part of my life since I was a kid, so getting to play a role in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s growth from its initial vision to a colossal release and then an incredible live service for over a decade has been an amazing experience.”

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