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The Apiarian Phantom In The Witcher 3


Geralt leaps into the air to strike a monster at night with his sword glowing with runes.


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One of The Witcher 3’s contracts has Geralt hot on the trail of the “Apiarian Phantom”, a monster that has been seen prowling around beekeeping apiaries at a meadery near Novigrad. The monster had already claimed the life of a farmhand before Geralt can take on the job.

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This contract pits Geralt against a tougher version of a monster that he will frequently battle later in the game. While this is another contract, no two contracts in the game are identical. If you are struggling with staying on its trail or defeating it, this guide will help you with all that and more.

Starting Contract: The Apiarian Phantom

A screenshot of The Witcher 3's map showing where the quest might start.

This quest can be started in three ways.


Picking Up The Contract

Like most witcher contracts, Geralt can literally pick the contract up at a notice board. This one is in the town of Yantra.

Visiting Honeyfill Meadworks

Talking to the owner, Holofernes Meiersdorf, inside the meadworks will start the quest.

Finding The Tracks

This monster leaves distinctive tracks in the dirt. Its identity is enough for Geralt to pursue the monster immediately.

While you will be rewarded, you will be unable to negotiate the reward through this method.

Some additional, if inconsequential, dialogue will be added if you finished the quest Honor Among Thieves, referencing Rico Meiersdorf.

Assuming that you picked up the contract or talked to Holofernes Meiersdorf, the job begins as soon as payment is agreed on. His son, Franklin, will bring Geralt to the apiary that the monster was sighted, letting you begin your investigation.

Tracking The Monster

An annotated screenshot of The Witcher 3, with orange circles around a trio of hints at a site.

The apiary in question is covered in frost, just like Heatherton in the quest The Nilfgaardian Connection. There are three clues to investigate at this location.

The Apiary

Geralt will comment on the frost covering it.

The Bloodstain

It is all that remains of the dead farmhand.


These tracks will lead you toward the monster.

Investigate the tracks for Geralt to begin following the monster. The trail is quickly broken by the monster entering the lake, making Geralt lose the tracks and search for the rest on the other side.

There are drowners and Drowned Dead close to the trail. They are difficult to avoid and are likely to attack you.

A screenshot of Geralt's Witcher Senses picking up a monster's trail next to a lake.

The trail picks up at the south end of the lake, leading to an abandoned building. Unable to squeeze through the same opening, Geralt will have to circle around to the east side of the house to find the entrance.

The boxes and barrels around the house are full of useful items such as Dwarven Spirit and Alcohest. This supply can keep your alchemical items topped up for a good while.

One of the Meiersdorf halflings will give Geralt the key to the house once he reaches the entrance, letting you uncover the monster’s lair.

Fighting The Apiarian Phantom

Geralt chases a monster on horseback, following it through a field at night.

The Apiarian Phantom turns out to be a Hound of the Wild Hunt, separated from its masters and gone feral. It will run out of the house and through the fields, forcing you to chase it down. Geralt will whistle for Roach shortly after, letting you keep up.

Roach’s questionable intelligence is a recurring theme in this game. If you are unlucky, Roach may get stuck on terrain, forcing you to whistle for her again in order for her to catch up.

The Apiarian Phantom will be invulnerable to damage until it stops running, near a windmill. Once that happens, the fight truly begins. It is essentially a deadlier Hound of the Wild Hunt, with both more health and harder-hitting attacks. You should be aware of two kinds of attacks.

A screenshot of Geralt fending off an icy attack from a monster in a field at night.


The Apiarian Phantom will lunge and bite at Geralt like an ordinary Hound. Simply dodging and using Quen should keep you protected from such attacks.

Ice Wall

While other Hounds have this ability, the Apiarian Phantom’s version is much larger and deals more damage. Getting caught within its radius will stun Geralt.

As an ice-based creature, you can use Fire damage to great effect against it. Dragons Dream bombs and the Igni sign will deal more damage than usual against the Phantom. It is also considered an elementa and is vulnerable to Elementa Oil.

You can take this fight on horseback, especially if you are struggling with the fight. The extra speed will help you evade its attacks. Geralt’s sword attacks are also harder-hitting when on horseback.

Make sure to manage Roach’s panic to prevent Geralt from getting bucked off.

Once you defeat the Apiarian Phantom, loot it for the Wild Hunt Hound trophy.

With the job done, you can ride back to the main building, where the Meiersdorf family is waiting for you. They will pay the agreed-upon amount, ending the quest.

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