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The Best Pistols And How To Get Them In Fallout 4


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The selection of weapons in Fallout 4 allows you to craft unique role-playing builds that each use different weapons and effects. Pistols are an abundant weapon type throughout the Commonwealth, especially at the beginning of the game. Even the first gun you get in Fallout 4 is a pistol.

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There are many pistols to acquire throughout Fallout 4 and its expansion packs that range from revolvers to a Salvaged Assaultron Head. Below, you can find a list of the best pistols in Fallout 4, their effects, and how to get them.

Updated July 18, 2022 by Michael Caruso:Pistols are a surprisingly versatile weapon type in Fallout 4. There are many pistols that fall under both the ballistic energy categories, along with lots of unique attachments you can equip to customize each of them even further. Pistols work well with critical hit builds, but you can also pair them with stealth for a powerful twist. With so many pistols to choose from in Fallout 4, it’s no surprise that there are even more to collect and wield in combat.


13 Hub’s Alien Blaster

  • Damage: 50

  • Effect: Critical hits deal twice their regular damage, and the critical meter fills up 15% quicker.

  • How To Get: Complete the “Trip To The Stars” quest south of Nuka-World.

The Hub’s Alien Blaster is the only unique Alien Blaster in Fallout 4. You can unlock this pistol in the Nuka-World DLC, making it somewhat more restrictive than other pistols since it requires you to have an expansion pack. Nonetheless, Hub’s Alien Blaster is easily one of the strongest pistols and energy weapons in the game.

In addition to dealing energy damage, Hub’s Alien Blaster also increases your damage with critical hits and allows you to shoot more critical hits overall. If you use VATS regularly, then you need to add Hub’s Alien Blaster to your collection.

12 Survivor’s Special

  • Damage: 31

  • Effect: Deals extra damage as you lose health.

  • How To Get: Complete “The Lost Patrol” quest and convince Paladin Brandis to return back to the Brotherhood Of Steel faction.

The Survivor’s Special is a special Laser Pistol, which in addition to dealing its regular base damage of 31, also increases its damage as your health drops. You’ll deal more damage the lower your HP, which is incredibly helpful in situations where you think you’re about to die.

Nobody likes staying at low health in regular circumstances, but it can actually be advantageous while using the Survivor’s Special weapon. If you like energy weapons and want one with a unique effect, then you can collect the Survivor’s Special by convincing Paladin Brandis to rejoin the Brotherhood Of Steel during the “Lost Patrol” mission.

11 Acid Soaker

  • Damage: Ten

  • Effect: Deals acid damage over-time, and causes your enemy to lose their damage resistance.

  • How To Get: Collect 6,250 tickets and interact with the terminal at the Nuka-Cade in Nuka-World.

The Acid Soaker is very unique. Not only does it deal poison damage, but its design is also unlike anything else in Fallout 4 or its DLCs. You can earn the Acid Soaker from the Nuka-Cade in the Nuka-World DLC, adding to the ways in which it’s different from other weapons.

The Acid Soaker is outmatched by a few other pistols in Fallout 4, but it offers a special damage type and an interesting appearance, making it worth carrying despite its low damage. Overall, the Acid Soaker is great if you’re looking for something completely new to add to your arsenal.

10 Plasma Pistol

  • Damage: 48

  • Effect: None.

  • How To Get: Purchase a Plasma Pistol from a merchant after reaching level 16.

The Plasma Pistol isn’t particularly unique, but it is one of the strongest pistols in Fallout 4, especially if you find one with a legendary effect after defeating a legendary enemy. Plasma Pistols aren’t rare compared to other weapons within this list, making this one of the easier options to get if you want to get a powerful pistol quickly.

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Plasma Pistols deal a powerful shot that deals both ballistic and energy damage. With their high base damage, it’s easy to see why so many pistol enthusiasts love using this type of gun. Even the appearance of the Plasma Pistol is great, which is an added bonus.

9 Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun

  • Damage: 35

  • Effect: Knocks enemies back.

  • How To Get: Help Jack Cabot defeat Lorenzo at the end of “The Secret Of Cabot House” quest.

Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun has more potential than any other pistol in Fallout 4, but it’s not a standard ballistic or energy pistol. Instead, it shoots out a blast that can knock enemies back, in addition to dealing radiation damage. This explosion is not only powerful, but a lot of fun, so it helps add variety to any character’s arsenal.

If you like using unique weapons and want one in the form of a pistol, then Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun is the best in this category. However, you’ll only earn Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun if you side with the Jack Cabot character at the end of “The Secret Of Cabot House” side quest.

8 Salvaged Assaultron Head

  • Damage: 35

  • Effect: Deals energy damage.

  • How To Get: Found inside a chest at the end of the Fort Hagan Hangar.

