The Best Typeless Minions In Hearthstone Battlegrounds


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Hearthstone Battlegrounds has a variety of minion types, from Beasts to Demons to Quilboar, and as such, you have diverse options when it comes to building a team. However, some minions are typeless, and these are some of the strongest minions in the game.

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This article aims to rank the top thirteen typeless minions while keeping a few things in mind in doing so: a minion that offers more value in itself (in other words, it’s not dependent on other minions to be good) will generally be favored over minions who can only offer value in relation to other (allied) minions.

Updated November 26th, 2022, by Shane Martin: Hearthstone Battlegrounds saw a decently sized update just a few weeks prior to the release of its March of the Lich King expansion. In this release (and among even more changes), some minions were added, some were removed, and some were changed. As such, this list was updated to make room for the newer typeless minions, as some of them have proven to be extremely strong in their own rights. In response, the meta has been slightly shaken up, and to reflect that, three more typeless minions have been added to this list, the order of minions shifting in response as well.


13/13 Wrath Weaver

Wrath Weaver makes the first minion on this list because of how well he scales into the late game. A tier-one minion that can stay in play long enough to become part of your end-game team is nothing to scoff at. However, he has two major pitfalls: he is dependent on Demons to scale, and specifically on Kathra’natir to make your hero invulnerable.

You can run Wrath Weaver without the latter, but he won’t really be good in the late game because you’ll eventually be taking too much damage from his passive effect and end up killing yourself.

12/13 Tavern Tipper

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tavern Tipper card

Tavern Tipper is an excellent tier-one minion to pick up due to how well she scales throughout the early and mid-game. While she usually won’t persist long enough to become part of your end-game team, sometimes she might.

On top of that, if you have a way of stat-swapping, like with Vol’jin’s hero power (Vol’jin is one of the best mercenaries too, by the way), Tavern Tipper is a solid minion to pick up in the early game.

11/13 Soul Juggler

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Soul Juggler card

Soul Juggler’s biggest con is that he, like Wrath Weaver, is dependent on Demons to provide value to you (he’s not dependent on Kathra’natir, though). That said, if a team of Demons, especially Deathrattle Demons, is built around Soul Juggler, he is a monster in the early and mid-game as he excels at killing your opponent’s relatively low-health team.

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He’s not ranked higher because of his Demon dependency but also because he doesn’t scale well into the late game. Eventually, minions will just have too much health for Soul Juggler to do anything meaningful.

10/13 Baron Rivendare

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Baron Rivendare card

You might be wondering why Baron Rivendare isn’t higher on this list, and the answer is the following: he’s a very niche minion. There are, indeed, a few very powerful team compositions that function around Deathrattles and, as a result, are complemented extremely well by Baron.

However, because of this limited number of compositions (mainly Leapfrogger or Goldrinn Beasts, Scallywag Pirates, or Omega Buster Mechs), he is ranked where he’s at.

9/13 Treasure-Seeker Elise

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Treasure-Seeker Elise card

Treasure-Seeker Elise is a remarkably underrated card. Even though she gives you a golden minion every five Refreshes, she often goes unpicked. That said, she’s one of your best ways of saving the gold on leveling up to Tavern Tier six. Instead of doing as much, pick up her Golden Monkey at Tavern Tier five on repeat to discover your coveted tier-six minions a whole bunch of times.

After all, you’re going to be Refreshing your Tavern Tier anyway, so you might as well pick up a Golden Monkey or two while you’re at it.

8/13 Zapp Slywick

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Zapp Slywick card

Zapp Slywick is a phenomenal card because of how good he is at eliminating high-priority targets off your opponent’s board, and it’s really as simple as that. He’s even better if you can buff him up with some stats (through a stat-swap mechanic, Majordomo Executus, or some Blood Gems, to name a few ways).

7/13 Patient Scout

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patient scout

Patient Scout is one of the best minions you can pick up early game, especially if you don’t have a full board of minions yet. After waiting for a mere six turns, you can turn that Patient Scout into a free tier-six minion; if it’s golden, you’ll be able to pick up two tier-six minions.

This value is nearly unparalleled, and this is a minion you’ll definitely want to pick up to try and hit your tier-six minion goals before you’re even at Tavern Tier five. The Discover mechanic here makes it even better as it’s not a completely random effect, providing you with some choice.

6/13 Tunnel Blaster

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tunnel Blaster card

If you thought Treasure-Seeker Elise was an underrated minion, Tunnel Blaster is even more so. He is rarely used, yet he’s the absolute best minion to remove enemy Divine Shields (he essentially replaced the old Unstable Ghoul).

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On top of that, he can possibly eliminate high-priority targets or weaker minions because he does three damage to everyone upon dying, not just one damage. So basically, if you’re against any composition running full Divine Shields (or there’s a George the Fallen in your lobby), definitely consider picking up a Tunnel Blaster.

5/13 Lightfang Enforcer

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lightfang Enforcer card

Lightfang Enforcer is your staple minion if you’re running any type of mixed-minion team. She becomes absurdly strong if you find the quest reward “your end of turn effects trigger twice,” but even without this, Lightfang Enforcer puts in some serious work.

Easily one of your supportive win conditions in the late game if you have at least three different minion types on board.

4/13 The Walking Fort

Hearthstone Battlegrounds The Walking Fort

The Walking Fort is pretty much a better Lightfang Enforcer. Not only does it give more stats, but it allows for an unbelievable amount of diversity with the team you want to draft. Seeing that you can give any minion you want Taunt, this is the most flexible typeless minion in the game when talking about buffing your existing minions.

With The Walking Fort, you can commit to any kind of mixed minion team you want. Hard to get better than that.

3/13 Interrogator Whitemane

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Interrogator Whitemane

Interrogator Whitemane essentially does what Zapp Skywick does (killing priority targets), except she does it much better than him. With her, you not only give the minion across from her Taunt, but it takes double damage, making it super simple to take down.

As such, you can channel your big-brain thinking and position her across from where you think your next opponent’s priority or carry minion is so that you can dispatch it with ease.

2/13 Mantid Queen

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Mantid Queen card

Making our way to the second-best typeless minion in the game, we reach the Mantid Queen. Like the Lightfang Enforcer, she is a superb minion to have if you’re running any type of mixed-minion team. More so, she inherently has poisonous, making her the only minion with that keyword when Murlocs are not in play and, consequently, extremely valuable.

You don’t even need her on a mixed-minion team because of this, and at the end of the day, she has a 25 percent chance to gain Divine Shield, even if you only have one minion type on the board. Divine Shield plus Poisonous equals nearly unparalleled value. However, she’s not the best typeless minion because of this slight element of luck and her slight dependency on a mixed-minion team. That spot is reserved for the one and only….

1/13 Leeroy the Reckless

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Leeroy the Reckless card

Leeroy the Reckless is by far the best typeless minion in the game. Generally speaking, only swarm teams counter him (and Tunnel Blaster), and typically only one is viable in the end-game: Leapfrogger Beasts. Other than that, the fact that Leeroy can one-shot-kill anything, even through Divine Shields, makes him incredibly high-priority against late-game teams.

Furthermore, he is completely and utterly self-dependent, as the value he brings to your team comes from him and him alone. He requires absolutely nothing to facilitate him, and with all these factors combined, he is the best typeless minion in the game.

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