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The Best Planswalkers For A Gruul Deck In MTG


Gruul planeswalkers featuring Wrenn and Six, Domri and Minsc

In Magic: The Gathering, the Gruul color alignment of green and red is known for its powerful creatures, harsh burn spells and excessive mana ramp. Gruul hits hard, and when done right, it hits fast.

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The planeswalkers of Gruul fall into these same characteristics, with most sporting abilities that will add mana, deal direct damage, or seriously pump the power of your creatures. While Gruul might be one of the most neglected color alignments in terms of extremely powerful planeswalkers, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great planeswalkers out there flying the Gruul colors.


8 Samut, The Tested

Samut, the Tested is the weakest of the bunch, but not the worst Gruul planeswalker card out there. Costing two generic mana, one red, and one green, Samut comes in with four loyalty. None of her abilities are groundbreaking and are even perhaps mediocre. This is particularly true of the -2 ability, which is such a huge loyalty cost for one that can be negated by a simple burn card that most Gruul decks will already have in their arsenal.

However, the ability to add double strike and the ultimate which lets you put two cards onto the battlefield for free are great abilities to have in a pinch. It’s not a card you should be building your deck around by any means, but it can find its place in most Gruul decks.

7 Domri Rade

When most people think of Gruul planeswalkers, they think Domri, seeing as he makes up a third of all Gruul planeswalker cards. Domri Rade comes in extremely cheap, at only one generic, one red, and one green mana. Most of his abilities can be done with instants that most players might already have included in their Gruul deck, especially the creature versus creature one.

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The real value of Domri Rade comes from his ultimate ability, which gives you a permanent emblem that’s so hard to deal with for the other player that it effectively ends the game at the next combat phase. This alone makes the card worth running since it’s going to make your already-strong Grull creatures unbeatable. The downside is that his other abilities won’t do much that you would want from a planeswalker card.

6 Domri, Chaos Bringer

Here’s where the Gruul planeswalkers start to find their footing. This Domri’s +1 ability allows you to add either one red or green mana and gives a creature riot if that mana is used to cast it. Riot is an ability unique to Gruul from Ravnica Allegiance, which gives a creature either a +1/+1 counter or haste upon entering the battlefield. Paired with a card like Rhythm of the Wild, it’s possible to give your creatures two instances of riot when entering. This gives you the ability to either add both haste and a +1/+1 counter or two counters instead.

His ultimate ability to create an emblem which gives you a free 4/4 red/green Beast token with trample each turn is also a great way to build your army. However, his +1 ability is his strongest aspect, as it almost guarantees each creature is entering the battlefield with riot.

5 Sarkhan Vol

Sarkhan is known as the planeswalker that synergizes with Dragons, and this planeswalker does not disappoint on that. His ultimate will allow you to create five 4/4 flying Dragon tokens. If your opponent has no answer for flying then it’s an easy game over. The best part is how quickly you can get to Sarkhan Vol’s ultimate ability, as he enters with four loyalty and only requires six for it.

This makes Sarkhan a big and fast threat, making your opponent either remove him or attack him with heavy creatures. This can easily be answered by his -2 ability, which acts as an Act of Treason. If your opponent plays heavy creatures to counter, you can just gain control of them.

4 Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes

Minsc & Boo is one of the most unique planeswalkers to be featured in Gruul. For one, it can be set as your commander, which is not all too common among planeswalkers. Second, it gives you access to the only Hamster creature in all Magic: The Gathering. Boo is a legendary 1/1 Hamster with trample and haste that you create at the beginning of each upkeep, if able.

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You can then give Boo three +1/+1 counters or choose to sacrifice him for direct damage to your opponent, based on Boo’s power — all while being able to bring him back on your next upkeep. A card like Maskwood Nexus will allow you to make all your creatures Hamsters and take full advantage of Minsc’s second ability. Even a card like Mirror Box will allow you to make as many Boos as you please, and these are only a few of the countless ways to synergize with this card.

3 Arlinn Kord

One of the few transforming planeswalkers, Arlinn Kord shines in her transformed state. Having the ability to give all your creatures trample for the turn is a great ability for Gruul decks, which tend to run high-power creatures.

The strongest aspect of the card is the ability to create an emblem which will permanently give your creatures haste, and the ability to tap them to deal direct damage to the target creature or player based on their power. Since this can be done at instant speed, once this emblem is out there’s no need to attack anymore. You can just tap all your creatures at your opponent’s end-step and deal direct damage.

If you wanted to get weird with it too, you could have two copies of Arlinn Kord on the board — so long as one is transformed and the other isn’t.

2 Wrenn And Six

Wrenn and Six might just be the most well-known and sought-after Gruul planeswalker out there, and her price point certainly reflects that. This is with good reason, of course, because Wrenn and Six is strong — especially for decks that run fetch lands. Her +1 ability to return a target land from your graveyard to your hand will allow you to ramp up on mana consistently, especially while running lands like Fabled Passage. Pair Wrenn with a card like Dryad of the Ilysian Grove and the ramp gets steeper.

This all comes from a planeswalker that costs only one red and one green mana, too. At such a low cost, Wrenn and Six does so much out of the gate, and this isn’t even including her game-breaking ultimate, which gives all your instant and sorcery spells retrace.

1 Xenagos, The Reveler

Xenagos, The Reveler is everything you would want in a Gruul planeswalker. You can ramp up on mana drastically, you can create cannon fodder creatures, and you can cheat out a nice selection of potentially powerful creatures. Oh, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like Wrenn and Six. However, it will cost you double the mana.

Playing mana dorks like Elvish Mystic will allow you to ramp up on mana, so much and so quick that by turn five you could be dropping a game-ending planeswalker or creature. The sky is the limit with Xenagos, The Reveler, and the amount of all-around value that comes from the card makes it easily the best Gruul planeswalker out there.

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