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Dislyte sonic miracle Windstriker

Building strong Esper squads is the key to success in Dislyte. There are many ways to improve each Esper, including equipping them with the best Relics. But each Esper also has several ways they can be levelled up via the Growth tab.

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Advancement is standard levelling, up to a maximum of level 60, while Resonance allows you to choose between extra health, attack and defence skill points. But you can also Ascend every squad member six times, with each Esper having a unique set of bonuses. These can add some big numbers to your stats and improve your skills. You need Waves to advance – and for Green heroes that means defeating Windstriker in the Sonic Ritual.


How The Sonic Ritual Works

You can find the Sonic Ritual in the Trials section of the Dislyte home screen. Once inside, you’ll find four choices of enemy – one for each Esper colour type. Sometimes all four options are available, but their availability is on a timer. This can be frustrating, as once closed they’re down for the whole day. There’s nothing you can do except come back tomorrow.

If Windstriker is available, click the record above its name. It has eight difficulty levels, each next one unlocking once you’ve won for the first time on the difficulty below. The stamina cost per battle rises from six to nine as the level increases, with the best (Elite) Inferno Waves available as potential rewards on difficulty six and above.

Windstriker Information

The way the battle unfolds is the same regardless of difficulty level, with just the strength of the enemies increasing.

There will always be two waves of enemies, the first being a Wind Distortion flanked by two Enchantment Tablets. All of their attacks inflict Poison DoTs, but they’re relatively weak and shouldn’t take long to get through.

Windstriker appears alone as wave two. He has the following abilities:

  • Roaring Wave: Damages all Espers and inflicts Poison for two turns (has a two-turn cooldown).
  • Howling Pulse: Standard attack that damages all Espers.
  • Poison Spread (Passive): If target Espers are inflicted with Poison, Windstriker will do significantly more damage to them.

While Windstriker and his pals are a bit of a one-trick pony, Poison damage is nothing to be sniffed at. Damage over time can quickly build up into a real problem, so without the correct mitigation your squad can find itself in real trouble.

Which Espers Are Best For Windstriker?

There are two basic ways to defeat Windstriker. Either do massive damage quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the Poison build up; or mitigate the poison with Cleanse and Immunity.

DPS Espers

Windstriker is a Green enemy, so Orange Espers are going to make hay – while Purple Espers will fail to land decisive blows.

Li LingOrangeMassive damage in boss fights thanks to part of each special hit (Tai Chi and Altar) doing True Damage, which lands for a percentage of the enemy’s health.
ChloeOrangeBoth her Stage of Fantasy and Fashion Sense attacks hit random enemies multiple times for big damage – perfect for a single enemy boss fight.
SanderOrangeAnother orange DPS Esper who attack at great speed while also having a chance to slow the enemy with Corrosion.
DrewOrangeSolid single target damage across all his attacks, while Shadow Shock has the added advantage of inflicting DEF down on the target.
JacobGreenJacob can play Windstriker at its own game, inflicting Poison damage of his own. But more importantly, his Entoxification attack gives Fangs to all Espers for two turns. During this time, they can’t be Poisoned and have a chance to retaliate to attacks.

​​​​​Support Espers

You’re either looking to end things fast, getting in a lot of attacks, or to cope with the constant barrage of Poison attacks. As such you’ll need good help.

Chang PuHer Prayer of Renewal gives all Espers Immunity (including from Poison) for two turns – and can be cast every three turns. While Restoration is a good single target heal for when Windstriker lands a crit.
GabrielleHer Rush ability grants DEF up and Immunity for two turns, so combined with Chang Pu (and timed right) you can have pretty much permanent Poison immunity throughout this battle. She also packs quite a punch, while her Broadside inflicts DEF down on the enemy.
FabriceAutumn Butterflies makes one Esper Invincible for a turn while granting your whole squad Immunity for two turns, keeping that Poison at bay. Also increases AP and grants Recovery, helping speed up the fight from your side while keeping your allies alive.
Ye SuhuaSolid support if you just want to get the job done fast. Star Dancer gives all Espers ATK and DEF up, while Astral Guardian (Invincibility and Recovery) will get a struggling Esper back in the game fast. Basic attack Stardust inflicts DEF down on the target, letting your DPS crew get to work.

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