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The 10 Best Priest Cards In Hearthstone


Hearthstone - collage of Boon Of The Ascendent, Thrive In The Shadows, and Radiant Elemental

When it comes to classes in Hearthstone, few have had a history quite so tumultuous as the humble Priest. They constantly dance between being overtuned and under-tuned, so they tend to bounce up and down tier lists on the regular. However, the Priest is currently in a good place and can put together a number of powerful decks.

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Of course, building a powerful deck requires powerful cards (and a knowledgeable player). Thankfully, that’s where we come in. We have compiled some of the best cards the Priest currently has access to, and why you should consider using them. Of course, not all cards will fit everyone’s style, but this should be a good jumping-off point.

There are way too many cards to list here, so we have picked a diverse selection of Spells, Effects, Minions, and Rarities.


10/10 Cathedral Of Atonement

Locations are a relatively new mechanic in Hearthstone, and the Priest just so happened to get a pretty darn good one. The Cathedral Of Atonement, in the right deck, is very powerful. Both parts of its effects are excellent, and whilst it has a tendency to be a tad slow due to the nature of Locations, the draw power and offensive buff are good enough to justify its inclusion.

9/10 Serpent Wig

One of the more powerful archetypes for Priest right now is the Naga deck. The priest has access to some powerful Naga cards in addition to powerful spells that affect said cards. Serpent Wig is one of the staples of this deck because it grants a decent buff at a low cost, and it cycles repeatedly back into your hand. This lets you have some pretty excellent combo turns, or just provide turn-on–turn value.

8/10 Priestess Valishj

Following on from Serpent Wig, we have a card that combos with it very well, and in fact, combos with many of the Priest cards. You can have incredibly powerful turns with Priestess as you can throw down an entire turn’s worth of spells (often cheap ones), and get back up to 100% of the mana spent back. For free. You even get a 1/1 body on the field to boot. A very powerful card that can fit into many decks.

7/10 Thrive In The Shadows

Discovery was one of the earliest mechanics added to Hearthstone, and it’s very powerful. Thrive In The Shadows lets you pull cards into your hand from your deck, without actually removing the card from your deck. It’s basically card draw – but better (in many situations). It’s especially powerful for Priests since they are a class that has access to some amazing spells, so you can pull them quite easily with this very cheap card.

6/10 Handmaiden

You may be seeing a theme here. There are a lot of cards that just work with spells in one way or another. Handmaiden follows this trend wonderfully and is simply fantastic if you can get the effect to go off. Casting three spells is not hard with Priest, so providing you have this card in hand when you do that, you are getting a solid body on the board whilst also getting draw huge potential. Even if you can’t trigger the effect for whatever reason, this card has enough stats to make it kinda worth playing in pinch.

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5/10 Identity Theft

Identity Theft is an interesting card because it has the very powerful Discovery effect, however, it pulls from your opponent’s deck and hand. This has a few benefits – firstly you are nabbing some potentially very powerful cards that you can use against your opponents. You also get to see a heft chunk of your opponent’s cards. Even if you can’t pull anything useful, the information gleaned is not to be underestimated.

4/10 Radiant Elemental

Back to spell synergies, we have the Radiant Elemental. This glowing pile of magic is cheap, has a decent set of stats, and makes everything the Priest wants to do easier. Many Priest spells are already cheap. Radiant Elemental makes them even cheaper – possibly even free. Not only that, but they can stack effects if you have two on the board at once. Value in droves.

3/10 Boon Of The Ascended

Boon is rather expensive, but the effect can be well worth the investment. The buff itself is fairly underwhelming, especially when you can get a more powerful stat boost for substantially cheaper. However, the summoning of an additional minion with boosted stats and Taunt is fantastic. This can be cast on most things, and you will immediately gain value. This is a 4 Mana card that can produce way more stats than its Mana would suggest.

2/10 Gift Of The Naaru

Gift Of The Naaru is a staple Priest card that costs very little to cast. The healing will heal everything – including your enemy. However, 1 Mana to draw a card in the right situation is very powerful. Combined with Radiant Elemental, or any other Priest spell synergy card, this just oozes value. Not to mention you can just cast this as a heal to increase the staying power of your minions.

1/10 Shadow Word: Devour

Finally, we have Shadow Word: Devour. This card is great against most decks, however, it is especially good against decks that like to play a lot of minions very quickly. The fact it deals damage is nice, but the transfer of that HP to one of your minions is excellent. It’s not uncommon for Hunters to play four or five minions in the early game. This can massively swing the board state in your favour.

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