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The 7 Best Bosses In The Batman Arkham Series


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Every main entry in the Batman Arkham series could be considered among the best superhero games ever. After all, it is one of the most consistent series of all time, as each instalment provides excellent writing and exciting combat. They also all include a litany of boss fights.

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These sorts of battles lend themselves well to the Batman universe because the protagonist has a varied selection of enemies, and he excels at adapting to their fighting styles. This bleeds over to the Arkham games and results in a very diverse collection of boss fights. The following ones are the best.


7 Killer Croc – Arkham Asylum

In Arkham Asylum, Batman has to enter Killer Croc’s lair, which is one of the most dangerous places in the world to visit. The Dark Knight isn’t there to hurt the large monster. He just wants some spores to create an anti-venom. To do that, you need to walk across some very flimsy pallets floating atop sewer water.

If you make too much noise, Killer Croc will jump out of the water and charge at you. And your only way to stop him in full flow is by aggravating his shock collar with a Batarang. Skulking along your unstable platforms is a nerve-wracking experience and helps make this a thrilling encounter.

6 The Arkham Knight – Arkham Knight

Not everyone is a fan of The Arkham Knight due to his real identity being too obvious. Yet, the battle against him is a fun one. It’s a stealth-based fight where you have to reach The Arkham Knight’s vantage point without letting him see you.

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If he does notice your approach, he’ll shoot you with his powerful sniper rifle. So, you’re forced to be sneaky, which means the presence of his goons and drones makes things more difficult. But finding a way to reach the villain without altering anyone is part of the fun.

5 Scarecrow Third Encounter – Arkham Asylum

The battles with Scarecrow during Arkham Asylum are some of the most original boss fights in gaming history. So much so that it’s debatable whether they should be called fights at all. In the third one, Scarecrow’s toxins severally mess with Batman’s mind making you live out a warped version of the opening to the game. Instead of Batman bringing Joker to the Asylum, it’s the other way around.

The hero is also seemingly killed during this sequence. Eventually, though, Batman regains some control over his mind, but that’s not enough to defeat Scarecrow. You also need to avoid his gaze, beat his undead army, and use the Bat Symbol against him.

4 Clayface – Arkham City

When going up against a monster made out of clay, Batman’s usually devastating punches and kicks are pretty useless. So, at the end of Arkham City, The Dark Knight needs to use his brains to take down Clayface.

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In the first half of the battle, you must utilize freeze bombs to harden the villain’s body before slashing him with Talia al Ghul’s sword. Meanwhile, he tries to hurt you with several different attacks. And in the second half of the brawl, you have Talia’s blade in your hands, and you’re up against human-sized clay adversaries. It’s an enjoyable bout that earns bonus points for allowing Batman to wield a sword.

3 Bane Second Fight – Arkham Origins

Bane is one of the best villains in the Arkham series, and Batman fights him on a few occasions. The best battle between the adversaries comes towards the end of Arkham Origins. Admittedly, the first part of the conflict is the standard ‘Batman vs. big man’ fight that the Arkham games do a lot.

Yet, once Bane injects some more TN-1 into his veins, things get interesting. With the added dose of toxin, the villain is too strong for you to defeat in a fist fight. Therefore, you have to sneak around and wait for the chance to hit him with a sneak attack.

2 Deathstroke – Arkham Origins

While some villains are physically stronger than Batman, few can match the protagonist in fighting skill and technique. However, Deathstroke is the rare exception, as he rivals the Dark Knight in combat proficiency.

Origins includes a boss battle that pits the two against each other in hand-to-hand combat – with the addition of a few blades and gadgets. There’s no gimmick to this one. It’s just two excellent fighters brawling with one another. So, you have to counter his attacks and land your own. The simplicity and cinematic feel of the conflict are what make it great.

1 Mr. Freeze – Arkham City

Not only is the battle against Mr. Freeze one of the best boss fights in the Arkham series, but it’s also among the greatest in gaming history. The premise is simple as it’s effectively a game of cat-and-mouse.

Mr. Freeze roams around his lair, looking for any sign of the Bat while you avoid his gaze. Then when the opportunity arrives, you can hit him with a surprise attack to stun him before dealing some extra blows. The brilliance of the battle comes in Mr. Freeze’s response to an attack, as the antagonist adapts to your tactics. Therefore, you can’t ambush him in the same way twice.

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