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The Benefactor SM722 Sports – GTA 5 Online


The Benefactor SM722 Sports - GTA 5 Online


This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about The Benefactor SM722 Sports Car before you buy Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

Let’s take a look at it on the legendary motorsports site. It’s a two-door sports car for two million one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. This vehicle is primarily based on the Mercedes McLaren Sterling Moss as it is one of the most beautiful vehicles of all time. As you can see it’s a completely topless car which makes it a really fun addition to the game because you don’t have a lot of these in grand theft auto online.

If you bring this into the Los Santos custom shop, you’ll find that it has 19 different categories of customization. It doesn’t seem like a lot compared to some of the other cars but it’s a lot especially when you consider it doesn’t have a roof it’s a topless vehicle.

So front and rear bumpers are the first two categories that you can modify.

There’s a handful of exhaust options there that you can choose from. There is nothing too extreme, probably the most extreme is the side exit exhaust which does look pretty good because it doesn’t just leave an empty exhaust hole in the back.

After that, move on to hoods, there are a couple of different hood options here.

Moving on to liveries, there is a lot of fun. The first one is a black stripe that puts a long black stripe just right down the center of the car on the back too that looks clean and classic.

The same is with the red stripe. It’s just going to be red instead of black.

Then the white stripe is similar but also slightly different and doesn’t take up the entire center of the car and instead is two medium-width white stripes that fade into taking over the entire back of the car and sort of splitting the door seal at a diagonal.

After that, it is arrow green and looks good. You’ve got this sea foam green as your center color outlined by this racing yellow pinstripe that goes all the way around the car.

Following that is racer 11 which is one of the cleanest looking ones and racer 10 is very similar except prioritizing the colors of green and yellow instead of red and black.

There are some fancier diamonds, starting with the rich purple color fading into pink and sort of the sunset orange and yellows basically towards the three-fourths front of the car in the diamond pattern with some sponsorships on the side.

Then there are fading bands, it starts with sort of a reddish pink fading to purple and then blue and the bands end up getting a little bit thicker towards the headrest.

The final livery is speed.

The color palettes start with a primary color and the primary color is going to have an impact on everything on the outside of the vehicle.

Then you’ve got your secondary color which is going to change everything secondary. Your trim color will have an impact on the interior of the car.

Then there is your roof accessory where you can choose between a roof bar or a force roof bar which gives a little bit of a sturdier look.

After that, it’s splitters. You’ve got a handful of them that you can choose from.

Then spoiler options are going to be important because it does not come with a spoiler. By default, so if you do want that traction bonus you are going to have to apply a spoiler and you have 21 options to choose from. You can make this vehicle unique and interesting.

After that, there are a couple of basic customizations: suspension, transmission, turbo, and wheels, unfortunately, those wheels cannot be changed with the i-fruit app as they’re chrome, you won’t be able to change the color of the stock rims.

Now if you take the car outside the Los Santos custom shop and in case you’re at a car show and you want to open up all the hoods and the doors. This is what it looks like, you can see the good kind of openings in a unique pattern and it is a nice car show vehicle because it is so unique. Obviously, in the low Santos sunshine, you’re never going to have to worry about the rain.

It is what the headlights look like, so you do get an extra set of bright lights.

It is going to be a great first-person car not only because it does not have the roof that’s going to get in your way but you can also just take advantage of that beautiful interior that a lot of other vehicles simply don’t have.

So to give a final opinion on this vehicle, it’s a unique and fun car. The only thing that’s going to stop you from enjoying this is how expensive it is.

Wait till this vehicle comes on discount because it eventually will Rockstar always does.


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