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The 8 Best Skills For Sally In Sunday Gold


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Sally Wheeler does it all in Sunday Gold; she’s the toughest character in the group, with nearly half-again as many hit points as Frank or Gavin. On top of that, she can deal impressive damage with her brawling skills and her first-aid training lets her act as the team healer.

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Sally is the cornerstone of your entire crew, and while her unlockable skills might not be as diverse as the other characters’ they make her excel at what she already does best. Put her Skill Points into these abilities when she levels up, and you can’t go wrong!


8/8 Uppercut

There aren’t many things more satisfying in Sunday Gold than watching Sally obliterate one of Hogan’s cronies with a single punch. Uppercut lets her charge for a turn before unleashing a devastating sucker-punch on whichever unfortunate goon you’ve targeted.

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While Uppercut doesn’t have as high a base damage threshold as some of Frank or Gavin’s moves at similar levels, it does come with a nice critical hit chance boost. Combined with Brutality, Uppercut has a good chance of dealing massive crit damage, especially if used against a foe whose defense has been broken. If the enemy is still standing afterward, there’s a one-in-three chance that they’ll be Stunned from Sally’s attack.

7/8 Resuscitate

This skill is the only way to bring a knocked-out character back into the fight. If it’s not available, you’ll have to win while short a teammate, at which point the wounded character will get back up with one hit point.

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Unlike revival abilities in most other RPGs, Resuscitate can be used on allies who aren’t knocked out as well! Doing so gives them the Resistance status buff, slightly reducing their Avoidance, Initiative, and Accuracy but giving them a twenty-five-percent boost to Damage Resistance.

6/8 Strength

Sally is the only character in the group who hits the gym regularly (or, for that matter, ever). When brute strength is required, she’s the one to call. Many of the game’s puzzles require Sally to use her prodigious strength to bend, break, and bash her way through obstacles.

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Increasing the rank of Sally’s Strength skill lets her smash her way through obstacles using fewer AP. It also makes the Focused Might minigame slightly easier by reducing the amount the cursor shakes. At the maximum rank of four, you’ll barely need to press anything to keep the cursor within the sweet spot.

5/8 Counter

Enemies often telegraph their attacks with a golden line between themselves and their target. If a foe is foolish enough to prepare an attack against Sally, setting up a Counter will make them regret it.

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When she activates Counter, Sally will strike back against any foe that attacks her until her next turn. She also gets a bonus to her Avoidance and Damage Resistance. At higher levels, this bonus is nearly as good as Guarding. If you’ve got the AP to spend, Counter is a great way to get a leg up on bosses.

4/8 Brutality

As strong as Sally is, fists are still no match for bullets. This early skill lets her even the odds by increasing her critical hit chance and her critical damage bonus.

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Brutality isn’t a weapon skill, so its buffs apply to both her brawling and handgun attacks. Best of all, it’s a passive ability – once you’ve spent Skill Points in Brutality, Sally gets the bonus on every attack she makes from that point forward.

If you’re confident in your ability to keep the team’s HP under control without enhancements, equipping Sally with the Automatic Targeting System makes her a true juggernaut. It increases her Accuracy, Damage, Critical Hit Rate, and Critical Hit Damage all in a single piece of gear!

3/8 Adrenaline Rush

Since it’s a Handguns skill, both Sally and Gavin have access to Adrenaline Rush, but Sally makes much better use of it. Her base Accuracy is higher than Gavin’s letting her extend the Fired Up combo and get more stacking damage bonuses.

After using Adrenaline Rush, Sally gets a stack of Fired Up each time she hits an enemy. Each stack decreases her Accuracy but increases her Damage. All stacks of Fired Up remain until Sally misses an attack, at which point they clear, and Adrenaline Rush has to be used again.

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Combining Adrenaline Rush with buffs like Frank’s Motivate make it easier for Sally to keep landing hits, especially if you stick to single-strike attacks like Uppercut. After a few turns of buildup, Sally will be taking huge chunks out of enemy health bars with each swing.

2/8 Brawler Expertise

Sally will probably be using her melee attacks more than her guns in most situations, so reaching the maximum rank in her starting skill is a smart move. Each rank gives Sally a healthy boost to her melee damage, as well as a small increase to her Damage Resistance to top it off.

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Since Sally strikes twice with her basic melee attack, and she has a higher Critical Hit Chance than her teammates, she has the most opportunities to deal huge damage on a crit. Maximizing her base damage with Brawler Expertise helps get the most out of these show-stopping strikes.

1/8 Patch Up

Sunday Gold is fairly generous when it comes to healing items, as long as you take care to search every room top to bottom. If, like many gamers, you’re loath to use up consumables that you might need at some indeterminate point in the future, Sally’s Patch Up lets you do all the healing you need without dipping into your growing supply of Painkillers.

At only two AP, Patch Up is fairly economical both in and out of combat. It heals a single ally for a percentage of their maximum HP, with a greater percentage at higher ranks. It also gets rid of lots of nasty status effects, including Bleeding. Patch Up is likely to be not only Sally’s most-used move over the course of a game, but the most-used skill on the entire team.

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