The Salvaged Assaultron Head is a weapon available in the Automatron DLC. Unlike most pistols, the Salvaged Assaultron Head is an energy weapon that you can charge and shoot at enemies. The effect of the Salvaged Assaultron Head is similar to the Assaultron’s laser attack.

If you want a laser weapon but prefer pistols, then the Salvaged Assaultron Head is one of the only unique options available in Fallout 4. The Salvaged Assaultron Head also has a distinct appearance, which makes it a great collector’s item.

7 Flare Gun

  • Damage: Ten

  • Effect: Signals the Minutemen to help you.

  • How To Get: Complete “The First Step” quest.

Unlike the other pistols in Fallout 4, the Flare Gun is a weak weapon that isn’t useful for dealing damage. However, Flare Guns are very useful since they can summon Minutemen to your location if you fire a flare while outside.

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You have to be a member of the Minutemen to call upon them during combat, and there are a few limitations, but overall, the Flare Gun is a fantastic piece of equipment that you should add to your collection. You can deal damage with the Flare Gun; however, it only deals ten damage, so it’s not worth using.

6 Wastelander’s Friend

  • Damage: 18

  • Effect: Deals 50% extra damage toward limbs.

  • How To Get: Purchase from Deb at the Bunker Hill settlement.

The Wastelander’s Friend is a fantastic weapon if you like to hit precise shots, because it deals extra damage to individual limbs. When you damage an enemy’s limb, the enemy will have trouble using that part of their body. For example, you can damage an enemy’s leg, and then it will be difficult for them to walk.

Not only is the Wastelander’s Friend weapon perfect for a powerful pistol build, but it’s also easy to acquire because you can buy it from Deb, who resides at Bunker Hill.

5 ​​​​​​Eddie’s Peace

  • Damage: 48

  • Effect: Deals 50% extra damage toward limbs.

  • How To Get: Kill Eddie Winter during the “Long Time Coming” quest.

Eddie’s Peace is a great weapon because, similar to the Wastelander’s Friend, it deals more limb damage than regular weapons. However, acquiring Eddie’s Peace is challenging because you have to complete the “Long Time Coming” quest, which is Nick Valentine’s companion quest.

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You can obtain Eddie’s Peace after you defeat Eddie. Eddie’s Peace deals 48 base damage, which is very powerful for a pistol. With its high damage output and special effect, Eddie’s Peace is one of the strongest weapons in Fallout 4.

4 The Gainer

  • Damage: 48

  • Effect: Deals 15 fire damage.

  • How To Get: Found east of Finch Farm in the “Vitale Pumphouse” unmarked location.

There aren’t many weapons in Fallout 4 that deal fire damage, which is why The Gainer is a great revolver to use if you can obtain it. The Gainer is inside of the Vitale Pumphouse, which is an unmarked location that you can discover east of Finch Farm. The weapon is lying on the ground inside the Pumphouse; however, you have to enter the correct combination of buttons to access it.

Press the first button ten times, then press the second button four times. The third button requires five clicks, and you only need to press the fourth button one time. You can then pick up The Gainer and use it during combat.

3 Western Revolver

  • Damage: 60

  • Effect: None.

  • How To Get: Complete the “High Noon” quest in Nuka-World.

The Western Pistol doesn’t have any unique effects; however, it’s still one of the strongest pistols in Fallout 4 because it deals 60 base damage. You can find the Western Revolver in Dry Rock Gulch inside of the Nuka-World DLC.

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You may prefer to use weapons without any special effects, either for a challenge or because it adds realism, and if you do, then the Western Pistol is the best choice available in Fallout 4 and its expansion packs.

2 Kellogg’s Pistol

  • Damage: 48

  • Effect: Refills action points when you use a critical hit.

  • How To Get: Kill Kellogg during the “Reunions” quest.

Kellogg is one of the main antagonists you face during the main storyline in Fallout 4. You’ll eventually track Kellogg to Fort Hagen and have to defeat him to progress in the story. Once you kill Kellogg, you can acquire Kellogg’s Pistol.

Kellogg’s Pistol deals 48 base damage, which is powerful on its own. However, Kellogg’s Pistol also restores your action points whenever you use a critical hit point in VATS. The high damage and effect combine to make Kellogg’s Pistol one of the best weapons in the Commonwealth.

1 Deliverer

  • Damage: 25

  • Effect: Increased VATS accuracy, and VATS costs -25% Action Points to use.

  • How To Get: Deacon gives this gun to you during the “Tradecraft” quest.

The Deliverer is one of the best weapons you can receive from a faction quest. Deacon gives you the Deliverer during “Tradecraft,” and you can use it however you wish after completing this quest.

The Deliverer isn’t the hardest-hitting pistol at only 25 base damage; however, your chance of hitting a shot in VATS is better while you’re using it. Additionally, using the Deliverer in the VATS menu gives you a 25 percent discount on action points expended. If you use both pistols and VATS, then the Deliverer is the perfect gun.

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