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The Best Nuns In Video Games


Bridget from Guilty Gear with a yo-yo above their head, three of The Saints from Hitman Absolution standing together, Bayonetta dressed as a nun with her arms outstretched, left to right

Everyone loves a good uniform. They’re a signifier of who you are, in some brief sense. Firefighters are protected and easily noticeable, and doctors have all their scrubs. Maybe that business suit means you do…business. And perhaps that habit is one of a nun, something media seems to have a fascinating obsession with.

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In truth, it’s pretty hard to find nuns in games who actually practice the faith, and oftentimes they’re a very different version of the real thing. Many times a nun character is mostly focused on the aesthetic, rather than the lifestyle.


7 Bridget – Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear has a delightful plethora of characters on display, from an American whipping around his alien buddy, to Jack-O, creator of the famed eponymous pose. You know the one. Then there’s Bridget, who has quite the loaded backstory.

Despite taking the anglicized name of an Irish god-turned-Christian saint, Bridget is born in England and actually has no religious association at all. Though raised as a girl to bypass a village superstition, he’s proud of who he is. Thing is, despite being dressed in a stylized nun’s clothing, he’s actually just a bounter hunter.

6 Lady Of The Charred Visage – Blasphemous

On the topic of blasphemy, we have Blasphemous. In a game so heavily focused on religious themes and a world ruled by a cruel divine power, one could expect nuns aplenty. In truth there are actually very few, restricted to a single isolated convent high in the mountains.

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Throughout the whole convent, you’ll fight a variety of enemies, many of them nuns living in perpetual penance. This convent, howver, exists in honor of the Lady of the Charred Visage — a woman so hateful of her own beauty she tried to burn it away with oil. She joined the convent not long after, dedicating her life to the Three Wills.

5 Double – Skullgirls

Skullgirls is a series with a real-life history just as complex as its own lore — if not a tad more. In-game though, characters fight to acquire the Skull Heart, a powerful artifact that can grant any wish. It’s a beloved fighting game that’s had many ports, and is still supported to this day.

Though again not strictly a nun in practice, Double takes on the form of one. They aren’t human, but instead a lifeform of seemingly divine creation whose goal is to ensure the Skull Heart falls into the right hands. They can actually take on any form they desire, though a nun perhaps makes the most sense when living in a cathedral.

4 Leliana – Dragon Age

Of Bioware’s many series, Dragon Age is definitely one of their most popular. From the varied choices, deep lore, and enticing characters, there’s plenty to care for. Though it takes place in a fictitious world, the belief of the Chantry is very much one akin to that of Christianity, of which Leliana is a devout member.

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Now, one might struggle to call Leliana a nun by any stretch in Inquisition, playing the role of spymaster-assassin — though in the original she was simply a chantry sister in training with major Joan of Arc ambitions. Clad in gowns and raised in a cloister, she yearns to prove her faith in practice, and will wax poetic about it the whole way.

3 Sister Adella – Bloodborne

It might be pretty hard at this point not to have heard about Bloodborne, with calls seemingly every hour asking for the PS4 exclusive to be remastered and brought to PC. It’s renowned for a reason, FromSoftware’s rendition of a world of gothic horror brought to life.

Prevalent as religion is in these genres, Bloodborne has a faith all of its own in the Healing Church. Within the Hypogean Gaol, players may encounter Sister Adella, and ideally return her to the Oedon Chapel. She’s a slightly unhinged sort, furious should you take Arianna’s blood over her own — eventually killing her and lashing out at you in obscene defiance.

2 The Saints – Hitman Absolution

The Hitman series has had quite the journey. Highly successful until Blood Money, Absolution came along as a soft reboot of the series. It became a much more linear experience, with less focus on targets and more on simply killing and running. It definitely wasn’t a great change, but it brought about a hilariously absurd addition with The Saints.

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As you might expect from the name and rather famous trailer, The Saints were nuns, though in appearance alone (something of a running theme in games). Actually trained as a network of all-female assassins, they would blend in as unassuming nuns, but dressed rather…lightly underneath. It’s a fact that maybe didn’t help the nun disguise all that much, but none of that really mattered because Agent 47 ends up killing them all anyway.

1 Bayonetta – Bayonetta

It can be hard at times to find the line between homage and original idea in Bayonetta. The game is such a blatant love letter to Devil May Cry, a series also created by Hideki Kamiya, yet is quite a bit more outrageous than anything DMC ever attempted.

What better way is there to be outrageous than to murder angels as a nun? Bayonetta begins with her summoning angels while in the habit of a nun, simply so she can punish them. She does it again at the end of the game, and frankly, the angels deserve it for falling for that one again. The worst part though is that the film, Bloody Fate, reveals that Bayonetta genuinely does this quite a bit, masquerading as a nun as something of a pastime.

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