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Dragon Quest Treasures split jessica morrie

Dragon Quest Treasures’ gameplay loop of finding treasures, appraising them and getting fired up to find more is delicious. And it’s all the more so for Dragon Quest fans when practically all the treasures are references to earlier games.

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Both the popular and obscure games get their characters or items hidden somewhere, and it’s up to you to excavate and enjoy them. Just know that if you’re hoping to loot the Sword of Light or Erdrick’s armour, you’ll have to wade through a sea of cheap knock offs made of mud.


8/8 Leather Hat

Beyond the more scintillating jewels and gilded goods, you’ll more often unearth some of Dragon Quest’s recurring weapons and equipment. It’s entertaining to hear Erik or Mia shout “Alright! First time I’ve seen one of those!” when appraising one of these common items, but thankfully, they’re branded as historical items, and are worth much more than the usual sixty-five gold.

The Leather Hat itself has been available since Dragon Quest 3 and since then has been seen in practically every game. This unassuming hat has protected the heads of heroes since time immemorial — in Dragon Quest at least.

7/8 Dragon Quest Rivals Cards

Dragon Quest Treasures rivals cards

If you’ve collected a couple of these cards, you might have been a little confused. Unless you’re a die-hard fan, you probably didn’t know of the Dragon Quest Rivals series, which are Japan-only card battlers.

Sadly, the latest member of the series, Dragon Quest Aces, shut down in July 2021, so the chances of seeing this series in English are slim. So chances are that these card treasures may be the first and last thing the rest of the world will see of Dragon Quest Rivals.

6/8 Slamichi

Dragon Quest Treasures slamichi walk

This wholly unique slime is the mascot for the Dragon Quest spin-off: Dragon Quest Walk. Though the game was never released outside of Japan, Dragon Quest Walk is super popular, and as an AR-walking game, it ranks second in the world only to Pokemon Go.

In the game, Slamichi is your worried advisor who nevertheless acts bravely when faced with danger. This sociable slime and his silver compass are quite popular in Japan, to the point that he has his own range of plushies and toys.

5/8 Meena & Maya Mahabala Statues

Dragon Quest Treasures meena IV

These heroic sisters from Dragon Quest 4 have defeated Balzack, avenged their father and have returned to the series in statue form. Meena is the younger of the two and practices fortune-telling, while Maya is a dancer.

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Both have appeared separately in a Dragon Quest Heroes game, and together in Dragon Quest Rivals and Dragon Quest Walk, so it’s not surprising they’ve made an appearance as treasures here too. Fans of the fourth game will surely enjoy trying to find this pair of party members.

4/8 Jessica Albert Statue

Jessica Albert Dragon Quest Treasures 8

Jessica is a tomboy mage who first appeared in Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King, and since then has appeared in both Dragon Quest Heroes games and a handful of other spin-offs. She’s so popular that, in the re-release of 8 for the 3DS, an alternate ending was added where the protagonist could marry her instead.

So, it’s fair to say that she’s one of the serie’s the most beloved characters, but thankfully fans can collect plenty of other 8 memorabilia too. This includes Angelo, Princess Medea and even one of Castle Trodain’s cursed walls, with thorns and everything.

3/8 Morrie Statue

Morrie Dragon Quest Treasures 8

The owner of Morrie’s Place, the monster arena in Dragon Quest 8, is an exuberant character in both dress and personality. He was added as a party member for the 3DS version, and is a man driven by passion, living life with gusto. He’s another character that’s become something of a fan favorite, with appearances in a handful of games.

In Dragon Quest Treasures, his is surely a statue worth vying for, and if you manage to best him in the arena of Dragon Quest 8, he builds a statue of you instead!

2/8 Monster Scout Statues

Dragon Quest Treasures Monsters Scout

Though not a direct sequel, Dragon Quest Treasures owes a lot of its DNA to the Dragon Quest Monster spin-off series. So, fans of the series will be happy to see that the monster scouters are back, though this time as collectible statues.

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There are three spiky-haired monster scouts to collect, and they’re each valued at over a million gold. These are worthy predecessor prizes for fans to display and enjoy. Here’s hoping that Square Enix is thinking to rerelease these classic Dragon Quests spin-offs for more people to enjoy.

1/8 Hero Statue (Dragon Quest I)

Dragon Quest Treasures hero

The game’s hero statues all rank at the highest rarity, legendary, and each come with worthless recreations made of mud that you’re much more likely to find. Too often, you will find the silhouette of a valuable treasure only to appraise it and find that it’s junk.

But when you find the real deal, you’ll be treated to that classic celebratory musical melody and have an excellent treasure to display. The hero of the first Dragon Quest game set the precedent for silent, nameless protagonists for the series and many other JRPGs to come.

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