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The Best Crops To Farm For Star Coins In Disney Dreamlight Valley


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Money. We all need it. We all want it. How else will we pay for that 40,000 coin dress in Scrooge’s window? Or the once-in-a-blue-moon Beauty and the Beast item? There are multiple ways to earn coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but farming is always one of the biggest cash-earning areas in any life simulation game.

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Goofy has a crop stall per biome, not including the Plaza. You can find your seeds and start your farming journey in his stalls. The two most important things to remember on this journey are to use a farming buddy and plant within that seeds biome.

5 Pumpkins – Forgotten lands

goofys stall in the forgotten lands

Pumpkin farming is the most famous in the community. They are the most expensive to purchase in the game and sell for the most. A single pumpkin seed costs 275 coins and sells for 664 coins. Pumpkins take a while to grow and need watering. With a farming companion and around only six pumpkins grown, you are looking at 18,000+ coins every harvest.

Think of the potential if you planted more than six pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins will pay for your house upgrades in no time. The only downside is that they take four hours to grow. Without a farming companion, six pumpkins will sell for 3,984 star coins at Goofy’s stall.

Using your pumpkin harvest to cook pumpkin recipes will give you even more money if you sell said recipes to Goofy. Pumpkin recipes include Pumpkin Puffs, Grilled Veggie Platter (using only pumpkins), and Pumpkin Soup. You can get up to 130,000+ star coins a harvest this way, but it is more time-consuming.

4 Okra – Glade Of Trust

full grown okra in glade of trust

Okra grows really quickly when placed in the Glade of Trust. You only need to water it once and can harvest it the same day, later in the afternoon. One seed costs 135 coins and sells for 342 coins. At the moment, Okra is one of the best plants to rely on when it comes to farming for money. Okra is an ingredient in a five-star meal called Gumbo that requires one Okra, one Shrimp, one Chilli Pepper, one Tomato, and one Onion. Gumbo sells for 1,000-star coins, or you can feed five-star meals to ravens in the Forgotten Lands.

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You will get fast money and earn more than you spend. Okra takes around two hours to grow fully when taken care of. One single okra seed will grow three plants to sell. Twelve okra crops will yield 34 okra without a companion and will sell for4,104 star coinsat Goofy’s stall.

3 Canola – Forest Of Valor

goofys stall in forest of valor

Canola seeds need a lot of tender love and care to reach harvest. If you are a devoted gamer in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can get decent money from farming canola. One seed costs 25 star coins and sells for 109. You can cook Beignets, a four-star meal that sells for 524, with one Canola, Wheat, Egg, and Sugarcane.

The difference in what you have to spend and how much money you get out of this plant is what makes it one of the best for harvest. The only downside is watering it multiple times, but once you do, it is ready within 35 minutes.

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Do note that with a companion with the farming trait given to them, you will get twice or triple as many crops out of your harvest. That means more money. When planting crops, whatever biome you bought the seed from is where you should plant your seeds. When crops are planted in their respective biomes, they grow much faster.

2 Eggplants – Frosted Heights

Disney Dreamlight Valley eggplants in frosted heights

The eggplant is the best crop to come out of Frosted Heights. Usually, a good trick is to purchase the most expensive seed in the biome, and it will usually sell for a lot, but not in this case. Frosted Heights most expensive crop to purchase is asparagus at 150 and sells for 249.

One eggplant seed will cost you 95 coins and will sell for 308 coins. You get a good deal out of this one, but you do have to water eggplants quite a bit before you can harvest anything. They take a little while to grow, taking around three hours. Without a companion, eight eggplants will sell for 2,464 star coins at Goofy’s stall. You can use eggplant to make Ratatouille, which sells for 15k+. The ingredients for that dish are Tomato, Eggplant, Zucchini, Onion, and an Herb.

1 Onions – Forest Of Valor

disney dreamlight valley onions in forest

Onions are another cost-effective crop that yields almost twice as much coin as you buy them for. One seed costs 50 star coins and sells for 170. They are good extra crops to have on the side in your Forest of Valor as you make your daily rounds. They take around an hour to grow fully and need extra watering during this time.

Without a companion, eight onions will sell for 1,360 star coinsat Goofy’s stall. When deciding what crop to use as your consistent source of money, you will want to pay attention to how long they take to grow and how much care they need before they can be harvested. Onion is an ingredient in a lot of different recipes ranging from two stars to five.

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