The Best Early Game Monsters To Recruit In Dragon Quest Treasures


A collage of Erik and Mia travelling to a new adventure while encoutering in pirates in Dragon Quest Treasures.

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Exploring the world of Dragon Quest Treasures can bring you tons of fantastic monsters, each with its powers and strengths. However, you may find it challenging to find the most potent monsters early on to help you level up, fight gangs, and explore the world for treasure. After all, you’ll find many monsters early in the game, but which ones can you get to help you on your journey?

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As you focus on your team and look for solid creatures in the area, you can add them to your ranks and tackle other islands. However, you must prepare to succeed, so ensure you spend time looking into the best strategies along with some powerful monsters early in the game.


Where To Find The Best Beginner Monsters

As you look into the different monsters around, you’ll want to find the best options in the area. You can find these monsters and see what makes them strong picks. That way, you’ll know where to look for them, so you’ll improve your team and give yourself a head start with your monster party.


A collage of Mia fighting a Shadow while showing its location on the map in Dragon Quest Treasures.

You can find Shadows early in the game, and they work as solid party members. They deal a fair amount of damage while providing you with the Stealth ability, which can help you work around certain monsters. You’ll find them on the upper level of Paternoggin inside the Old Factory, but you can find stronger versions in the lower level if you want something with more power.

Restless Armour

A collage of a Restless Armour on Paternoggin and its location in Dragon Quest Treasures.

You’ll need a defensive monster to stay alive and avoid damage. The Restless Armour has an ability that lets them increase their defense, making it harder for enemies to harm them. You’ll want them for your frontline attacks, so they’ll avoid dying while dealing decent damage to other monsters. Go to the top layer and look around the Palatial Plains to find them.


A collage of an Orc and its location in Dragon Quest Treasures.

The Orc does a great job of providing damage for your party. Luckily, you can find some strong ones with decent health early in the game, allowing them to cover your needs. You just have to go to the west side of the Palatial Ruins and find plenty of them near the cliff. Their charge attack and powerful specials will help you take down stronger monsters, making them great if you want to recruit anyone new.

Hades Condor

A collage of multiple Hades Condors near a cliff in Dragon Quest Treasures.

You can also find the Hades Condor early on, making them a strong contender for your situation. Not only do they deal good damage, but they have a smaller size and quick speed, allowing them to avoid attacks. If you use the Gather Round command, you can have them run back to you and avoid damage. They’re northwest of the Teardrop Falls on top of a nearby ledge.

King Slime

A collage of a King Slime moving around on Paternoggin in Dragon Quest Treasures.

You can go with the King Slime if you want powerful special moves. They work well since their abilities hit large ranges, allowing you to take on large groups of enemies. You’ll want to utilize the King Slime as a strong monster you can use to unlock other monsters in the area. You’ll find a King Slim to the North-East of Palatial Ruins, in the middle of a dirt patch.

Gold Golem

A collage of a Gold Golem spotting Mia and its location on the map in Dragon Quest Treasures.

While you could utilize Golems as strong and tanky monsters, you can choose the Gold Golem as a stronger option. You’ll need to look around the entrance of the lower section of Paternoggin, but they work as more powerful options over the standard Golems. They don’t take long to find or beat either, making them a great choice early on.

Cutie Slime

A collage of Mia spotting a Cutie Slime in the distance with its spot on the map in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Even though you get a Cutie Slime at the start of the game, you can find stronger ones in the northern portion of the lower level of Paternoggin. These work well since they can deal ok damage while casting heal on your teammates. They’ll easily get everyone back up on their health and even provide you with some HP during difficult fights. Not only do they work well for most fights, but they can be life savers during boss fights.

Great Sabrecat

A collage of a dangerous Great Sabrecat in the distance with its location on a map in Dragon Quest Treasures.

If you want the strongest monster in the beginning area, you should look for the Great Sabrecat. Not only does it have amazing strength, but it also has high speed. It’ll be the hardest one to recruit, but if you want to make exploring the other islands easy, you’ll want to focus on this monster. Head east from the Old Gobbet Station to find this monster in a field.

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How To Recruit Higher-Level Monsters

A Muddy Hand uses its special attack with Mia commanding it in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Once you find the monsters, you’ll need to know how to recruit them so that you can call on them for help. Doing so may seem complicated, but you’ll make it easier as you take advantage of some crucial tips.

Start With Buddy Bullets

Buddy Bullets increase your odds of you scouting a monster. If you want to add any of the higher-level monsters to your party, hit them with a Buddy Bullet. From there, you’ll need to defeat them and check the right side of the screen once you do. It’ll give you a notification if you successfully scouted the enemy. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to find the monster again and win another battle.

Use Your Dragon Attacks

Dragon Attacks refer to the special moves you can perform with your teammates. You can charge up to three special moves and use them as needed. Before you fight the strong monster you want to recruit, store up some of the meters and unleash them as soon as the fight begins. Depending on the move and your level compared to theirs, you can take out three-fourths or more of their health.

You’ll still need to fight them afterward, but if you play carefully, you can take down the monster. This approach also lowers the odds of your party members getting knocked out since the enemy doesn’t have as many opportunities to attack.

Avoid using your Wild Side ability since it requires you to go up to the enemy and attack them, increasing the risk of you taking damage and losing the fight.

Play Defensively And Minimize Risks

Whenever you fight stronger monsters, you must play it safe. They can quickly take you down in a few hits, so focus on keeping your teammates alive while avoiding attacks. For example, you may want to stand back and shoot pellets at the enemy while your teammates fight them.

Keep an eye on their health bars and use your Cure Bullets to prevent them from dying. You should also use pellets to fight the enemy and deal additional damage. Even the weakest pellets can deal a decent amount of damage without putting yourself at risk. If you run low on health, run away and use your healing spell.

If you see an attack message box appear, or an AoE move appears on the ground, immediately roll to avoid it. If you’re in the air, you can’t roll out of it, but a roll on the ground can cancel your attacks.

Save Right Before The Battle

Losing your progress can be a pain, so ensure you save right before you try to fight stronger enemies. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing treasure or anything else you have on hand.

Once you beat and scout the monster, you should save again. You can also play it safe by going to a campfire to rest and restore your HP and MP right before the battle. The process also heals your monsters, increasing your odds of winning the battle.

Finding strong monsters early can help you not only navigate the world but also protect you from other monsters as you explore more islands. Utilizing various techniques, such as the Buddy Pellet, will help you recruit more of these monsters and get them to join your team. Ensure you keep at it, look throughout the islands for more partners, and work hard to become a master treasure hunter.

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