TechyHint Gaming The Biggest Gaming News For August 13, 2022

The Biggest Gaming News For August 13, 2022


Biggest Gaming News August 13 2022


Here we are at the beginning of yet another weekend. I don’t know about you, but I normally spend my weekends gaming, so if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably gotten behind on the latest news. Well, don’t worry. That’s what these roundups are all about. Today, we heard that Ghost of Tsushima could be filmed in Japanese, Gotham City has 400 years of backstory in Gotham Knights, and the people behind Sonic Omens have been going off the rails. There’s more where this came from, so read on for the rest.

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Gotham City Has 400 Years Of Backstory In Gotham Knights

What gets me into a game is really good worldbuilding, so I’m of course looking forward to Gotham Knights. The location where the game takes place, Gotham City, apparently has 400 years worth of backstory. The Court of Owls on the other hand represents a brand new addition to the franchise. According to Creative Director at WB Games Montreal Patrick Redding, “one of the things that we love about The Court of Owls, aside from the fact that it’s a new, fresh addition to the Batman canon, is that they represent a threat that is so embedded, so intrinsic to Gotham City that Batman doesn’t even know about it. The notion of a threat that is so intimately tied to a city that he considers to be his city, that he knows like the back of his hand, that he’s been patrolling for literally decades at this point, that’s a very intimidating and scary idea.” I personally can’t wait to play this one.


Ghost Of Tsushima Director Wants The Film To Be Completely In Japanese

Ghost of Tsushima the game was all about authenticity, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Ghost of Tsushima the movie might just be in Japanese. “I think that if we did this right, it would be visually stunning,” Director Chad Stahleski said. “It’s character driven. It’s got an opportunity for great action, great looks. And honestly, we’d try to do it all in character. Meaning, it’s a Japanese thing about the Mongols invading Tsushima island. A complete Japanese cast, in Japanese. Sony is so on board with backing us on that.” Sounds exciting.

The Person Who Delisted PT Wishes Things “Had Gone Differently”

PT has become infamous not only for scaring the living daylight out of players but for having disappeared without a trace. The game was removed from distribution without so much as a mention. Things on the other hand could have turned out very differently. “Fun fact,” former Brand Manager at Konami Pearl Lai said. “Since I was the first party lead at the time at Konami, I helped get this product set up on the storefronts, fake publisher and everything. And I was the one who had to call Sony and ask them to take it down and block redownloads. That was a super fun conversation.” The developer went on to say that “believe me, I wish it had gone differently, too.”

Thief Hides $70,000 Worth Of Stolen Pokemon Cards At Their Mom’s House

Someone was recently caught pilfering Pokemon cards from a store in the UK called Magic Madhouse to the tune of about $70,000. When the jig was finally up, their secret hiding place, mom’s house, was raided by police and all of their ill gotten goods were seized. “He would take cards out of boxes and put them in his pocket,” the owner of Magic Madhouse Michael Duke mentioned. “We didn’t have any closed-circuit television in the premises at the time, so if he was isolated, he was using it as an opportunity to grab things.” The situation soon escalated to the point that when police got around to searching the residence, “there were cards everywhere, all over the house. In the living room, kitchen, everywhere.”

Sonic Omens Devs Reportedly Paywalled Previews Through Patreon, Stole Music From Cars 2, And Sexualised Maria

The people working on Sonic Omens have apparently been going off the rails, paywalling all sorts of content, stealing music, and making controversial character changes. “They have been involved in harassment, paywalling Sonic Omens previews behind Patreon and a Russian Patreon equivalent,” the whistleblower, Farkle, said in a lengthy statement. “The project also stole music from Cars 2: The Video Game and they are spreading lies about the past drama.” The fan game looks like it might just be dead in the water at this point.

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