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A pair of men look at the camera inside a dark and poorly lit hut.

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War, and the toll that it has on people, is something that you cannot escape in The Witcher 3. From the opening cutscene to the war-ravaged bog that Velen has become, the Nilfgaardian Empire’s invasion has left its mark. One of the first quests covering this is Missing in Action, which has Geralt helping a brother find closure.

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This quest starts at the notice board in White Orchard and will bring Geralt to the nearby battlefield filled with rotting corpses and monsters. He will have to help someone search for his missing brother, either dead or alive, to bring some closure.

Starting Missing In Action

The quest appears as one of several notices on White Orchard’s notice board. Picking it up will lead you to Dune Vildenvert, a man waiting at the Ransacked Village to the east of White Orchard.


Dune explains that he is searching the battlefield for his missing brother with his brother’s dog, Hussar. Dune has not been able to search as he has been driven away by attacking monsters. He offers Geralt a reward for protecting him while he searches again.

Alternatively, you can start the quest by speaking to Dune directly or by finding his brother ahead of time.

If you accept the request, he will ask you to meet him at the battlefield nearby.

Walking The Battlefield

A pair of monsters roar as they fight across a bloody, ruined battlefield.

Dune tells Geralt that the Temerian fighters from White Orchard had painted their shields with white flowers and asks Geralt to help him search for the shields. You can use your Witcher Senses to find the shields or visually identify them when walking by.

You will be attacked by ghouls during your search. They make up for their individual weakness by attacking in numbers and with aggression.

When fighting ghouls, try to stay on the defensive and wait until one gets separated from the rest of the group where it becomes an easier target. Their constant attacks make it hard to go on the offensive otherwise.

A screenshot of a game's map, showing a good location to search.

Hussar will pick up the scent when you find a burned body by the woods and will run toward a hut. His trail will appear on your Witcher Senses.

Making Your Choice

A pair of men shelter in an abandoned hut, covered in blood and damaged armor.

Hussar leads you to Dune’s brother, Bastien, and his Nilfgaardian rescuer, Rhosyn. Both men had survived the battle and helped each other shelter in the hut. Bastien asks Dune to bring Rhosyn back with them because Bastien would not have survived otherwise.

Dune is conflicted, worrying that sheltering a Nilfgaardian deserter would put his family in danger. He asks Geralt to decide. There are two options.

Take Rhosyn in

Dune will begrudgingly come up with a solution to help shelter the Nilfgaardian, to Bastien and Rhosyn’s relief. You will see Rhosyn with them if you pass by their house.

While long-term consequences are not in the game, this choice leaves Rhosyn alive with no apparent consequences, making it a better outcome at face value.

Refuse to help Rhosyn

It is clear that both survivors do not want this but Bastien will accept the situation, promising to help Rhosyn. If you return to the hut, you will find Rhosyn dead.

Regardless of your choice, you will receive money and experience points when the quest ends.

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