The Best Items In Tactics Ogre: Reborn, Ranked


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Newcomers to Tactics Ogre: Reborn might need some help getting through even the early hours. From the beginning, the battles are tough for anyone inexperienced with the genre or who may have never played this game before. With level caps and proper balancing, grinding will only get you so far. In addition to proper classes, equipment, and skills, you will also need to have good items with you to claim victory.

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Keep a healthy supply of all of the items below to help make it through the toughest bouts. These are not rare or hard-to-find items, but instead simple ones you can either buy, craft, or regularly find through the adventure. With only four items per unit in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, you’ll need to properly equip them to ensure you have enough to make it through battles.


8/8 Mending Essence

Healing items are more important in this RPG than in many others because of how valuable MP is in the middle of battle. With powerful finishing moves costing MP, you will want to be wary of when to use healing magic. If you can use a healing item instead and save up MP, that might be the better option.

Of course, this also means potentially using money, which you also must carefully manage — unless you exploit the infinite goth trick. Mending Essence completely recovers your HP and is purchasable from the shop later in the game. Until you can buy this item, you can use the lesser healing items.

7/8 Gerun Powder

Tactics Ogre Reborn Gerun Powder

Petrification is worse than Stop. It is not only essentially a death sentence, but it also blocks the path if it happens to a unit in the wrong place. It isn’t a status ailment you will run into often, but certain enemies in the Hanging Gardens will give this to your units. In fact, the attack has a certain radius that can Petrify multiple units.

When you are in the Hanging Gardens, be sure to take plenty of Gerun Powders with you to immediately alleviate the effects of Petrify before it becomes a problem. Even if your party is overpowered, suffering from petrification can quickly give you a game over.

6/8 Magic Leaf

tactics ogre reborn magic leaf in crafting menu

As previously stated, MP is important in battles. At the start, every unit has zero MP and it regenerates slowly with each turn. Skills like Meditate can give characters a boost. But you should use a Magic Leaf to give you an even bigger MP boost.

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Having sufficient MP before the enemy actually gives you a great advantage. The reason behind this is that stocking finishing moves early on can even give you a quick victory if you are going for a bold, all-out assault. However, these items cannot be bought and are either found in battle or crafted.

5/8 Areion Plume

Tactics Ogre Reborn Areion Plume

Most of the story battles end when you take out a specific target in the field that is marked at the start of the skirmish. Because of this, many builds have a few heavy hitters who can break through enemy lines and beeline toward the target.

With the Areion Plume, you can further strengthen these units and give yourself an even bigger upper hand. While the swordmaster class has abilities that can strengthen your units, this item allows you to do it before your MP charges up.

4/8 Illumina Nectar

Tactics Ogre Reborn Illumina Nectar Item

With both magic spells and finishing moves using MP, Silence can be a particularly nasty status ailment. It’s also one you will want to inflict on enemies as much as possible.

Keep at least a couple of Illumina Nectars with you to be sure the enemies can’t damage your party too much by silencing your most valuable magic users. Being unable to use magic makes certain classes absolutely useless.

3/8 Ashmedai’s Grog

Tactics Ogre Reborn Ashmedai's Grog

Certain enemies will inflict Fear on your units, an ailment which both lowers defense and attack, leading to a disadvantage in both directions. The best way to combat this is to either use magic or give the unit an Ashmedai’s Grog.

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It is unfortunate to have to waste a turn using this item at all, but better to get rid of fear as soon as possible than to let your party member take any more unnecessary damage. When they are frightened, they are both too weak to do any meaningful damage and their defense is low enough to where they will be knocked out after just a few hits.

2/8 Feyrn Bolus

Tactics ogre Reborn Feyrn Bolus

Stop is not quite as bad as Petrify, but it is still an ailment you do not want. Where other ailments can be managed and aren’t much of a nuisance, Stop takes the party member out of commission for a while.

Use a Feyrn Bolus to put them back into action as soon as possible. If you have a well-balanced team, every member pulls their own weight and does something unique. The disadvantage to this is having them lose a turn can have negative repercussions start quickly.

1/8 Blessing Stone

Tactics Ogre Reborn Blessing Stone

After a unit’s HP hits zero, they are knocked out. After three turns of being incapacitated, they disappear forever, and it’s game over if it happens to Denam.

This is why the Blessing Stone is an absolutely vital item to keep in your inventory at all times. Not only does it get the party member back in the action, but they also get a turn right after they are revived. There is a spell that also resurrects party members, but the MP needed to use it is costly, so it is often better to use the item instead.

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